Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pooraka, Adelaide, Australia, February 19-21
Young Guns (JMC and AJ Reid) defeated Big Daddy Jack and DT Carter in the Tag Team Title Tournament.
Tons Of Pain (Mann Dozer and Joey Triton) defeated Dazel ‘The Kid’ Razel and Jack Mayhem in the Tag Team Title Tournament.
Korey Kaiser and Acid Haze defeated Tex and Dirty Dingo Richards in the Tag Team Title Tournament.
Towers Of Doom (‘Nightmare’ Eddie Draven and Colossus) defeated The Last Real Monsters (Wam Bam Bellows and Southern Pitbull) in the Tag Team Title Tournament.
Lord Kinkaid defeated Ace Wilson by DQ Title did not change hands.
Towers Of Doom(‘Nightmare’ Eddie Draven and Colossus) defeated Tons Of Pain, The Young Guns and Acid Haze and Korey Kaiser to become the New Snakepit Tag Team Champions.
King John E Radic and Lord Kinkaid defeated Jack Mayhem and Dazel’The Kid’ Razel.
Bryan Lawson defeated Adam Crowe by submission to become the New Friday Night Fights Champion.

Night Two:
Korey Kaiser defeated Bryan Lawson.
Dirty Dingo Richards defeated AJ Reid.
Acid Haze and Adam Crowe defeated King John E Radic and Lord Kinkaid.
AJ Reid defeated Gentleman Jonnathon Corvidae, Bryan Lawson and Joey Triton.
Korey Kaiser defeated Dirty Dingo Richards.
Lord Kinkaid defeated Acid Haze.
Adam Crowe defeated King John E Radic by DQ following interference from Lord Kinkaid.
Adam Crowe and Acid Haze lastly Eliminated King John E Radic and Lord Kinkaid to win the survivors series Elimination match.

Night Three:
Adam Crowe and Acid Haze defeated Gentleman Jonnothan Corvidae and Dirty Dingo Richards.
Joey Triton defeated AJ Reid.
Bryan Lawson defeated Dazel “The Kid” Razel.
The Southern Pitbull defeated “Nightmare” Eddie Draven by Disqualification.
Mann Dozer Vs Michael Weaver Ended in a double countout.
Jack Mayhem defeated King John Radic by Disqualification.
Korey Kaiser defeated DT Carter to retain the Sunday Slam Championship.
Big Daddy Jack Lastly Eliminated Adam Crowe and Acid Haze to become the number 1 contender to the Sunday Slam Championship.

Tasmanian Championship Wrestling, Elphin Sports Centre, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia, February 20:
Sketch defeated BoJack via pinfall
Omega defeated Ashe via DQ
Èl Cartel interrupted the new Commissioner Daniel Gordons TCW address.
Ace DeLuca and Chris Trance defeated Èl Cartel via pinfall
Cyrus Burns debuted to defeat Christopher Anthony Lockwood via pinfall.
Zakk Archer set a TCW Open challenge for his championship answered by Benny Factor for later that night. Èl Cartel attacked Archer following this in a savage beat down.
Willow defeated Izzy Shaw to retain the IPW Woman’s Champion.
Eddie Jones defeated Ace Deluca and 12 other opponents in the over the top Rumble to become the number one contender for the TCW championship.
Benny Factor defeated Zakk Archer to win the TCW Championship after the referee ended the match for Zakks Safety after he passed out.

