With a new year about to start, we have been analysing our approach to what information we carry on this blog.
We have a close working relationship with Indy Power Rankings and they have decided to no longer carry results from organisations which have grown so big they can no longer be considered indies – Ring of Honor, AAA/Lucha Underground, New Japan, Global Force Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Noah, All Japan and CMLL.
As we call ourselves Watching the “Indies” there is definitely an argument that we should follow their example and drop these promotions too.
But at the same time we have to look at our reason for starting up in the first place – we realised that in the country we are based in (South Africa) and many other countries around the world (we’ve had visitors to the blog this year from 89 different nations), the only promotions we get to watch on television are WWE and TNA, so we wanted to give results from all promotions other than these two.
Despite the growth that Ring of Honor, New Japan and others have had in recent years, their international television reach is still limited, and most countries still only see WWE and TNA.
So at least for the next year, we are going to continue to include all the promotions we have been doing.

In the past year, the most views on our blog were from the United States – 10 180, followed by Australia with 1043, Germany with 819, France with 773 and our home country of South Africa with 587.
The UK, Canada, New Zealand, Brazil and Italy make up the top 10.
India and Malaysia have both been big supporters too, coming in 13th and 15th places, and we should for the first time next year have results from these two countries, as South Africa’s WWP have a tour coming up in India, and MYPW in Malaysia have a big event coming up.


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