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Australasian Wrestling Federation, AWF Headquarters, Michinbury, New South Wales, March 26

VIP (Jax Jordan and Jarod Idol) defeated FlipKick Xpress (Masked Kamikaze and Mikey Lord)
Shane Saw defeated DJay Sonic
Mask vs Mask: BeeBoy defeated The MANtis
Apollo defeated Scotty Haim
The Artist Luciano Da Vinci defeated New Zealand’s Genetic Pitbull Haydn Daniels
TNT and Dean Draven defeated Alex Titan and Ryan Eagles

Outback Championship Wrestling, Burwood East, Victoria, Australia, March 26:
Avary defeated Kellyanne
Josh Shooter defeated Cadman (w/Freddie Gold)
Million Dollar Rumble Match: Emanuelle last eliminated Sketch to win the Rumble to become #1 Contender for the OCW World Heavyweight Championship!
Six Pack on a Pole Match: Andy Phoenix defeated Ali Vaez
Vixsin defeated Shazza McKenzie
Mad Dog McCrea defeated Emanuelle (w/Ted DiBiase) to retain the OCW World Heavyweight title.

Professional Championship Wrestling, South Eastern Entertainment Centre, Ferntree Gully, Victoria, Australia, March 26:
Nate Cross defeated Tome Filip
Sinister defeated Cass Stone
Slex defeated Alberto Bravo
Mark Kage won the PCW Royal Rumble, earning a shot at the PCW National Championship
WAIK defeated Anthony Dangerfield
Daniel Swagger defeated Nash Archer and Chris Trio
Mark Kage defeated Daniel Swagger to become new PCW National Champion

Gippsland Pro Wrestling, Traralgon, Victoria, Australia, March 27:
Andy Rhodes defeated Ben Factor
Ali defeated Slick Nick.
FOX defeated Leon Knights
JXT won a #1 contenders fatal four-way
Mitch Waterman defeated Taylor King.
Adam Brooks defeated Syd Parker to retain the GPW Championship

New Horizons Pro Wrestling, Cockburn Youth Centre. Success, WA, Australia, March 26:
Dark Match: James Anderson defeated Seth Deadwell
Jaxon Cross (w/Aaron O’Malley and Benny English) def. Jagger Stevens via submission
Tommy Riel defeated Lazar Armani
Kuhmana defeated Flash Williams to retain the NHPW Hybrid Championship
Kade Morgan defeated Jarrad Slate to become #1 Contender for the NHPW Art of Fighting title
Heroes of Future Past (Bodhi McKenzie and Liam Mendel) defeated Perth K9 (Dane and Odin) and Sex Mafia (David Nero and Michael Morleone w/Jay Taylor and London Hargreaves) via DQ after the K9s clotheslined both McKenzie and Mendel with a chain.
Aaron O’Malley (w/Benny English and Jaxon Cross) defeated Chris Vice to retain the NHPW Art of Fighting Championship.

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Pooraka, Australia, March 26:
The Last Real Monsters (Wam Bam Bellows and Southern Pitbull) defeated Towers Of Doom (Eddie Draven and Colossus) by D.Q after interference by Benjy The Clown but titles did not change hands.
Cannonball ‘Kris’ Taylor defeated Blake ‘The Man’ Mitchell to become the New Adelaide Open Champion and to end Blake’ The Man’ Mitchells Career.
King John E Radic and Lord Kinkaid defeated Izzy Shaw and Matt Hayter.
Ace Wilson defeated Acid Haze to retain the Snakepit Heavyweight Championship.
Jake Viper defeated Michael Weaver.
Tommy Venum defeated The Jackal.

Queensland Wrestling Alliance, Townsville Greek Community Centre, Townsville, Australia, March 26:
Marcus Adonis defeated Estrella Rojo
Seth Tylors defeated Estrella Rojo to retain the QWA Championship
Australian Wolf defeated His Royal Tenis
Tower of Power defeated Johnny Maverick via countout when Maverick walked away from the match
Haze defeated Stitches in a mask match
Nick Skitz defeated Luxford
Australian Wolf defeated Seth Tylors in a non-title 2 out of 3 falls match

New Age Wrestling, Albion, Australia, March 26:
Pre Show: Prince Elias vs. Manny Gunner ended in a No Contest.
Militia Mile” Gauntlet Match:
1-F.O.X def. Joey Eclipse (Submission Match)
2-F.O.X def. Marcus Blaike (Tables Match)
3-F.O.X def. Xavier Black (Falls Count Anywhere Match)
Cody Swift defeated Jake Navara (w/Aria)
Zak Douglas def. Gabriel Wolfe via Ref Stoppage in a no DQ match
Lunatic Militia (Paul Thornton and CJ Redfield) defeated F.E.W (Codeine and Mortar), Generation Z (Tyler Frost and Skip Sampson) and Brothers in Arms (Ritchie and Zane Taylor) to retain the NAW Tag Team Championship in a four corners elimination match
Unsanctioned Street Fight: Mitch Waterman defeated Damian Rivers via Submission.
Morphine defeated Leon Knights to win the N.A.W South Pacific Championship
Judd Newman defeated Jake Lindo to win the N.A.W Heavyweight Championship

New Zealand Wide Pro Wrestling, Petone, New Zealand, March 25
Jade Priest defeated Ben Mana to win the NZWPW Heavyweight Championship
Chad Howard cashed in his title shot and beat Jade Priest to win the NZWPW Heavyweight Championship

Hughes Academy of Professional Wrestling, Kelston Intermediate, New Zealand, March 26:
First show
John Henry defeated Frankie Quinn (Chris Ferguson refereed his 500th match)
Chris Ferguson defeated Graham Hughes
Devin Lockhart defeated charlie Roberts
Kenith defeatdd El Oro Maximo
Graham Hughes defeated Shadow Ninja
Kartik defeated Curtis Castlewood by DQ

Second Show:
El Oro Maximo defeated Graham Hughes
Charlie Roberts defeated John Henry
Frankie Quinn beat Devin Lockhart and ended his undefeated streak
Tabitha defeated Krystal Kayne to become the new Hughes Academy Women’s Champion.
Kenith defeated Kartik, Curtis Castlewood and Charlie Roberts in a four-way to become the new Hughes Academy Champion

(Thanks to Tez Frehley, Australian Victoria Wrestling, Graham Hughes and the various Facebook pages for the results)


Fighters Revenge Pro Wrestling, Pessac, France, March 26
Ben Thundersky defeated Zaeken
Ragnar Rök defeated Sonny Kelizago
Casey defeated Tyrann Saulc
Gamma defeated Amazio
#1 contenders match: Loba vs Carolyne Sunshine – no contest
Ben Thundersky defeated Ragnar Rok, Casey and Gamma to win the FRPW Contest Trophy 2016

