Pro Wrestling Allstars, Brasserie De Schorre, Boom, Belgium, March 12
Tengkwa defeated Fabulous Nicky
Cyborg (w/Nina) defeated Joel Vox by DQ
Spike Bones defeated Jimmy Lightning (w/Jessie Jones)
Rami Romeo defeated Dragan
Ymah and Young Money Chong (w/Coach Montanus) defeated Christian Ace and Nate Devlin
Raw Rage (Rex Rage and Rob Raw) defeated Danny Sparks and Mikey Blaze to retain the PWA Tag Team Championship
Steve Venom (w/Cindy) defeated Jeff McCready (w/Jessie Jones)
Audrey Bride and Kazza G defeated Fabulous Nicky and Nitro
Johnny Evers defeated Gabriel Angelfyre to retain both the PWA European Allstar and PWA Daredevil titles

Westside Xtreme Wrestling, wXw Wrestling Academy, Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, March 10
Timothy Thatcher vs Tyler Bate – Time Limit Draw
Toni Storm defeated Melanie Gray
Kim Ray defeated Mike Bailey
Big Daddy Walter defeated Kevin Roadster
Zack Sabre Jr. defeated David Starr
Big Daddy Walter and Timothy Thatcher defeated Mike Bailey and Tyler Bate

Night Two: Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, March 11:
David Starr defeated Aaron Insane, Mike Schwarz and Tyler Bate
Toni Storm defeated Leva Bates
16 Carat Gold Tournament 2016 First Round Matches:
Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Big Daddy Walter
Timothy Thatcher defeated Sasa Keel
Ilja Dragunov (w/Adam Polak) defeated Mike Bailey
Will Ospreay defeated Shane Strickland
Angelico defeated Trevor Lee
Drew Galloway defeated Silas Young
Sami Callihan defeated Kim Ray (w/Ivanov)
Axel Dieter Jr. defeated Marty Scurll

Day Three: Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, March 12:
Afternoon Show:
AMBITION 7 Tournament First Round Match
Sasa Keel defeated David Starr by KO
Timothy Thatcher defeated Big Daddy Walter
Axel Dieter Jr. defeated Mike Bailey
Bobby Gunns defeated Zack Sabre Jr.
AMBITION 7 Tournament Semifinal Matches:
Sasa Keel defeated Timothy Thatcher
Bobby Gunns defeated Axel Dieter Jr.
Superfight Match: Dominic Brackner defeated Rico Bushido
AMBITION 7 Tournament Final:
Sasa Keel defeated Bobby Gunns to win the tournament

Evening Show:
Tyler Bate defeated Silas Young
David Starr and Shane Strickland defeated Big Daddy Walter and Da Mack
Marty Scurll defeated Angelico, Mike Bailey and Trevor Lee
Melanie Gray defeated Toni Storm
16 Carat Gold Tournament 2016 Quarterfinal Matches:
Axel Dieter Jr. defeated Ilja Dragunov
Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Will Ospreay
Sami Callihan defeated Timothy Thatcher
Jurn Simmons defeated Absolute Andy, John Klinger and Karsten Beck to win the wXw Unified World Wrestling Title

Night Four:
16 Carat Gold Tournament 2016 Quarterfinal Match:
Drew Galloway defeated Angelico
16 Carat Gold Tournament 2016 Semifinal Matches:
Axel Dieter Jr. defeated Drew Galloway
Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Sami Callihan
Six Man Tag Team Match: Die Schilds (Bobby Gunns and Vincent The Beast) and Silas Young defeated Big Daddy Walter, Mike Schwarz and Timothy Thatcher
Mixed Tag Team Match: Aaron Insane and Toni Storm defeated Kevin Roadster and Melanie Gray
Cerberus (Ilja Dragunov and Julian Nero) (w/Adam Polak) defeated David Starr and Shane Strickland to retain the wXw World Tag Team Championship
wXw Shotgun Title #1 Contendership Three Way Match: Da Mack defeated Emil Sitoci and Kim Ray
Jurn Simmons (w/Marius van Beethoven and Melanie Gray) defeated Tyler Bate to retain the wXw Unified World Wrestling Title
Marty Scurll and Trevor Lee defeated Mike Bailey and Will Ospreay
16 Carat Gold Tournament 2016 Final Match: Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Axel Dieter Jr. to win the tournament

European Wrestling Promotion, Hangar No. 5, Hanover, Germany, March 12:
Chris Colen defeated Johnny Rancid
Ecki Eckstein defeated Markus Antonius
Leon van Gasteren defeated Robbie Dynamite by DQ in a non-title match
Heimo Ukonselkä and Val Verde defeated Marius Al-Ani and Michael Schenkenberg
Hernandez defeated Cannonball Grizzly to win the EWP World Heavyweight Championship

Championship of Wrestling, Jahnturnhalle Birkenfeld, Germany:
Jake McGlusky defeated The Bruce Sterling
Hakeem Waqur defeated Bernd Föhr
Orlando Silver and Jester defeated Jaxx and Gefreiter Weber
Murat Kaan defeated Izzy Gallegos
Dean Jazzman and the Brotherhood of Disorderd Souls defeated Medi, Bruder Chaos and Rick Taylor
Crazy Sexy Mike defeated Ivan Kiev
Farmer Joe defeated Doug Williams to retain the CoW Interstate Championship
Murat Bosporus defeated Farmer Joe to win the CoW Interstate Championship

