Explosive Pro Wrestling, The Game Sports Bar. Northbridge, WA, Australia, April 1
Twitch defeated The Warship
The Solution (Amity Row and Liam Mendel) defeated Blair Brady and Tyler Jacobs
Bobby Marshall slammed Mike Massive to win Massive’s Bodyslam Challenge after two crowd members failed to do so.
EPW Champion Marcius Pitt defeated AZ Vegara (w/Amity Row) in a non-title match
The Heartbreak Chick, Hulk Morgan, Indya and ”Macho Man” Jarrad Savage defeated Iron MiShiek, ”Million Dollar Man” Jordan DiBiase, Nikolai Forboff and Tayzor Ramon in the Mania Tag Match
Logan Grey defeated Dan Steel
Bodhi McKenzie defeated David Nero
Alex ”AK-47” Kingston, ”Smashing Machine” Chris Vice and Hughesy defeated Generation Zero (Hayden Zenith, Michael Morleone and Scotty Ryan).

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pookara, Australia, April 1 and 3:
Night One
Big Daddy Jack and DT Carter defeated AJ Reid and Korey Kaiser.
Gentleman Jonathan Corvidae defeated The Mann Dozer following interference by Joey Triton.
J.M.C defeated Joey Triton.
Izzy Shaw and Matt Hayter defeated ‘Nightmare’ Eddie Draven and Dirty Dingo Richards.
Jake Viper defeated Jack ‘Hammer’ Smiles by D.Q but title did not change hands.
LJ Onyx and Matt Hayter defeated King John E Radic and Lord Kinkaid.
Adam Crowe defeated Bryan Lawson in the Last Man Standing Match

Night Two:
L.J Onyx defeated Bryan Lawson.
Mann Dozer defeated Krunchy The Clown by submission.
DT Carter, Adam Crowe and Acid Haze defeated Dirty Dingo Richards, Brett Sanders and Gentleman Jonathan Corvidae.
Lord Kinkaid defeated Southern Pitbull.
King John E Radic defeated Jack Mayhem.
A.J Reid defeated ‘Nightmare’ Eddie Draven by Disqualification.
Izzy Shaw defeated King John ‘Chicken’ Radic.
Big Daddy Jack defeated Korey Kaiser to retain the Snakepit Sunday Slam Championship.

All Action Wrestling, Warnbro Y Recreation Centre,Warnbro, WA, Australia, April 2:
TJ Max defeated Chris Target (3-2) in a falls count anywhere iron man match to become the NEW AAW Champion
The Shark defeated James Grace to retain the NWA Australian Championship. The Foundation have now dissolved and can longer associate with each other in the ring.
Dustin Dice and Percy defeated D.E.A
Craven defeated JC Blade in a house of horrors match
“The Maniac” Wayne Mattei defeated Marshall Davids
Killah defeated “The Philippine Dream” Julio
Cody Wilson defeated Leon Tully and Callum Collins

Platinum Wrestling Enterprises, Italian Sports Club, Werribee, Victoria, Australia, April 2:
Pre Show: Man United (Vance Adams and Campbell Crawford) defeated Leon Knights and Prince Elias
Gabriel Wolfe defeated Cody Swift (w/Avary) to retain the PWE King of the Underground Championship.
Vixsin defeated Mortar to retain the Warzone Women’s Title.
Tass Alexander and Pitbull Craig Cole defeated The Un-Australians (Mohamad Ali Vaez and Cadman Turner w/Benny English)
Josh Shooter defeated Adam Brooks to become #1 Contender for the Platinum Enterprises Heavyweight Championship!
EGO (JXT & F.O.X w/Hawko) defeated pAnic (Syd Parker and Benny Factor) to retain the PWE Tag Team titles.
Slade Mercer defeated Dowie James in a street fight to win the Platinum Enterprises Heavyweight Championship

Australian Wrestling Alliance, New Globe Theatre, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, April 2:
AJ Istria defeated Nick Visic w/johnny Lukas
Johnny Lukas defeated Hugh Manatee w/Catherine Mynx
Tim Kade defeated Zero
Reibell w/Flashman defeated Sophia Moralez
Rip Rielly w/Flashman defeated “Showtime” Jake Nova to retain the AWA #YOLO Championship
Tim Kade defeated Johnny Lukas and AJ Istria to become the new AWA Champion

Aftershock Pro Wrestling, Papanui High School, New Zealand, April 2:

Hu$tla defeated Reece Breeg
Murdoch Brothers defeated El Falcone and Shadow Ninja
IPW Women’s Champion Britenay defeated Meghan Kate
Simon Seven (w/Southern Wrecking Crew) defeated Forbes Bentley
Roddy Gunn defeated James Shaw to win the IPW Heavyweight Championship
Jax Kasey won the 2016 Stampede

(Thanks to Tez Frehley, Australian Victoria Wrestling and the various promotions’ Facebook pages and websites)


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