Over the Top Wrestling, Tivoli Theatre, Dublin, Ireland, March 26
Jordan Devlin defeated Dunkan Disorderly by DQ
Jinny defeated Martina
The Wards (Paddy Ward and Rocky Mac) defeated Charlie Garrett and T-Bone by DQ
The Gymnasties (B. Cool and Sammy D) (w/Justin Shape) defeated The Lads From The Flats (Martin and Workie)
Mr. Anderson (w/Gerry Humperdink) defeated Paul Tracey (w/William J. Humperdink)
Luther Ward defeated Pete Dunne to win the OTT No Limits Championship

Power Wrestling Entertainment, Discoteca Blue Moon, Genoa, Italy, March 26
Red Scorpion defeated Icarus
JT9 defeated Horus L’Assoluto to win the vacant PWE National Title </strong
Roman Dynasty (Dave Blasco and Willy G) defeated Alex Gory and Playboy Paul to win the PWE Tag Team Championship
Kenzo Richards defeated Red Devil to retain the PWE World Title
Rumble Match: Bako defeated Alex Gory, Big Marcus, Blindo, Brian Davis, G King, Horus L’Assoluto, Icarus, JT9, Leon, Neo and William Miller

Pro Wrestling Malta, Iz-Zurrieq, Malta, March 26
Giuseppe defeated Nathan Youngblood
Gianni De La Valette defeated Connor ‘The Ox’ Matthews
Francesco Messina defeated Glamorous Roddy
La Lucha (Ximenes and Maschera Negra) defeated La Famiglia (Giuseppe and Francesco Messina).

Swiss Wrestling Entertainment, Sternensaal Bümpliz, Schönbühl, Bern, Switzerland, March 26
Nacho Libre (Pancho and Sancho) defeated Diablo and Syndrome
Chris Colen defeated Gianni Leone
Patrick Schulz and Peter White defeated Crazy Sexy Mike and Pascal Spalter to retain the SWE Tag Team Championship
Maik Tuga defeated Muslim Sultanov
Bad Bones John Klinger defeated Drake Destroyer in a Texas bullrope match to retain the SWE King of Switzerland Title
Laura Wellings defeated Melanie Gray to win the vacant SWE Ladies Title
Marius Al-Ani defeated Michael Kovac and Murat Bosporus to retain the SWE Title

(Results courtesy of Cagematch, Pro Wrestling Malta and Fighters Revenge Pro Wrestling)

Text and photos: Leon Muston
wrestle monster 2
Quick results from World Wrestling Professionals in Port Elizabeth, South Africa:
Durban Pro Wrestling Women’s Champion Dream Child defeated Taxi Queen (a male wrestler in drag)
Sangram Singh (from India) defeated Ananzi by 24 points to 21 in a Pro Kushi-style match to retain the WWP Commonwealth Championship
Super X vs Matthew Hammer – double count-out
Nitro defeated Joshua the Bull
Devon Shooter defeated TNA star Robbie E
Kilimanjaro (from Nigeria) defeated Kwaito Kid to win the vacant WWP All-Africa Championship
Nightmare (with a lot of help from Joshua the Bull) defeated Samoan star Afa Jr in a hardcore match
Mr Wrestling (with Zelda) defeated Renegade (with the Weasel) to retain the WWP World Heavyweight Championship
Tornado defeated Blacksmith in a retirement match to end Blacksmith’s career
After the match the entire roster came out to pay their respects to Blacksmith’s multi-decade career and a particularly touching moment came when his son Devon Shooter joined him in the ring in somewhat of a passing of the torch.

Fight Club Finland, Töölön Kisahalli, Helsinki, Finland, March 19
Best Two Out Of Three Falls Tag Team Match: HC Andersen and Tohtori Ioni defeated The Luupää Bros (Jake Luupää and Vili Luupää)
Jessica Love defeated TEUVO
Jami Aalto defeated Jack The Strangler, Make Smooth and Murskaaja Mieto in a four-way
Ricky Vendetta defeated Stark Adder
Toni Storm defeated Regina Rogue
Two On One Handicap Match: Herra Tapaturma and Pyöveli Petrov defeated Tuho Torvinen
Last Man Standing Match: Mikko Maestro defeated Heimo Ukonselkä
Valentine defeated King Kong Karhula to retain the FCF Finnish Heavyweight Championship
Starbuck defeated Chaos

German Wrestling Federation/Next Wrestling, Hennigsdorf, Brandenburg, Germany, March 19
Pete Bouncer (w/Andre Trucker) defeated Cem Kaplan (w/Koray)
Pascal Spalter defeated Jaxx
Slinky defeated Fabius Titus to win the GWF Next Wrestling Star Championship
Toni Tiger defeated Captain Martinez (w/Gefreiter Richter and Gefreiter Weber) by DQ
Koray (w/Cem Kaplan) defeated Marcel Weiss
Non Title Match: Orlando Silver defeated Ronaldo
Captain Martinez, Gefreiter Richter and Gefreiter Weber defeated Young Lions (Lucky Kid and Tarkan Aslan) and Tony Tiger

German Wrestling Promotion, Markgrafensaal, Schwabach, Bayern, Germany, March 19:
Mr. Wrestling V defeated Jonny Storm by DQ to retain the Title
Pascal Signer defeated Mr Wrestling V to win the Title
Boombastic, Bruder Chaos and Dean Jazzman defeated Insane Killer, The Rotation and Thunderhawk
Michael Dante defeated Kevin Roadster
Dean Jazzman defeated Pascal Signer to win the Title
Sasa Keel defeated Ivan Kiev to win the Dragonhearts Title
T-K-O defeated Demolition Davies (w/Amber Rox) to retain the N.E.W. World Heavyweight Championship
Farmer Joe defeated Dean Jazzman to win the Title
Decent Society (Ahmed Chaer and Crazy Sexy Mike) defeated Farmer Joe and Georg Gwärch
Cash Money Erkan defeated Farmer Joe to win the Title
Blue Nikita defeated Stella to retain the GSW Ladies Title
Non Title Match: Cash Money Erkan defeats Chris Colen
Will Ospreay defeated Tommy End
Juvenile X defeated Mexx and Murat Bosporus to retain the GWP World Title in a three-way elimination match