Fight Factory Pro Wrestling, Night One: Clara, Ireland, March 12
LJ Cleary defeated Lee Flynn, Sammy D and Curtis Murray in a fatal four-way to win the FFPW Irish Junior Heavyweight Championship

Night Two, Wicklow Town, Ireland, March 13:
Tye Dye Express defeated Soldiers of Fortune to win the FFPW Irish Tag Team Championship

Italian Championship Wrestling, Cartoomics, Fiera Milano, Rho, Mailand, Italy, March 11-13
Day One:
Psycho Mike defeated Gargoyle
Gabriel Bach defeated Simon Silas
Jake L’Aviatore, Manuel Majoli and Ricky Rastelli defeated Coach Lillo, Mr. Excellent and Street Dog
Alessandro Corleone defeated Geminy to retain the ICW Interregional Title
Psycho Mike defeated Ricky Rastelli
Gargoyle and Max Peach defeated Coach Lillo and Street Dog
Tony Callaghan defeated Danny Price
Manuel Majoli defeated Riot
Alessandro Corleone defeated Jari Syberia to retain the ICW Interregional Championship
Charlie Kid defeated Simon Silas to retain the ICW Italian Title
Max Peach defeated Magic Degan
Queen Maya defeated Irene to retain the ICW Women’s Championship
The Urban Guerrilla (Riot and Tony Callaghan) defeated Mr. Excellent and Psycho Mike

Day Two:
Mark Fit defeats Killer Mask
Cheyenne and Queen Maya defeated Irene and Jokey to win the vacant ICW Women’s Tag Team Championship.
Taurus defeated Miroslav Mijatovich
Alessandro Corleone defeated Red Devil to retain the ICW Interregional Championship
Goran Il Barbaro defeated Incubo
The Latin Lovers (Bon Giovanni and Rafael) defeated The Urban Guerrilla (Riot and Tony Callaghan) to retain the ICW Italian Tag Team Championship
Taurus defeated Demolisco
Charlie Kid defeated Kevin Lee Davidson in a no holds barred match to retain the ICW Italian Championship
Hydra and Sabor defeated Mr. Excellent and Psycho Mike
Ghostbuster #1 (Belthazar) defeated Jester
ICW Cruiserweight Cartoomics Cup Gauntlet Match: Simon Silas defeated Costantino, Danny Price, Doblone, Il Corvo Bianco, Jet, Leon, Luke Strike, Magic Degan, Mark Fit, Max Peach, Miroslav Mijatovich and Picchio Rosso
Tenacious Dalla defeated Manuel Majoli to retain the ICW Italian Lightweight Championship
The Prodigy Boys (Akira and Gravity) defeated Marcio Silva and Street Dog
Kevin Lee Davidson defeated Nick Lenders to retain the WIA Heavyweight Championship
Fabio Ferrari defeated Geminy

Day Three:
Alessandro Corleone defeated Gravity
Jester defeated Manuel Majoli
Irene and Killer Mask defeated Cheyenne and Street Dog
Tenacious Dalla defeated Simon Silas to retain the ICW Italian Lightweight Title
Queen Maya defeated Jokey to retain the ICW Women’s Title
Costantino and Fabio Ferrari defeated The Prodigy Boys (Akira and Gravity)
Alex Flash defeated Max Peach
Red Scorpion defeated Alessandro Corleone to win the ICW Interregional Championship
Tempesta defeated Jester
Nick Lenders defeated Max Rotten
Dinamite Jo and JT9 defeated Doblone and Nico Narciso
Bon Giovanni defeated Sabor
Andy Manero defeated Lio Kong
The Urban Guerrilla (Riot and Tony Callaghan) defeated Mark Fit and Mr. Excellent
Incubo defeated Geminy
Leon defeated Obo
Manuel Majoli defeated Psycho Mike

Maniac Zone Wrestling, Głuchołazy, Poland, March 12
Shadow defeated Asmund
Jędruś Bułecka defeated Kripto
Justin Joy defeated Red Thunder in a lumberjack match to retain the MZW Championship

Northern Storm Wrestling, Lesnoy Propspekt, St Petersburg, Russia, March 12
Warrior defeated Former Experiment
Konstantin LaPatka defeated Ivan Mornas
Shaman defeated Ronnie Crimson, Freddy Machete and Max Rustamova in a fourway
Di Grandi vs Ivana Markova Lokomotiv – no contest
Frost defeated The Grizzlies
Ruslan “Akela” Angels defeated Alex Anderson
Yegor Sokolov defeated Sergey White to retain the NSW Championship

Triple W (White Wolf Wrestling) and Level One Wrestling, La Tabacalera, Madrid, Spain, March 12
Black Avalon defeated Rob Roy and Sergio Fernandez
Dark Lina defeated Tracy Love
Silver Cage defeated Nicky
Alexander vs Elías and Pelayo – no contest
Elvis Harrison and Orión defeated Lethal Tackle 2.0 (Caretaker and Alphastiles) to retain the WWW Tag Team Championship

(Results courtesy of Cagematch and the various promotions’ Facebook pages and Northern Storm Wrestling’s website)


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