Bodyslam, Skråen i Nordkraft, Aalborg, Denmark, January 16
Shooter Schjøtler defeated Martin Miguel
Vasyl defeated Joe North (w/Zach White)
Courtney defeated Lady Lory by DQ
Chris Ridgeway and Harley Rage defeated Emeritus Midnight and Rick Dominick
Chuck Cyrus defeated Espen Olsen and Levi Petrus in a triple threat match
Michael Fynne defeated Tank in a tables match

Fight Club Finland, Pressa, Helsinki, Finland, January 16
Jake Luupää and Vili Luupää defeated HC Andersen and Tohtori Ioni
Jami Aalto and Make Smooth defeated Murskaaja Mieto and Teuvo
Bjørn Sem and Hannibal vs King Kong Karhula and Pyöveli Petrov – No Contest
Starbuck and Stark Adder defeated Ricky Vendetta and Valentine
Regina defeated Aurora Flame by DQ
Heimo Ukonselkä defeats Mikko Maestro

Maximum Wrestling, MAX Nachttheater, Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, January 16
Andre Trucker defeated Nathan Cruz
Michael Knight defeated Pete Bouncer
BOSS (Chaos and Masterpiece Marsellus) (w/Bo Jones) defeated Apu Singh and Scotty Saxon
Ivan Kiev (w/Pete Bouncer) defeated Fabius Titus
Leon van Gasteren defeated Michael Schenkenberg in a #1 contender match for the Maximum Title
Steinbolt defeated Demolition Davies (w/Amber Rox) to retain the Maxium Championship

Westside Xtreme Wrestling, Steffy Arena, Oberhausen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, January 16:
Melanie Gray and Reich Und Schön (Kevin Roadster and Marius van Beethoven) defeated Les Artistes (Lucas Di Leo and Peter Fischer) and Moxie
Bobby Gunns defeated Toby Blunt
The Sumerian Death Squad (Michael Dante & Tommy End) defeated The London Riots (James Davis and Rob Lynch) in a wXw World Tag Team #1 contenders match
Absolute Andy defeated Jurn Simmons
DTU Alto Rendimiento Title/wXw Shotgun Title Tag Team Match: Sasa Keel [wXw Shotgun Champion] and The Rotation defeated Ivanov and Kim Ray [DTU Alto Rendimiento]. The Rotation wins the DTU title
Donovan Dijak defeated Bad Bones John Klinger
War Games Six Man Tag Team Match: Cerberus (Ilja Dragunov, Julian Nero and Robert Dreissker) (w/Adam Polak) defeat Big Daddy Walter and Hot And Spicy (Axel Dieter Jr. and Da Mack)
*Karsten Beck was due to defend the wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship at the event vs Absolute Andy but was pulled from the show at the last minute because he was not medically cleared to compete

Celtic Championship Wrestling, Ballyphehane Community Centre, Cork, Ireland, January 16
The Establishment (Xavier Burns and Adrian Jonathans) (w/Tony Kelly) defeated Karl Brien and Kurt Simmons
Raven Creed defeated Miss Sara Jay
Bingo Ballance defeated Marion Armstrong to retain the CCW All-Star Championship
Xavier Burns defeated Bingo Balance to win the CCW All-Star Championship
Raven Creed defeated Miss Sara Jay in a rematch
The Ballymun Bruiser defeated Jack Vice, Lee Cahalane and Omega to win the Championship Choice contract
The Sidekicks (Jason Maxx and Ace Andrews) defeated Bedlam Billy Lynch and Conor Charisma
Ricky Combat defeated Lycan to retain the CCW Heavyweight Championship

Bologna Wrestling Team, Bologna, Italy, January 17
Mambo Italiano defeated Nico Narciso
Il Gordo defeated Alex Gory
Roman Dinasty defeated i T-Rocks (Mick Vice and Blackford) to retain the PWE Tag Team Championship
Grizzly vs Lio Kong – no contest
JT9 defeated Belthazar
VP Dozer defeated Red Scorpion to win the BWT Titolo Assoluto

Total Combat Wrestling, Rozzano, Italy, January 17:
Scandalo won a rumble match
Claudio Campari defeated Pain, Domenico Dinamite and Apollo in a four-way match to retain the WIVA Italian Championship
Kombat Komedian and Antonino Bellavita defeated Violent Joe and Sami Grayson
Il Marchese defeated Carlo Birra to retain the TCW Rebel Championship
Darkness II defeated Claudio Campari and Scandalo to win the WIVA Italian Championship

Riot Wrestling, Ateneu del Clot, Barcelona, Spain, January 16
Adriano Genovese and Pacheco defeated Mandril Escobar
Jorge Carranza defeats Santiago Sangriento
JB defeated Ricky Barcelo
Bad Boy defeated Fuego Rudo
Law And Order (Folo and Pacheco) defeated Adriano Genovese and Allen Hawk

Welsh Wrestling, Blackwood Miners Institute, Blackwood, Wales, UK, January 16
Kade Callous defeated John Titan to win the Welsh Heavyweight Championship

Results courtesy of Cagematch,, Zona Wrestling and Welsh Wrestling.


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