Total Combat Wrestling, Rozzano, Italy, March 20
AperiTeam (Claudio Campari and Martini) defeated Il Culto Della Luce (Death Mask and Skorpio to win the TCW Tag Team Championship.
Apollo defeated Domenico Dinamite
Marco Bragaglia and Turbo defeated Oxlay Black and Saetta Nera
Kombat Komedian defeated Black Ice to win the TCW Revolution Championship
Sami Grayson defeated Backslash
Fenice Rossa defeated Darkness II by DQ
Antonino Bellavita defeated Scandalo!
TCW Rebel Title Best Two Out Of Three Falls Match: Il Marchese (c) vs. Carlo Birra – Draw [1:1 with third match double countout]

Frontier Championship Wrestling, Palestra Marconi, Italy, March 19:
Alex Fitness and Matt Disasters defeated Danny Price and Steve McKee to retain the FCW Tag Team Championship
Red Devil defeated The Entertrainer
Drake Destroyer defeated Tom Sanders
Horus L’Assoluto defeated Kronos and Kyo Kazama in a three-way to retain the FCW Hardcore Championship
Leone defeated Cash Crash
The Greatest defeated Brutus in a no DQ match

Italian Wrestling Superstar, Palasport Rivarolo, Rivarolo Cavanese, Italy, March 19:
Peter White defeated Hugo Perez
Leo Cristiani defeated Pauline by DQ
Italian Dream defeated Antonio De Luca
Caucasian Connection (Igor Rachimov and Muslim Sultanov) defeated Deimos and Italian Tornado
Brutus Magnus and El Dinamico defeated King Danza and Michael Kovac

Romanian Pro Wrestling, Clujana Festa Hall, Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, Romania, March 19:
Icarus defeated Dover
Audrey Bride defeated Sara Elektra
Bernard Vandamme defeated Jimmy Gavroche to win the vacant RPW Heavyweight Championship
Audrey Bride, Bernard Vandamme and Icarus defeated Dover, Jimmy Gavroche and Sara Elektra

(Results courtesy of Cagematch)

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pookara, Australia, March 18 and 20:
Night One
Mann Dozer and The Last Real Monsters (Wam Bam Bellows and Southern Pitbull) defeated Joey Triton and Towers Of Doom (“Nightmare Eddie Draven and Colossus).
Tex defeated Jack Mayhem.
Blake “The Man” Mitchell defeated Ryan Winters.
Izzy Shaw defeated The Skelethug.
Jake Viper lastly eliminated LJ Onyx to become the new number 1 contender to the Friday Night Championship.
Gentleman Jonathan Corvidae defeated Cannonball “Kris” Taylor Due to interference from Ashley Taylor and Blake ‘The Man’ Mitchell.
King John E Radic and Lord Kinkaid defeated Ace Wilson and Matt Hayter.
Jack ‘Hammer’ Smiles defeated Acid Haze, Adam Crowe and Bryan Lawson to become the New Friday Night Fights Champion.

Night Two:
Acid Haze, Adam Crowe and LJ Onyx defeated Bryan Lawson, Gentleman Jonathan Corvidae and Brett Sanders.
‘Nightmare’ Eddie Draven defeated Jack Mayhem.
Mann Dozer defeated King John E Radic by DQ
Matt Hayter and Izzy Shaw defeated Dirty Dingo Richards and D.T Carter.
Big Daddy Jack defeated Joey Triton to retain the Sunday Slam Championship.
The Last Real Monsters (Southern Pitbull and Wam Bam Bellows) defeated King John E Radic and Lord Kinkaid.

Hunter Valley Wrestling, Maitland, New South Wales, Australia, March 19:
Bee Boy and Paris defeated VIP (Jax Jordan and Jarrod Idol) and Bubbles and Fergus Ferguson
Vixsin defeated Sofia Morales
Alex Titan defeated Mikey Lord, Keegan Brettle and Josh Gatt to become Number 1 Contender
Slade Mercer and Mehmet Isik defeated Misfit and Anubis
Matt Bailey defeated Cesar and 5 Star Flash
PANIC (Syd Parker and Benny Factor) defeated Grant Linstrom and HVW Champion Falco making Syd the new and 2 time HVW Champion.

Australian Wrestling Entertainment, Concord RSL, Australia, March 18:
Tristan Slade defeated Kyle Valiant
Harley Wonderland defeated Charlie Evans
Hudson Kai and Takahe defeated Father and Son Bash, and The Masked Mauler to retain the AWE Tag Team Championship
Phil Picaso defeated Major Miles
Bruza The Serb defeated The Maniac in a Sydney Street Fight
Vinnie Vain defeated Luke Knight via DQ. Luke Knight retained the AWE Championship.

Platinum Wrestling Entertainment, 2016 Weerama Festival, Wyndham Vale, Victoria, Australia, March 19:
1:30pm Session:
Damian Rivers defeated Mitch Waterman
Gabriel Wolfe defeated Tass Alexander via Knock Out to retain the King of the Underground title.
F.O.X (w/Hawko) defeated Xavier Black
3pm Session:
Gabriel Wolfe defeated Sketch via Submission to retain the King of the Underground title.
Mortar defeated Cierra and Avary in a three-way dance
Cody Swift defeated Zak Douglas
4.Platinum Enterprises Heavyweight Championship:
Dowie James defeated Mohamad Ali Vaez to retain the Platinum Enterprises Heavyweight title.
5pm Session
El Tecniko vs. Manny Makris ended in a No Contest.
Platinum Enterprises Heavyweight Champion Dowie James and Zak Douglas defeated Aerial Assault (Cody Swift and Tyler Frost)

New Age Wrestling, Albion, Australia, March 19:
Pre Show: Prince Elias vs. Manny Gunner ended in a No Contest.
Main show: “Militia Mile” Gauntlet Match:
1-F.O.X def. Joey Eclipse (Submission Match)
2-F.O.X def. Marcus Blaike (Tables Match)
3-F.O.X def. Xavier Black (Falls Count Anywhere Match) to win the gauntlet
Cody Swift defeated Jake Navara (w/Aria)
Zak Douglas defeated Gabriel Wolfe via Ref Stoppage in a no DQ match.
Lunatic Militia (Paul Thornton and CJ Redfield) defeated F.E.W (Codeine and Mortar), Generation Z (Tyler Frost and Skip Sampson)and Brothers in Arms (Ritchie and Zane Taylor) in a four-corners elimination match to retain the NAW Tag Team titles.
Unsanctioned Street Fight: Mitch Waterman defeated Damian Rivers via Submission.
Morphine defeated Leon Knights to win the N.A.W South Pacific Championship
Judd Newman defeated Jake Lindo to win the N.A.W Heavyweight Championship

