Australasian results February 12-14

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This week in addition to our usual coverage of Australia and New Zealand, for the first time ever we have results from Malaysia and Myanmar.

New Horizons Pro Wrestling, Cockburn Youth Centre. Success, WA, Australia, February 13
Headshrinker Samu Legacy Cup Tournament – Semi Finals:
Sex Mafia (David Nero and Michael Morleone w/London Hargreaves) defeated Perth K9 (Dane and Odin)
Death Machines (Chris Vice and Jarrad Slate) defeated Wall Street Dynasty (Aaron Jackson and Kade Morgan)
“Sub Zero Soldier” Jaxon Cross (w/Aaron O’Malley and Taylor Fury) defeated Bodhi McKenzie to become #1 Contender for the NHPW Warrior Rising Championship
“Real Deal” Tommy Reil defeated Switchblade
Liam Mendel defeated NHPW Hybrid Champion Kuhmana via count out
“Irish Fury” Aaron O’Malley (w/Jaxon Cross) defeated “Big” John Dozer to retain the NHPW Art of Fighting Championship
Sex Mafia (David Nero & Michael Morleone w/London Hargreaves) defeated Death Machines (Chris Vice and Jarrad Slate) to win the Headshrinker Samu Legacy Cup Tournament.

Melbourne City Wrestling, Essendon, Victoria, Australia, February 13:
Mike Burr defeated Syd Parker in a no disqualification match
Kellyanne defeated Shazza McKenzie
The Estate (Emanuelle and Cousin Ali w/Sebastian Walker) vs. Juice X-T (Mr. Juicy and JXT) for the MCW Tag Team Championship never officially got started.
Jimmy Havoc defeated Mikey Nicholls in a hardcore match
Slex defeated Josh Shooter
Adam Brooks defeated Dowie James to win the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship

International Wrestling Australia, Albury Commercial Club, Albury, Australia, February 12:
JXT defeated Mikey Lord
Matt Bailey defeated Apollo and Jax Jordan in a triple threat match
Alex Titan defeated Elliot Sexton
Mr. Juicy defeated Ryan Eagles (However Jackson Johnson and referee agreed that Ryan Eagles actually had his hand on the ropes, before the match could be restarted Alex Titan came out and attacked Mr. Juicy which emptied the locker room and as the NSW Vs VIC series was still at 1 win apiece he sanctioned an immediate 6 man tag match!)
Mr. Juicy, Elliot Sexton and JXT defeated Ryan Eagles, Alex Titan and Mikey Lord.

Malaysia Pro Wrestling, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, February 13
Bombay Suarez defeated JTJ to win the MyPW Extreme Division Championship
Shaukat defeated Chris Panzer to retain the MyPW Regional Championship

First-On-Stage Produce, Thein Phyu Stadium, Yagon, Myanmar, February 12. Special event to raise funds for reconstruction after the recent floods
Kazuki Okubo defeated Takashi Inamine
Ocean Neil defeated Buffa and Shawn Guinness in a triple threat match
Hideki Suzuki and Sonjay Dutt defeated Ikuto Hidaka and KENSO
Cherry and OSHIN (Sareee) defeated MOMOKO (Nanae Takahashi) and Stephanie
Masato Tanaka defeated Hartley Jackson
Kiyoshi Tamura defeated James Raideen

Impact Pro Wrestling, ActivZone Indoor Sports Arena, Auckland, New Zealand, February 13
Kingi and Vinny Dunn defeated F.I.S.T to retain the NZ Tag Team Championship
Brook Duncan defeated No Face
The Young Nats defeated Liger in a handicap match.
Curt Chaos (dressed as Miss Rivers) defeated Reuben De Jong.
Megan-Kate defeated Britenay to win the IPW NZ Women’s Championship.
James Shaw defeated Shane Sinclair to retain the IPW NZ Heavyweight Championship

(Results courtesy of Tez Frehley, International Wrestling Australia, Impact Pro Wrestling New Zealand, Cagematch and Philippine Wrestling Revolution who helped with the Malaysian results)


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