Association les Professionnels du Catch, Studio Jenny, Nanterre, France, January 10
Tournoi Des Poids-Lourds 2016 Quarterfinals:
Kenzo Richards defeated Carlos Roberto
Fabio Costantino defeats Max Damon
Hellmer Lo Guennec defeated A-Buck (w/Christianium Le Surrealiste)
Jimmy Gavroche defeated Hugo Perez
Tournoi Des Poids-Lourds 2016 Semifinals
Hellmer Lo Guennec defeated Fabio Costantino
Kenzo Richards defeated Jimmy Gavroche
Four way: L’Aigle Blanc defeated Dick Riviere, Stan Corey and Yass Montana
Tournoi Des Poids-Lourds 2016 Final Match:
Kenzo Richards defeated Hellmer Lo Guennec

wXw Wrestling Academy, Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, January 9:
The Rotation defeated Markus Antonius
Mo Jnibi defeated Steve Valentino
Michael DeMarc defeated Francis Kaspin
Young Money Chong defeated Thunderhawk
Mike Schwarz defeated Val Verde
Reich Und Schön (Kevin Roadster and Marius van Beethoven) defeated Maggot and Misfit
Johnny Evers defeated Dirty Dragan to retain the wXw Academy Trophy Title

Italian Championship Wrestling, Sabato a Valeria Fratta, Italy, January 9
Tenacious Dalla defeated Tenacious Dalla to retain the ICW Titolo Pesi Leggeri
Mr. Excellent and Irene defeated Discepoli del Dolore (Jester and Jokey)
Hydra won a battle royal
Doblone and Luke Strike defeated Gravity and Akira
Jary Siberia defeated Alessandro Corleone in a non-title match
Andy Manero defeated Extreme Panther, OBO and Street Dog in a four-way
I Rivoluzionari (Riot, Tony Callaghan, Nick Lenders and Gabriel Bach) defeated Team Devil (Red Devil, Osix, Pegaso and Coach Lillo) w/Giacinto Denari
Charlie Kid defeated Hydra to retain the ICW Italian Championship

Wrestling Italiano Veramente Autentico, Reggio Emilia, Italy, January 9:
Torneo Titolo Italiano Estremo WIVA semifinals:
Fenice Rossa defeated Alex Gory
JT9 defeated VP Dozer
Scandalo! defeated Mistero
Turbo and Fratello Paul defeated Saetta Nera and Cavaliere Nero #1
Il Prescelto Majavacchi won a gauntlet match
Andrew Winston defeated Jail by countout
Red Scorpion defeated Mick Vice
Il Prescelto Majavacchi won a #1 contenders battle royal
Claudio Campari defeated Domenico Dinamite to retain the WIVA Campione D’Italia
Fenice Rossa defeated JT9 and Scandalo to win the final of the Torneo Titolo Italiano Estremo WIVA

Norges Wrestlingforbund (Norwegian Wrestling Federation), BUL-salen, Oslo, Norway, January 9
Krigsherrene (Bjørn Sem and Hannibal) defeated TnT (T-Jay and Tommy P) in the semifinals to retain the NWF Tag Team Championship
Aron Frost and Erik Isaksen defeated Hirden (Allan Ackles and Garm Støylen) (w/Siggy) in the semifinals
Sveriges Elit (Harley Rage and Steinbolt) defeated GromKnoke (Grom Gravalid and Knoke)
Victor Dale (w/Kira ) defeated NWF Heavyweight Title Champion Daniel Sebastian (w/Andrea Kaizer) by DQ
Nikki Storm defeated Natasja
NWF Tag Team Title Tournament Final Three Way Elimination Match:
Krigsherrene (Bjørn Sem and Hannibal) defeated Aron Frost and Erik Isaksen, and Sveriges Elit (Harley Rage and Steinbolt) to win the tournament and retain the titles

Maniac Zone Wrestling, Wroclaw, Poland, January 10
Zeritus defeated Dynamite Dave
Red Thunder defeated Szymon “SIWY” Siwiec
Franz Engel defeated Robert Kaiser
Zbójnicy defeated Posse in Effect
Asmund won a 10-man battle royal
Justin Joy defeated Shadow to retain the MZW Championship

Results courtesy of Cagematch and Zona Wrestling


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