Wrestle Rampage, St Clair Recreation Centre, Woodville, Australia, March 19:
Nick Armstrong defeated Sean Kustom (via pinfall)
Mr. Juicy defeated Dean Valente (via pinfall)
Rocky Menero defeated AJ Istria (via disqualification)
Mike Boomer and Link Barnett defeated Gorgeous Greg and Big Willy Gibson (via pinfall)
Damian Slater defeated Marcius Pitt (via pinfall) [Best of 3 Series – TMDK vs. The Brotherhood]
Jonah Rock defeated Chris Vice (via pinfall) [Best of 3 Series – TMDK vs. The Brotherhood: Australian National Championship Match]
Hartley Jackson defeated Havok (via pinfall) [Best of 3 Series – TMDK vs. The Brotherhood: No DQ Streetfight]

Professional Championship Wrestling, Ferntree Gully, Victoria, Australia, March 19:
Ryan Rapid defeated Lee Burns to win the PCW Slam Championship

Maniacs United, Auckland, New Zealand, March 19
The Buggane defeated El Oro Maximo
John Henry defeated Curtis Castlewood
Lex Smith defeated Cam Corban in an arm wrestling match
Blaze v Jason Brody ended in a no contest
Blaze, JPE (Just Plain Evil), The Buggane, Cam Corban and Curtis Castlewood defeated Jason Brody, Rebels INC and El Oro Maximo

Southern Pro Wrestling, Invercargill, New Zealand, March 17:
Shane Sinclair defeated T Rex and Marcus Kool to win the vacant SPW Heavyweight Championship.

wrestle monster 2
This Sunday as part of the annual Easter Splash festival in Nelson Mandela Bay (Port Elizabeth, South Africa), World Wrestling Professionals (WWP) will be holding the second edition of their WrestleMonster event at Hobie Beach between 2 and 5pm.
As happened last year, the organisation is bringing in some international stars to add to the top local talent including first time visitors Robbie E from TNA and former Legacy member Manu aka Afa Jr from Samoa.
wm renegade
WWP World Heavyweight Champion Mr Wrestling has had a long running feud with Renegade for the title, and even a recent best of three series hasn’t managed to put an end to the rivalry.
Renegade gets another shot at the title this Sunday and will be determined to dethrone the long reigning champ in a lumberjack match which will see the rest of the roster surrounding the ring.

Afa Jr will make his South African debut taking on Durban’s hardcore monster, Nightmare. Afa is a third generation star from the famous Anaoi/Uso family which includes former WWE world champions The Rock and Roman Reigns as well as Rikishi, The Wild Samoans and Umaga. His own run in WWE included being a member of Legacy alongside Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase Jr. But will any of this help him when facing the man who stole the show winning the hardcore title at last year’s WrestleMonster?
wm tornado
Two of the mainstays of South African wrestling, hometown favourite Blacksmith and former WWP world champ Tornado face off in an I Quit match. But the loser doesn’t only quit the match – they quit the business in what is effectively a retirement match. Who will utter those dreaded words and bid farewell to the business they’ve been part of for decades?

Another Port Elizabeth-based wrestler on the card, Blacksmith’s son Devon Shooter, will have the biggest match of his career as he faces former TNA X-Division and tag team champion Robbie E. While Robbie’s TV character has often been comedic, there’s no denying his technical ability. But can the South African wrestler, who has often called himself Schoolboy take the international star to school?
wm kwaito
The third Port Elizabeth star on the show, Kwaito Kid, put up a great fight at last year’s Wrestle Monster vs PJ Black. This year he will clash with Nigerian-born man mountain Kilimanjaro with the vacant WWP All-Africa Heavyweight Title on the line. Who will come out on top in this battle of the African heavyweights?
wm ananzi
Indian star Sangram Singh clinched the WWP Commonwealth title in what many would consider an upset victory over Joe Legend last year. This year he’ll be defending the title against Ananzi, who gave up the All-Africa title in order to get this title shot.
wp hammer
Also watch out for an invasion of Durban-based wrestlers – the 031 Army – including woman Dream Child and Matthew Hammer, who will be taking on WWP’s cruiserweight sensation Hotaru.

As well as all the wrestling action, one of South Africa’s biggest music stars, Kurt Darren, will also perform at the event.

For more info go to the WWP Facebook page –

Pro Wrestling Allstars, Brasserie De Schorre, Boom, Belgium, March 12
Tengkwa defeated Fabulous Nicky
Cyborg (w/Nina) defeated Joel Vox by DQ
Spike Bones defeated Jimmy Lightning (w/Jessie Jones)
Rami Romeo defeated Dragan
Ymah and Young Money Chong (w/Coach Montanus) defeated Christian Ace and Nate Devlin
Raw Rage (Rex Rage and Rob Raw) defeated Danny Sparks and Mikey Blaze to retain the PWA Tag Team Championship
Steve Venom (w/Cindy) defeated Jeff McCready (w/Jessie Jones)
Audrey Bride and Kazza G defeated Fabulous Nicky and Nitro
Johnny Evers defeated Gabriel Angelfyre to retain both the PWA European Allstar and PWA Daredevil titles

Westside Xtreme Wrestling, wXw Wrestling Academy, Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, March 10
Timothy Thatcher vs Tyler Bate – Time Limit Draw
Toni Storm defeated Melanie Gray
Kim Ray defeated Mike Bailey
Big Daddy Walter defeated Kevin Roadster
Zack Sabre Jr. defeated David Starr
Big Daddy Walter and Timothy Thatcher defeated Mike Bailey and Tyler Bate

Night Two: Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, March 11:
David Starr defeated Aaron Insane, Mike Schwarz and Tyler Bate
Toni Storm defeated Leva Bates
16 Carat Gold Tournament 2016 First Round Matches:
Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Big Daddy Walter
Timothy Thatcher defeated Sasa Keel
Ilja Dragunov (w/Adam Polak) defeated Mike Bailey
Will Ospreay defeated Shane Strickland
Angelico defeated Trevor Lee
Drew Galloway defeated Silas Young
Sami Callihan defeated Kim Ray (w/Ivanov)
Axel Dieter Jr. defeated Marty Scurll

Day Three: Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, March 12:
Afternoon Show:
AMBITION 7 Tournament First Round Match
Sasa Keel defeated David Starr by KO
Timothy Thatcher defeated Big Daddy Walter
Axel Dieter Jr. defeated Mike Bailey
Bobby Gunns defeated Zack Sabre Jr.
AMBITION 7 Tournament Semifinal Matches:
Sasa Keel defeated Timothy Thatcher
Bobby Gunns defeated Axel Dieter Jr.
Superfight Match: Dominic Brackner defeated Rico Bushido
AMBITION 7 Tournament Final:
Sasa Keel defeated Bobby Gunns to win the tournament

