Fighters Revenge Pro Wrestling, Pessac, France, March 26
Ben Thundersky defeated Zaeken
Ragnar Rök defeated Sonny Kelizago
Casey defeated Tyrann Saulc
Gamma defeated Amazio
#1 contenders match: Loba vs Carolyne Sunshine – no contest
Ben Thundersky defeated Ragnar Rok, Casey and Gamma to win the FRPW Contest Trophy 2016

Over the Top Wrestling, Tivoli Theatre, Dublin, Ireland, March 26
Jordan Devlin defeated Dunkan Disorderly by DQ
Jinny defeated Martina
The Wards (Paddy Ward and Rocky Mac) defeated Charlie Garrett and T-Bone by DQ
The Gymnasties (B. Cool and Sammy D) (w/Justin Shape) defeated The Lads From The Flats (Martin and Workie)
Mr. Anderson (w/Gerry Humperdink) defeated Paul Tracey (w/William J. Humperdink)
Luther Ward defeated Pete Dunne to win the OTT No Limits Championship

Power Wrestling Entertainment, Discoteca Blue Moon, Genoa, Italy, March 26
Red Scorpion defeated Icarus
JT9 defeated Horus L’Assoluto to win the vacant PWE National Title </strong
Roman Dynasty (Dave Blasco and Willy G) defeated Alex Gory and Playboy Paul to win the PWE Tag Team Championship
Kenzo Richards defeated Red Devil to retain the PWE World Title
Rumble Match: Bako defeated Alex Gory, Big Marcus, Blindo, Brian Davis, G King, Horus L’Assoluto, Icarus, JT9, Leon, Neo and William Miller

Pro Wrestling Malta, Iz-Zurrieq, Malta, March 26
Giuseppe defeated Nathan Youngblood
Gianni De La Valette defeated Connor ‘The Ox’ Matthews
Francesco Messina defeated Glamorous Roddy
La Lucha (Ximenes and Maschera Negra) defeated La Famiglia (Giuseppe and Francesco Messina).

Swiss Wrestling Entertainment, Sternensaal Bümpliz, Schönbühl, Bern, Switzerland, March 26
Nacho Libre (Pancho and Sancho) defeated Diablo and Syndrome
Chris Colen defeated Gianni Leone
Patrick Schulz and Peter White defeated Crazy Sexy Mike and Pascal Spalter to retain the SWE Tag Team Championship
Maik Tuga defeated Muslim Sultanov
Bad Bones John Klinger defeated Drake Destroyer in a Texas bullrope match to retain the SWE King of Switzerland Title
Laura Wellings defeated Melanie Gray to win the vacant SWE Ladies Title
Marius Al-Ani defeated Michael Kovac and Murat Bosporus to retain the SWE Title

(Results courtesy of Cagematch, Pro Wrestling Malta and Fighters Revenge Pro Wrestling)


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