Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pooraka, Australia, December 4 and 6:
Night one
Blunt Force Trauma (Jake Viper and Michael Weaver) defeated The Revolution (Big Daddy Jack and Tex Rogers) via DQ
Reilly St. James defeated Damien Synn following interference from Tons Of Pain
Acid Haze defeated “Dirty” Dingo Richards to retain the Snakepit Adelaide Open Championship
King’s Guard (Doc Kinkaid and Matt Hayter) defeated Tons Of Pain (Joey Triton and Mann Dozer) to retain the Snakepit Tag Team Titles
The Young Guns (AJ Reid and J.M.C) defeated Izzy Shaw and King John E. Radic
“Nightmare” Eddie Draven defeated Gex Richards to retain the Snakepit Friday Night Fights Championship

Night Two:
Snakepit Adelaide Open Champion Acid Haze defeated Big Daddy Jack via DQ
Acid Haze defeated “Arch Duke” Jonnathan Corvidae Esquire III to retain the Snakepit Adelaide Open Championship*
King John E Radic defeated Dazel “The Kid “Razel via submission in King Radic’s Rookie Challenge
Izzy Shaw defeated Sammy Stallone in Princess Izzy’s Rookie Challenge
Ace Wilson defeated Matt Hayter via DQ following interference by King John E Radic
Bryan Lawson and Gex Richards defeated Adam Crowe and “Nightmare” Eddie Draven
Joey Triton defeated “Dirty” Dingo Richards
Korey Kaiser defeated Michael Weaver to retain the Snakepit Sunday Slam Championship

Notorious Pro Wrestling, Maroochydore, Australia, December 5:
Australian Wolf defeated Triple-X Rated
Lucas Gold defeated Chet Jacobs
Tim Kade defeated Kelso Kahoniz
Gauntlet Match: Renegade defeated Mickey 2 Phat, Rip Reilly defeated Renegade
Thirteen defeated Alex Shepard and Johnny Lukas in a Triple Threat, Falls Count Anywhere match

Australasian Wrestling Federation, December 5:
OJ Fitzpatrick Memorial Cup

Round one:
Roy “Flash” Gordon defeated Jax Jordan
Apollo defeated Whiskey Sixx
Concrete Davidson defeated Jarrod Idol
Shane Saw defeated Dean Draven via count out
Apollo defeated Roy “Flash” Gordon
Concrete Davidson defeated Shane Saw
The Buccaneer and The MANtis defeated The Entity (Anubis and Misfit)
Concrete Davidson defeated Apollo to win the OJ Fitzpatrick Memorial Cup

Insane Championship Wrestling, Canberra, ACT, December 5:
Devious Dave defeated Captain Ultimate (c), Kasai and Warpath in a Fatal 4-Way to become the new ICW Australian Champion
Keegan deeated Chris Abbott and Dan Archer in a Triple Threat to become the new ICW Capital Champion
Rob Mezzenger defeated Russell The Love Muscle in a No DQ Match to win the vacant ICW World Heavyweight Championship
Asha Sixx defeated Nyx Jade to become the new ICW Women’s Champion
A.T.O (Captain Ultimate and Dan Archer) defeated Dead Wrestlers Society (Fredrick and Wrath) in a Tornado Tag to become the new ICW Tag Team Champions
Wrath won a Battle Royal
Chris Shadows defeated Mike Kelly, Nick Maltino and Tank to become # 1 Contender for the ICW World Championship
Rob Mezzenger won the Eliminator

New Age Wrestling, Albion, Victoria, December 5:
F.E.W (Codeine and Morphine w/Mortar) defeated Generation Z (Skip Sampson and Tyler Frost)
Lunatic Militia (CJ Redfield, Marcus Blaike and Xavier Black w/Joey Eclipse and Paul Thornton) defeated NAW All Stars (Andy Rhodes, Chris Law and F.O.X)
Cody Swift defeated Gabriel Wolfe
Tass Alexander last eliminated Benny Factor win the Anniversary Rumble and become #1 Contender for the NAW Heavyweight Championship
NAW Heavyweight Champion Jake Lindo defeated JC Starbright
Leon Knights defeated El Tecniko (c), Jake Navara and Sketch in a Four Corners Elimination Match to become the new NAW South Pacific Champion

Riot City Wrestling, Hindmarsh, South Australia, December 5:
S.M.A.S.H. defeated Chomp ‘N’ Charge (Cadie Trè and Tony Toro), Dean Brady and James Kray, and Lord Huberous and Red
Andy “Voodoo” Roy defeated Luke Santamaria (replacing Zak Sabbath)
Demi Bennett and Savannah Summers def. Blair Alexis and Quinn
The Rude Ones defeated The Armstrongs in a Tables Match
Brad Smyth defeated Chris Basso to retain the Key to the City
“Big” Brodie Marshall defeated Matt “GRIMM” Basso to retain the RCW Championship. GRIMM now must leave Riot City.

Impact Pro Wrestling, Ashmore, Gold Coast, Australia, December 5:
Josh Bruise defeated Skhorn to become the new IPW Hardcore Champion
Poison defeated Jackaroo
Reaper defeated Chris Johnson, Rob Daniels and Xander Sullivan in a Championship Scramble to retain the IPW South Pacific Championship
Sledgehammer defeated Kiwi Thriller
Bojack defeated RIP
Skhorn defeated Dalton Briscoe and Luxford in a Triple Threat Match to retain the IPW Heavyweight Championship

Warzone Wrestling, Melbourne, Australia, December 5:
JXT defeated Adam Brooks (w/Lord Mark Williamson)
Vixsin defeated Kellyanne to retain the Warzone Women’s Championship
Cadman and “Jurassic Punk” Syd Parker defeated Cletus and Mad Dog McCrea
Mohamad Ali Vaez and Tyson Gibbs (w/Lord Mark Williamson) defeated New Lightning Strike Coalition (Dowie James and The Enforcer) to become the new Warzone Tag Team Champions
Jim Raze defeated Lord Mark Williamson
“Pitbull” Craig Cole defeated Jack Bonza to retain the Warzone Championship

Outback Championship Wrestling, Melbourne, Australia, December 6:
Cletus defeated “Jurassic Punk” Syd Parker
Preston and Payne defeated Del Cano and Nick Bury
Shazza McKenzie defeated Vixsin
Mad Dog McCrea defeated Andy Phoenix in a Falls Count Anywhere Match to retain the OCW World Championship
Gauntlet Challenge: a. Cadman Turner defeated Freddie Gold, b. Cadman Turner defeated F.O.X, c. Cadman Turner defeated Sketch
Dowie James and JXT defeated Gabriel Wolfe and Slade Mercer to become the new OCW Tag Team Champions
Ethan Carter III defeated Josh “The Axe” Shooter


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