Evening Show:
Tyler Bate defeated Silas Young
David Starr and Shane Strickland defeated Big Daddy Walter and Da Mack
Marty Scurll defeated Angelico, Mike Bailey and Trevor Lee
Melanie Gray defeated Toni Storm
16 Carat Gold Tournament 2016 Quarterfinal Matches:
Axel Dieter Jr. defeated Ilja Dragunov
Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Will Ospreay
Sami Callihan defeated Timothy Thatcher
Jurn Simmons defeated Absolute Andy, John Klinger and Karsten Beck to win the wXw Unified World Wrestling Title

Night Four:
16 Carat Gold Tournament 2016 Quarterfinal Match:
Drew Galloway defeated Angelico
16 Carat Gold Tournament 2016 Semifinal Matches:
Axel Dieter Jr. defeated Drew Galloway
Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Sami Callihan
Six Man Tag Team Match: Die Schilds (Bobby Gunns and Vincent The Beast) and Silas Young defeated Big Daddy Walter, Mike Schwarz and Timothy Thatcher
Mixed Tag Team Match: Aaron Insane and Toni Storm defeated Kevin Roadster and Melanie Gray
Cerberus (Ilja Dragunov and Julian Nero) (w/Adam Polak) defeated David Starr and Shane Strickland to retain the wXw World Tag Team Championship
wXw Shotgun Title #1 Contendership Three Way Match: Da Mack defeated Emil Sitoci and Kim Ray
Jurn Simmons (w/Marius van Beethoven and Melanie Gray) defeated Tyler Bate to retain the wXw Unified World Wrestling Title
Marty Scurll and Trevor Lee defeated Mike Bailey and Will Ospreay
16 Carat Gold Tournament 2016 Final Match: Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Axel Dieter Jr. to win the tournament

European Wrestling Promotion, Hangar No. 5, Hanover, Germany, March 12:
Chris Colen defeated Johnny Rancid
Ecki Eckstein defeated Markus Antonius
Leon van Gasteren defeated Robbie Dynamite by DQ in a non-title match
Heimo Ukonselkä and Val Verde defeated Marius Al-Ani and Michael Schenkenberg
Hernandez defeated Cannonball Grizzly to win the EWP World Heavyweight Championship

Championship of Wrestling, Jahnturnhalle Birkenfeld, Germany:
Jake McGlusky defeated The Bruce Sterling
Hakeem Waqur defeated Bernd Föhr
Orlando Silver and Jester defeated Jaxx and Gefreiter Weber
Murat Kaan defeated Izzy Gallegos
Dean Jazzman and the Brotherhood of Disorderd Souls defeated Medi, Bruder Chaos and Rick Taylor
Crazy Sexy Mike defeated Ivan Kiev
Farmer Joe defeated Doug Williams to retain the CoW Interstate Championship
Murat Bosporus defeated Farmer Joe to win the CoW Interstate Championship

Fight Factory Pro Wrestling, Night One: Clara, Ireland, March 12
LJ Cleary defeated Lee Flynn, Sammy D and Curtis Murray in a fatal four-way to win the FFPW Irish Junior Heavyweight Championship

Night Two, Wicklow Town, Ireland, March 13:
Tye Dye Express defeated Soldiers of Fortune to win the FFPW Irish Tag Team Championship

Italian Championship Wrestling, Cartoomics, Fiera Milano, Rho, Mailand, Italy, March 11-13
Day One:
Psycho Mike defeated Gargoyle
Gabriel Bach defeated Simon Silas
Jake L’Aviatore, Manuel Majoli and Ricky Rastelli defeated Coach Lillo, Mr. Excellent and Street Dog
Alessandro Corleone defeated Geminy to retain the ICW Interregional Title
Psycho Mike defeated Ricky Rastelli
Gargoyle and Max Peach defeated Coach Lillo and Street Dog
Tony Callaghan defeated Danny Price
Manuel Majoli defeated Riot
Alessandro Corleone defeated Jari Syberia to retain the ICW Interregional Championship
Charlie Kid defeated Simon Silas to retain the ICW Italian Title
Max Peach defeated Magic Degan
Queen Maya defeated Irene to retain the ICW Women’s Championship
The Urban Guerrilla (Riot and Tony Callaghan) defeated Mr. Excellent and Psycho Mike

Day Two:
Mark Fit defeats Killer Mask
Cheyenne and Queen Maya defeated Irene and Jokey to win the vacant ICW Women’s Tag Team Championship.
Taurus defeated Miroslav Mijatovich
Alessandro Corleone defeated Red Devil to retain the ICW Interregional Championship
Goran Il Barbaro defeated Incubo
The Latin Lovers (Bon Giovanni and Rafael) defeated The Urban Guerrilla (Riot and Tony Callaghan) to retain the ICW Italian Tag Team Championship
Taurus defeated Demolisco
Charlie Kid defeated Kevin Lee Davidson in a no holds barred match to retain the ICW Italian Championship
Hydra and Sabor defeated Mr. Excellent and Psycho Mike
Ghostbuster #1 (Belthazar) defeated Jester
ICW Cruiserweight Cartoomics Cup Gauntlet Match: Simon Silas defeated Costantino, Danny Price, Doblone, Il Corvo Bianco, Jet, Leon, Luke Strike, Magic Degan, Mark Fit, Max Peach, Miroslav Mijatovich and Picchio Rosso
Tenacious Dalla defeated Manuel Majoli to retain the ICW Italian Lightweight Championship
The Prodigy Boys (Akira and Gravity) defeated Marcio Silva and Street Dog
Kevin Lee Davidson defeated Nick Lenders to retain the WIA Heavyweight Championship
Fabio Ferrari defeated Geminy

Day Three:
Alessandro Corleone defeated Gravity
Jester defeated Manuel Majoli
Irene and Killer Mask defeated Cheyenne and Street Dog
Tenacious Dalla defeated Simon Silas to retain the ICW Italian Lightweight Title
Queen Maya defeated Jokey to retain the ICW Women’s Title
Costantino and Fabio Ferrari defeated The Prodigy Boys (Akira and Gravity)
Alex Flash defeated Max Peach
Red Scorpion defeated Alessandro Corleone to win the ICW Interregional Championship
Tempesta defeated Jester
Nick Lenders defeated Max Rotten
Dinamite Jo and JT9 defeated Doblone and Nico Narciso
Bon Giovanni defeated Sabor
Andy Manero defeated Lio Kong
The Urban Guerrilla (Riot and Tony Callaghan) defeated Mark Fit and Mr. Excellent
Incubo defeated Geminy
Leon defeated Obo
Manuel Majoli defeated Psycho Mike

Maniac Zone Wrestling, Głuchołazy, Poland, March 12
Shadow defeated Asmund
Jędruś Bułecka defeated Kripto
Justin Joy defeated Red Thunder in a lumberjack match to retain the MZW Championship