Night Cap Wrestling Federation, Hastings, Victoria, February 19-21:
Night 1:
Skip Sampson defeated Andy Gold
H.E.L defeated Vinnie Osbourne
Joey Eclipse defeated Marcus James to retain the NCWF Southern Star title.
Mortar defeated Avary and Cierra in a three-way dance
Tass Alexander defeated Vinnie Osbourne
El Tecniko and Taylor Swift (Ritchie Taylor and Cody Swift) defeated Tyler Frost, Codeine and Manny Makris
Day 2:(2pm Show)
Tyler Frost defeated Codeine
Andy Gold defeated Marcus James
Cierra defeated Avary
Joey Eclipse defeated Skip Sampson to retain the NCWF Southern Star title.
Paul Thornton defeated Andy Gold
Vinnie Osbourne defeated Cody Swift
Zak Douglas defeated Toby Grace
Mortar defeated Rickii Rose
Tass Alexander defeated Ritchie Taylor and Manny Makris
(7pm Show)
Tyler Frost and Manny Makris defeated Tass Alexander and Ritchie Taylor
Avary defeated Mortar and Cierra in a three-way dance
Skip Sampson defeated Andy Gold in a no DQ match
Dirty Shades of Blake (Damian Rivers and Bullseye) defeated Codeine and Toby Grace
Ritchie Taylor defeated El Tecniko
Cody Swift defeated Zak Douglas
Joey Eclipse defeated Marcus James(w/Rickii Rose) and Paul Thornton to retain the NCWF Southern Star title.
Tass Alexander last eliminated Vinnie Osbourne to win the Battle of Hastings rumble
Day 3: (11am Show)
Marcus James defeated Vinnie Osbourne
Tass Alexander and Codeine vs. Taylor Swift (Ritchie Taylor and Cody Swift) ended in a No Contest.
Dirty Shades of Blake (Damian Rivers and Bullseye) defeated Tyler Frost and Toby Grace
Andy Gold defeated Zak Douglas
(1pm Show)
Damian Rivers defeated Cody Swift in a street fight
Paul Thornton defeated Codeine
Bullseye defeated Ritchie Taylor
Cierra defeated Rickii Rose
Skip Sampson and Marcus James defeated Andy Gold and Vinnie Osbourne via Disqualification.
Toby Grace defeated H.E.L
Tyler Frost defeated NCWF Southern Star Champion Joey Eclipse by DQ
Tass Alexander defeated Zak Douglas

Pacific Pro Wrestling, Bundamba State Secondary College, Bundamba, Australia, February 20:
The Street Revolution (Lynx Lewis Jr and Renegade) and TJ Warrior defeated The Uprising
Kellyanne defeated Catherine Mynx to retain the Pacific Women’s Championship
P-1 Tournament. Round 1:
Thirteen defeated Ricky Rembrandt
Australian Wolf defeated BJ Blade
Alex Shepard received a bye after an injury sustained to Rufio earlier in the day.
Lucas Gold defeated Adam Brooks
Australian Wolf defeated Thirteen
Alex Shepard defeated Lucas Gold
Final: Australian Wolf defeated Alex Shepard to win the third P-1 Tournament.

Australasian Wrestling Federation, AWF Wrestling Headquarters, Minchinbury, Australia, February 21:
Luciano Da Vinci and Djaysonic fought to a no contest when Ryan Eagles attacked both.
Blacktown Brawler defeated BeeBoy
TNT and Whiskey Sixx defeated Massive Q and Jax Jordan to retain the AWF Tag Team Championship
The Misfit defeated ShaneSaw
Scotty Haim defeated Jax Jordan
AWF Commonwealth Championship: Dean Draven vs Ryan Eagles ended in a Double Disqualification.

Philippine Wrestling Revolution, iAcademy Auditorium, Makati City, Philippines, February 20:

Dark matches:
Yohann “#YOLO” Ollores defeated Los Trabajador Dos
Vintendo defeated Chino Guinto
Main show:
Jake de Leon defeated Main Maxx
Champion vs Champion match: PHX Champion Ken Warren defeated MyPW Extreme Champion Bombay Suarez
John Sebastian defeated Mark D Manalo
James “Idol” Martinez defeated Rederick Mahaba
Peter Versoza defeated Crystal in an inter-gender match
Sandata defeated Joey Bax
Bryan Leo defeated Ralph Imabayashi to win the PWR Championship

(Thanks to Tez Frehley for most of the Australian results. PWR results courtesy of Smark Henry. AWF results courtesy of their Facebook page)


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