Platinum Wrestling Enterprises, Tarneit, Victoria, Australia, March 6
Pre Show: Three Way Dance: Leon Knights (w/Avary) defeated Manny Makris and Codeine
Gabriel Wolfe defeated Platinum Enterprises Tag Team Champion F.O.X(w/JXT) via knockout to retain the King of the Underground title.
Kellyanne defeated Izzy Shaw and Avary (w/Leon Knights) in a handicap match
The Un-Australians (The Enforcer and Cadman Turner w/Benny English) defeated H20 (Damian Rivers and Mitch Waterman)
pAnic (Syd Parker and Benny Factor) defeated Pitbull Craig Cole and Sketch
Platinum Enterprises Tag Team Champion JXT defeated Mohamad Ali Vaez
Platinum Enterprises Heavyweight Championship: Slade Mercer defeated Dowie James (c) via Disqualification

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pooraka, Australia, March 4:
Adam Crowe and Damien Synn won the Battle Royal to become the number 1 contenders to the Friday Night Fights Championship.
Lord Kinkaid defeated Southern Pitbull by Submission.
Jake Viper defeated J.M.C by DQ following interference from AJ Reid.
Michael Weaver and Korey Kaiser defeated Big Daddy Jack and the Gentleman Jonnathon Corvidae.
Adam Crowe defeated King John E Radic.
Bryan Lawson and Acid Haze – draw which resulted in the Friday Night Fights Title being declared vacant.

Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance, Beckenham Community Centre, Perth, WA, Australia, March 5:
Del Cano defeated Hayden Zenith
Dan Steel (w/Crazy Train and The Wraith) def. The Warship (w/Liam Mendel) via DQ
Taylor King defeated Felix Young
“The Don” Michael Morleone (w/Hayden Zenith) defeated “Big Dog” John Dozer in a Tables Match to retain the SHWA Championship. Dozer had put the Don through the table but due to distraction from a masked man (who turned out to be Lukey Bolland) and Zenith, Referee Kyle saw Dozer laying in the table debris.
Crystal V, Michelle K. Hasluck and Roxy Ryot defeated B.A.E (Byron McKenzie and Jagger Stevens) and Elliot Forbes (w/David Nero)
The Anything Goes match between Jarrad Slate and Liam Mendel was declared a draw after neither man could answer Referee Kyle following stereo Das Boots.

Lethal City Wrestling, Logan City Tavern, Logan City, Australia, March 5:
Poison won the 14-man urban chaos match, last eliminating Kyote
Sofia Morales defeated Morta
The Millers defeated The Greek Mob and Jackaroo and Frankie Jay to retain the LCW Tag Team Championship
Alic Crobane defeated Rain
Daniel Payne defeated Aris Legendas
5 Star Flash defeated Jake Nova
Kyote defeated Poison to win the LCW and UPW Championships

Championship Wrestling Australia, Canley Vale, Sydney, Australia, March 6:
Kasai (with Sensei) defeated Samoan Cyclops
Jax Jordan and Jarrod Idol (with Erika Reed) defeated Keegan and Cesar
Flame defeated Niki Nitro
Chris Abbott and Josh Gatt defeated The Gentleman’s Club (J.D Wilson and Tristan Lewis (with Gentleman Jack) to retain the CWA Tag Team Championships
Randal defeated Mikey Lord (with Tarlee) to become the new CWA Heavyweight Champion, following interference from Alex Titan.

Australian Wrestling Alliance, New Globe Theatre, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, March 5:
Rufio vacated the AWA Championship due to injury
Alex Shepard and Matty T defeated Turbo Wolf and Lucas Gold
Johnny Lukas defeated Mega Cyclone
Super Chico defeated Josh Shooter
AJ Istria defeated Jade Diamond
Rip Rielly w//Flashman defeated Kelso Kahoniz to become the new #YOLO Champion

Night Cap Wrestling Federation, Rosebud, Victoria, Australia, March 5:
Skip Sampson defeated Prince Elias
Mad Dog McCrea defeated Zak Douglas
Vixsin defeated Izzy Shaw
Andy Gold defeated Tass Alexander
Dallas Sommers defeated Paul Thornton
CJ Redfield defeated Marcus James
El Tecniko defeated Joey Eclipse to win the NCWF Southern Star Championship
Taylor Swift (Ritchie Taylor and Cody Swift) defeated Kabukimono Project (Tyler Frost and Alistair), and Relentless Youth (Leon Knights and Codeine) to become the Inaugural NCWF Tag Team Champions!

Impact Pro Wrestling Australia, William Duncan State School, Nerang, Australia, March 5:
RIP defeated Zac Stone
Willow and Benny Lava defeated Xander Sullivan and The Wolfman in a #1 contenders match
The UnAustralians defeated Frost and The Aussie Battler to retain the IPW Tag Team Championship.
BJ Blade defeated Ashe via count out.
Skhorn defeated Chris “CJ” Johnson via pinfall.
Luxford defeated The Eliminator via pinfall to become the New number one contender for the IPW Heavyweight Championship.
Rob Daniels defeated Reaper to unify the IPW Southpacific Championship with his IPW Cruiserweight Championship.

Riot City Wrestling, Latvian Hall, Hindmarsh, SA, Australia, March 5:
Jett Armstrong defeated Bulldog
Nick Armstrong defeated Mick Moretti
Savannah Summers defeated Aria Gracie, but was attacked by the A-List
#‎Bestos‬ defeated Dean Brady and James Kray
Zak Sabbath defeated Brad Smyth, Green SMASH and Marvel
Big Brodie Marshall defeated Cadie Tre
Jett Armstrong defeated Nick Armstrong to win the Strength Cup.

Impact Pro Wrestling New Zealand,  Armageddon Expo, Manukau, New Zealand, March 5:
Haku and Liger defeated Kingi and Vinny Dunn to win the IPWNZ Tag Team Championship.

Philippine Wrestling Revolution, Tanduay Covered Court, Legarda St, Manila, Philippines, March 5:
Rederick Mahaba defeated Chino Guinto of The Network via DQ
Beer Promdi (Kanto Terror and Mark D. Manalo) defeated Los Trabajadores
SANDATA defeated The Apocalypse
The Royal Flush (PWR Champion Classical Bryan Leo and Main Maxx) defeated Jake De Leon and Ralph Imabayashi
Bombay Suarez defeated Ken Warren and Chris Panzer in a 3-Way Match to become the new Philippine Hybrid X (PHX) Champion

(Thanks to Tez Frehley and the various promotions’ Facebook pages for the results)


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