Northern Storm Wrestling, Lesnoy Propspekt, St Petersburg, Russia, March 12
Warrior defeated Former Experiment
Konstantin LaPatka defeated Ivan Mornas
Shaman defeated Ronnie Crimson, Freddy Machete and Max Rustamova in a fourway
Di Grandi vs Ivana Markova Lokomotiv – no contest
Frost defeated The Grizzlies
Ruslan “Akela” Angels defeated Alex Anderson
Yegor Sokolov defeated Sergey White to retain the NSW Championship

Triple W (White Wolf Wrestling) and Level One Wrestling, La Tabacalera, Madrid, Spain, March 12
Black Avalon defeated Rob Roy and Sergio Fernandez
Dark Lina defeated Tracy Love
Silver Cage defeated Nicky
Alexander vs Elías and Pelayo – no contest
Elvis Harrison and Orión defeated Lethal Tackle 2.0 (Caretaker and Alphastiles) to retain the WWW Tag Team Championship

(Results courtesy of Cagematch and the various promotions’ Facebook pages and Northern Storm Wrestling’s website)

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pooraka, Australia, March 12
Acid Haze defeated Adam Crowe, Southern Pitbul, Lord Kinkaid, Jake Viper and Joey Triton to become the number 1 contender for the Snakepit Heavyweight Championship.
Michael Weaver defeated Gentleman Jonothan Corvidae.
Grandpa Graham defeated Ronald MacDonald.
Daisy Chayne and The Jackal defeated The Skelethugs.
Damien Synn defeated Mann Dozer in a hair vs hair match.
Ace Wilson defeated King John E Radic to retain the Snakepit Heavyweight Championship twice in a Row.

Melbourne City Wrestling, Essedon, Victoria, Wrestling, March 12:
Adam Brooks defeated Mike Burr to retain the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship.
Josh Shooter defeated Cletus
Syd Parker defeated Lochy Hendricks via Ref Stoppage.
Elliot Sexton defeated Alan Payne (by DQ) and Jonathan Preston in a gauntlet match to retain the MCW Heavyweight Championship
Hartley Jackson defeated Slex to become #1 Contender to the MCW Heavyweight Championship!
Kelly Anne defeated Erika
Juice-XT (Mr. Juicy and JXT) defeated The Estate (Emanuelle and Cousin Ali) w/Sebastian Walker and Christiana) to win the MCW Tag Team Championships

Outback Championship Wrestling, Ashwood, Victoria, Australia, March 11:
JXT defeated Bee Boy and Unos in a handicap match to retain the OCW Tag Team Championship.
Emanuelle defeated F.O.X via Ref Stoppage.
Adam Brooks (w/Kellyanne) defeated Alan Payne (w/Jonathan Preston)
Mad Dog McCrea defeated Gabriel Wolfe (w/Slade Mercer) via Submission to retain the OCW World Heavyweight Championship.
Big Cuz and Cadman (w/Freddie Gold) defeated Josh Shooter and Mike Burr
Vixsin defeated Erika Reid
Cletus defeated Syd Parker and Ricardo Rodriguez in a three-way dance

Australasian Wrestling Federation, Michinbury, New South Wales, Australia, March 12:
Scotty Haim defeated Diego Del Fuego
Jax Jordan defeated Mikey Lord
Luciano da Vinci defeated Apollo
TNT defeated Jarrod Idol
The Hive (Bee Boy and Mantis) defeated Polynesians With Attitude
Dean Draven defeated Whiskey Sixx to retain the AWF Australasian Championship

Explosive Pro Wrestling, Cyril Jackson Rec Centre, Bassendean, WA, Australia, March 12:
Shane Haste defeated Logan Grey (w/Davis Storm)
Liam Mendel defeated AZ Vegara, Bobby Marshall, Dan Steel, Eddy Bombay, ”Prince” Elliot Forbes, Felix Young, Hughesy, Jarrad Slate, Johnny Wimbledon, Jordan Bishop, Ross Cage, Taylor King, Tyler Jacobs, Twitch and The Warship to win the Hardcore Battle Royale
Michelle K. Hasluck (w/Elliot Forbes) defeated Allyson Cruz to retain the Unofficial Women’s Championship
Bodhi McKenzie defeated Byron McKenzie via submission in a Hair vs. Hair match
Generation Zero (Hayden Zenith and Michael Morleone w/Scotty Ryan) defeated McMassive (Gavin McGavin and Mike Massive) to become the new EPW Tag Team Champions
Alex “AK-47” Kingston defeated “The Smashing Machine” Chris Vice and Mikey Nicholls in a 3-Way to advance to the State of Origin match in July.
Marcius Pitt defeated Davis Storm to retain the EPW Championship.

Impact Pro Wrestling New Zealand, Horncastle Arena, Christchurch, New Zealand, March 12
The Dapper Agents (Kingi and Vinny Dunn) defeated Haku and Liger to win the IPWNZ Tag Team Championship.
Mr Burns defeated Brook Duncan to win the Armageddon Cup

Singapore Pro Wrestling, TDR Payoh, Singapore, March 11
D and G (Dennis H and Gavynn G) defeated Sayn RH and Dr Gore
Arsenal Affi defeated Paksa
Bad Company (P-Nutz and Golem Thai) defeated Greatest Singapore Team (Greg Glorious and Dave Vindictus)
Outer Space defeated Team Singapore
Emi Sakura and Tyra Russamee defeated Riho and Alexis Lee
Power Warrior defeated Hoshitango by count-out
Masa Takanashi defeated The Statement Andruew Tang to win the SPW Southeast Asia Championship.

Gatoh Move, Bluebox Studio, Bangkok, Thailand, March 9
Jizby vs Earth – time limit draw
Bad Company (P-Nutz and Golem Thai) defeated Wayu and EK Baki
Emi Sakura defeated Riho
Masa Takanashi defeated Paksa

(Results courtesy of the promotions’ Facebook pages, Tez Frehley)

Platinum Wrestling Enterprises, Tarneit, Victoria, Australia, March 6
Pre Show: Three Way Dance: Leon Knights (w/Avary) defeated Manny Makris and Codeine
Gabriel Wolfe defeated Platinum Enterprises Tag Team Champion F.O.X(w/JXT) via knockout to retain the King of the Underground title.
Kellyanne defeated Izzy Shaw and Avary (w/Leon Knights) in a handicap match
The Un-Australians (The Enforcer and Cadman Turner w/Benny English) defeated H20 (Damian Rivers and Mitch Waterman)
pAnic (Syd Parker and Benny Factor) defeated Pitbull Craig Cole and Sketch
Platinum Enterprises Tag Team Champion JXT defeated Mohamad Ali Vaez
Platinum Enterprises Heavyweight Championship: Slade Mercer defeated Dowie James (c) via Disqualification

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pooraka, Australia, March 4:
Adam Crowe and Damien Synn won the Battle Royal to become the number 1 contenders to the Friday Night Fights Championship.
Lord Kinkaid defeated Southern Pitbull by Submission.
Jake Viper defeated J.M.C by DQ following interference from AJ Reid.
Michael Weaver and Korey Kaiser defeated Big Daddy Jack and the Gentleman Jonnathon Corvidae.
Adam Crowe defeated King John E Radic.
Bryan Lawson and Acid Haze – draw which resulted in the Friday Night Fights Title being declared vacant.

Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance, Beckenham Community Centre, Perth, WA, Australia, March 5:
Del Cano defeated Hayden Zenith
Dan Steel (w/Crazy Train and The Wraith) def. The Warship (w/Liam Mendel) via DQ
Taylor King defeated Felix Young
“The Don” Michael Morleone (w/Hayden Zenith) defeated “Big Dog” John Dozer in a Tables Match to retain the SHWA Championship. Dozer had put the Don through the table but due to distraction from a masked man (who turned out to be Lukey Bolland) and Zenith, Referee Kyle saw Dozer laying in the table debris.
Crystal V, Michelle K. Hasluck and Roxy Ryot defeated B.A.E (Byron McKenzie and Jagger Stevens) and Elliot Forbes (w/David Nero)
The Anything Goes match between Jarrad Slate and Liam Mendel was declared a draw after neither man could answer Referee Kyle following stereo Das Boots.

Lethal City Wrestling, Logan City Tavern, Logan City, Australia, March 5:
Poison won the 14-man urban chaos match, last eliminating Kyote
Sofia Morales defeated Morta
The Millers defeated The Greek Mob and Jackaroo and Frankie Jay to retain the LCW Tag Team Championship
Alic Crobane defeated Rain
Daniel Payne defeated Aris Legendas
5 Star Flash defeated Jake Nova
Kyote defeated Poison to win the LCW and UPW Championships

Championship Wrestling Australia, Canley Vale, Sydney, Australia, March 6:
Kasai (with Sensei) defeated Samoan Cyclops
Jax Jordan and Jarrod Idol (with Erika Reed) defeated Keegan and Cesar
Flame defeated Niki Nitro
Chris Abbott and Josh Gatt defeated The Gentleman’s Club (J.D Wilson and Tristan Lewis (with Gentleman Jack) to retain the CWA Tag Team Championships
Randal defeated Mikey Lord (with Tarlee) to become the new CWA Heavyweight Champion, following interference from Alex Titan.

Australian Wrestling Alliance, New Globe Theatre, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, March 5:
Rufio vacated the AWA Championship due to injury
Alex Shepard and Matty T defeated Turbo Wolf and Lucas Gold
Johnny Lukas defeated Mega Cyclone
Super Chico defeated Josh Shooter
AJ Istria defeated Jade Diamond
Rip Rielly w//Flashman defeated Kelso Kahoniz to become the new #YOLO Champion

Night Cap Wrestling Federation, Rosebud, Victoria, Australia, March 5:
Skip Sampson defeated Prince Elias
Mad Dog McCrea defeated Zak Douglas
Vixsin defeated Izzy Shaw
Andy Gold defeated Tass Alexander
Dallas Sommers defeated Paul Thornton
CJ Redfield defeated Marcus James
El Tecniko defeated Joey Eclipse to win the NCWF Southern Star Championship
Taylor Swift (Ritchie Taylor and Cody Swift) defeated Kabukimono Project (Tyler Frost and Alistair), and Relentless Youth (Leon Knights and Codeine) to become the Inaugural NCWF Tag Team Champions!

Impact Pro Wrestling Australia, William Duncan State School, Nerang, Australia, March 5:
RIP defeated Zac Stone
Willow and Benny Lava defeated Xander Sullivan and The Wolfman in a #1 contenders match
The UnAustralians defeated Frost and The Aussie Battler to retain the IPW Tag Team Championship.
BJ Blade defeated Ashe via count out.
Skhorn defeated Chris “CJ” Johnson via pinfall.
Luxford defeated The Eliminator via pinfall to become the New number one contender for the IPW Heavyweight Championship.
Rob Daniels defeated Reaper to unify the IPW Southpacific Championship with his IPW Cruiserweight Championship.

Riot City Wrestling, Latvian Hall, Hindmarsh, SA, Australia, March 5:
Jett Armstrong defeated Bulldog
Nick Armstrong defeated Mick Moretti
Savannah Summers defeated Aria Gracie, but was attacked by the A-List
#‎Bestos‬ defeated Dean Brady and James Kray
Zak Sabbath defeated Brad Smyth, Green SMASH and Marvel
Big Brodie Marshall defeated Cadie Tre
Jett Armstrong defeated Nick Armstrong to win the Strength Cup.

Impact Pro Wrestling New Zealand,  Armageddon Expo, Manukau, New Zealand, March 5:
Haku and Liger defeated Kingi and Vinny Dunn to win the IPWNZ Tag Team Championship.

Philippine Wrestling Revolution, Tanduay Covered Court, Legarda St, Manila, Philippines, March 5:
Rederick Mahaba defeated Chino Guinto of The Network via DQ
Beer Promdi (Kanto Terror and Mark D. Manalo) defeated Los Trabajadores
SANDATA defeated The Apocalypse
The Royal Flush (PWR Champion Classical Bryan Leo and Main Maxx) defeated Jake De Leon and Ralph Imabayashi
Bombay Suarez defeated Ken Warren and Chris Panzer in a 3-Way Match to become the new Philippine Hybrid X (PHX) Champion

(Thanks to Tez Frehley and the various promotions’ Facebook pages for the results)

World Underground Wrestling, Weberknecht, Vienna, Austria, March 6
Team Mexico (Hot Bandita and El Santo Macho) defeated Team Austria (Chabela and Humungus) in a 2 out of 3 falls match
Richi Zanoni defeated S and V Austrian champion Mirko by DQ

Belgian Wrestling School/Belgian Catch Wrestling Federation, Sporthal Torhout, Belgium, March 5
AjLicious defeated GDC
Sheikh Kamel defeated Big Joe
‘The Space Chicken’ (Zad and Daz) defeated TDW and Colin Williams
BWS Champion Blake Andersen defeated BWS Tag Team Champion Eddie Dark.
Légion defeated Corentin
Emily Sauvage defeated Kay Williams
Matt Scorpion defeated Achilles
‘Extreme’ Fury and Black Cobra defeated Caïman Colorado Jr. and Master Kong.

