Impact Pro Wrestling, Ashmore, Queensland, Australia, February 6
Reaper defeated Willow to retain the IPW South Pacific Championship
The UnAustralians defeated Sledgehammer and Frost
Luxford defeated Chris ‘CJ’ Johnson
Josh Bruise defeated Rob Daniels, Wolfman and RIP to retain the IPW Hardcore Championship
Kyote defeated Xander Sullivan
Bojack defeated Youngblood Jesse Love
El Cartel defeated The Dogs of War

Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance, Beckenham Community Centre, Beckenham, Western Australia, February 6:
February 6, 2015. SHWA “Trial By Fire”. Beckenham Community Centre. Beckenham, WA
Crazy Train (w/Dan Steel and The Wraith) defeated Elliot Forbes (w/Ebenizah J. Klaus) to win the $5000 Challenge
John Dozer defeated Chris Vice and The Warship in a triple threat match
Byron McKenzie defeated Jarrad Slate
Michelle K. Hasluck defeated Harley Wonderland
Taylor King defeated Dan Steel (w/Crazy Train and The Wraith), Hayden Zenith and Sam Fantastic
Liam Mendel (w/The Warship) defeated Felix Young
Benny Factor def. Bodhi McKenzie in an Interstate Challenge following distraction from Byron McKenzie
Michael Morleone (w/Hayden Zenith) defeated Del Cano to retain the SHWA Championship
John Dozer defeated Michael Morleone via DQ

Queensland Wrestling Alliance, Townsville Greek Community Centre, Townsville, Queensland, Australia, February 6:
The Choff defeated Rip Rielly by DQ
Estrella Rojo defeated Marcus Adonis
Alex Shepard defeated His Royal Tenis
Karlos Aries defeated Blair Seeker by Count out
Nick Skitz defeated Haze
Johnny Maverick defeated Stitches
Australian Wolf v Seth Tylors – no contest
QLD All Stars (Rip Rielly, Alex Shepard, Blair Seeker) w/Johnny Maverick and Seth Tylors defeated QWA Elite (Tower of Power, His Royal Tenis, The Choff and Karlos Aries) w/Australian Wolf

Aftershock Pro Wrestling, Papanui High School, Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand, February 6
T Cole defeated Reece Breeg via pinfall
Devon Lockhart defeated Bryant via count out to continue his undefeated streak
Michael Richards defeated El Falcon
Simon Seven defeated Matai Warrior via forfeit
Jax Kasey defeated “Rufguts” Roddy Gunn via DQ
James Shaw defeated Curtis Castlewood
Charlie Roberts v Hu$tla – time limit draw, Hu$tla won in overtime

(Results courtesy of the promotions’ Facebook pages and Tez Frehley)


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