Tasmanian Championship Wrestling, Royal Park, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia, January 25
6.10pm Show:
El Cartel (Diablo and Eddie Jones) defeated MOS and Cyrus Burns
Ace Deluca defeated Christopher Lockwood
Zakk Archer defeated Omega to retain the TCW Championship
7.10pm Show:
Jethro defeated Eddie Jones
Cyrus defeated MOS and Omega
Ace Deluca defeated Alberto Bravo
8.10pm Show:
Eddie w/Diablo defeated Otis
Zakk Archer defeated Chris Trance
Ace Deluca won a royal rumble

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pooraka, Australia, January 22 and 24:
Night One:
Tons Of Pain (Joey Triton and Mann Dozer) and Marvin P Newton defeated Damien Synn, Kory Kaiser and ‘Nightmare’ Eddie Draven
Lord Doc Kinkaid defeated AJ Reid
Wam Bam Bellows defeated The Gentleman Jonnathan Corvidae Esquire the 3rd.
Adam Crowe defeated Bryan Lawson but title did not change hands.
Blunt Force Trauma (Jake Viper and Michael Weaver) defeated Corporal Punishment (Major Pain and Private Smash)
Acid Haze defeated DT Carter.
King John E Radic defeated Izzy Shaw

Night Two:
AJ Reid defeated Adam Crowe.
Izzy Shaw defeated Doc Kinkaid by DQ following interference from King John E Radic.
Tons Of Pain (Joey Triton and Mann Dozer) defeated ‘Nightmare’ Eddie Draven and Dazel ‘The Kid’ Razel.
The Last Real Monsters (Southern Pitball and Wam Bam Bellows) defeated Gentleman Jonnathan Corvidae Esquire the 3rd and Dirty Dingo Richards, and Ryan Winters and Big Daddy Jack.
King John E Radic defeated Jack Mayhem.
Korey Kaiser defeated Joey Triton to retain the Sunday Slam championship.

Hunter Valley Wrestling, Club Maitland City, Rutherford, New South Wales, Australia, January 23:
Syd Parker defeated Johnny Vercetti
D-Railer defeated Matt Bailey
Kellyanne defeated Tarlee
Josh Gatt defeated JXT to win a spot in the Main Event Rumble
Falco defeated Keegan to retain the HVW Championship
Benny Factor won the 2nd annual Hunter Valley Rumble after last eliminating Mikey Lord

Championship Wrestling Australia, Serbian Youth Centre, Canley Vale, New South Australia, January 24:
The 5 Star Flash defeated Sai
Kasai defeated Keegan
Creeper defeated Maso
Mikey Lord defeated Randal to retain the CWA Heavyweight Championship.
Joshua Gatt and Chris Abbott defeated Achilles and Alex Titan, to win the CWA Tag Team Championship.
Randal won a Battle Royal, to earn another title shot against champion, Mikey Lord.

Wrestle Rampage Australia, St Clair Recreation Centre, Adelaide, Australia, January 23:
Mike Boomer defeated Link Barnett, Rufio and Pat Graham
Dean Valente defeated Johnny Hope
Robby Heart defeated Sean Kustom
McMassive defeated ‘Gorgeous’ Greg and ‘Big’ Willy Gibson to retain the EPW Tag Team Championships
Rocky Menero defeated AJ Istria
The Brotherhood defeated TMDK in a Steel Cage Match

Impact Pro Wrestling New Zealand, Mt Albert War Memorial Hall, Auckland, New Zealand, January 23
James Shaw defeated Johnny Idol to retain the IPWNZ Heavyweight Championship

Gatoh Move vs Michinoku Pro, Japan Expo, Bangkok, Thailand, January 23 and 24
Night One:
Kesen Numajiro defeated Hyugaji Rui
Paksa and Wayu defeated DJ Nira and EK Baki
Riho defeated Emi Sakura
Bad Company defeated Daichi Sasaki and Gunji Ayumu
Kenbai, Taro Nohashi and Shinzaki Jinsei defeated Manjimaru, Ken45° and Shisao

Night Two:
Kesen Numajiro defeated Gunji Ayumu
EK Baki defeated DJ Nira
Riho and Wayu defeated Emi Sakura and Masa Takanashi
Bad Company defeated Paksa and Daichi Sasaki
Jinsei, Taro and Hyugaji Rui defeated Manjimaru, Ken45 and Shisao

(Results courtesy of Tez Frehley and the various promotions’ Facebook pages)


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