APC Catch, Studio Jenny, Nanterre, France, March 6
Tournoi Guerre Des Gangs 2016 Semifinals:
Africa Bomaye (A-Buck and Christianium Le Surrealiste) defeated Psycho Voyance (Eddie Rolande and Rick Salem)
White Wings (L’Aigle Blanc and Stan Corey) defeated La Mafia Francaise (Dick Riviere and El Matador)
Morgane Leigh defeated Eva Summers
Tournoi Guerre Des Gangs 2016 Final: Africa Bomaye (A-Buck and Christianium Le Surrealiste) defeated White Wings (L’Aigle Blanc and Stan Corey) to win the tournament
APC Title #1 Contendership Four Way Elimination Match: Fabio Costantino defeated Daniel van Kuijk, Jimmy Gavroche and Joey Fields
Kenzo Richards defeated Hellmer Lo Guennec to win the APC Championship

Westside Xtreme Wrestling, LKA Longhorn, Stuttgart, Germany, March 4
Big Daddy Walter defeated Kim Ray
The Rotation defeated David Starr and Tyler Bate in a three-way
Road To 16 Carat Gold League 2016 Block A Match: Kevin Roadster defeated Marius Al-Ani
Jurn Simmons and Karsten Beck defeated Champions Of Champions (Absolute Andy and Bad Bones John Klinger)
Toni Storm defeated Melanie Gray
Road To 16 Carat Gold League 2016 Block B Match: Bobby Gunns vs. Timothy Thatcher – Time Limit Draw
Non Title Match: Hot And Spicy (Axel Dieter Jr. and Da Mack) defeated Cerberus (Ilja Dragunov and Julian Nero)

Night Two: Backstage Arena, Munich, Germany, March 5:
Road To 16 Carat Gold League 2016 Block B Match: Timothy Thatcher defeated Toby Blunt by DQ
Jurn Simmons and Karsten Beck defeated Absolute Andy and Marius Al-Ani
The Rotation defeated Bobby Gunns
Kim Ray defeated Big Daddy Walter by DQ
Road To 16 Carat Gold League 2016 Block A Match: Tyler Bate defeated David Starr
Bad Bones John Klinger and Toni Storm defeated Kevin Roadster and Melanie Gray
Road To 16 Carat Gold League 2016 Final Match: Timothy Thatcher defeated Tyler Bate
Cerberus (Ilja Dragunov and Julian Nero) defeated Hot And Spicy (Axel Dieter Jr. and Da Mack)

Night Three: Südwerk Arena, Karlsruhe, Germany, March 6:
Da Mack defeated David Starr
Bobby Gunns defeated Aaron Insane
Sasa Keel defeated The Rotation to retain the wXw Shotgun Championship
Big Daddy Walter defeated Kim Ray in a street fight
Toni Storm and Tyler Bate defeated Kevin Roadster and Melanie Gray
Axel Dieter Jr. defeated Marius Al-Ani
Champions Of Champions (Absolute Andy and John Klinger) defeated Jurn Simmons and Karsten Beck

New European Championship Wrestling, NEW Hotspot, Hessdorf, Bayern, Germany, March 5:
Dark Match: Adrian defeated Georg
Three Way Tag Team Elimination Match: Georg Gwärch and Tommy Blue Eyes defeated Team Turbulence (Tommy Tornado and Tommy Torpedo) and Los Luchadores (El Cruiso and El Falko)
Cash Crash defeated Maveric Cross
Mexx defeated Demolition Davies
Juvenile X defeated Lion De Bourg to retain the GWP World Heavyweight Championship
KickOut (Fast Time Moodo and Mr. Exotic Erotic) defeated Aziz Adamant and Marc Empire
Rik Stalwart (w/Big Steve) defeated SigMasta Rappo
T-K-O defeated Gianni Leone to retain the NEW World Heavyweight Championship

Pro Wrestling Fighters, Stadthalle Neumunster, Neumünster, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, March 5:
Steinbolt (w/Chaos and Masterpiece Marsellus) defeated Scotty Saxon
PWF North-European Tag Team Title Tournament First Round Match: The Young Lions (Hakan Aslan and Tarkan Aslan) defeated Hell Block (Nico Block and Nik Hellström)
Apu Singh defeated Michael Schenkenberg in a no DQ match to retain the IPW Heavyweight Championship
Dr. Alan Verde defeated Ronaldo
PWF North-European Tag Team Title Tournament First Round Match: Die Meisterklasse (Chaos and Masterpiece Marsellus) defeated Andre Trucker and Pete Bouncer
Leon van Gasteren defeated PWF North-European Champion Valentine by DQ

German Wrestling Federation, Berlin, March 5:
Viktor Maximov defeated Fabius Titus
Chaos Und Körperverletzung (Cem Kaplan and Koray) (w/Ali Aslan) defeated Purple Star Circus (Slim Jim and Slinky) to retain the GWF Tag Team Championship
Orlando Silver defeated Gefreiter Richter and Gefreiter Weber in a three-way to retain the GWF Berlin Championship
Non Title Match: Crazy Sexy Mike defeats Ivan Kiev
GWF Loserweight Title Match: Pascal Spalter defeated Vincenzo Coccotti (c)
Icarus defeated Chris Colen
Blue Nikita and Wesna defeated Jamie Hayter and Pollyanna to retain Chaos City Tag Team Championship
Vicious Impact Power defeated Cash Money Erkan by DQ

RWA, Fiumicino, Italy, March 6
Qualifying match: Jean Jacque Zazà w/Jean Pierre Pepè defeated Felix in a moustache v hair match
Quarterfinals: Jail defeated J.J Zazà
Red Scorpion defeated Willy G
Mr. Mastodont defeated Rocky Laurita to win the RWA Title and PWE Southern Title
Dave Blasco defeated Leon
JT9 and Nico Narciso defeated King Danza and Black Ice
Semifinals: Red Scorpion defeated Jail
Mister Mastodont defeated Dave Blasco and JT9
Final: Red Scorpion vs Mr. Mastodont ended in a no contest
Willy G won a battle royal to win the vacant RWA Championship

Riot Wrestling, Ateneu del Clot, Barcelona, Spain, March 5
Jahre defeated JB
Pacheco defeated Mandril Escobar and Ricky Barceló in a three-way
Bad Boy defeated Fuego Rudo in a 2 out of 3 falls match
Folo defeated Adriano Genovese in a tables match
RIOT Resist Title / RIOT Rise Title Three Way Match: Santiago Sangriento (c) [Resist] defeated Jorge Carranza and La Pulga (c) [Riot] to win both titles

(Results courtesy of Cagematch, Zona Wrestle and the various promotions’ Facebook pages)