Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pooraka, South Australia, April 15 and 17
Night One:
Adam Crowe and Acid Haze defeated Lord Kinkaid and Matt Hayter in a #1 contenders match
Bryan Lawson defeated LJ Onyx.
Towers of Doom (Colossus and ‘The Nightmare’ Eddie Draven) defeated The Young Guns (J.M.C and AJ Reid) to retain the Snakepit Tag Team Championships.
Bryan Lawson won the Battle Royal to become the nunber 1 contender to the Friday Night Fights Championship.
Jack ‘Hammer’ Smiles defeated Bryan Lawson to retain the Friday Night Fights Championship.
King John E Radic defeated Wam Bam Bellows by DQ to retain the Snakepit Heavyweight Championship

Night Two:
Brett Sanders, ‘Nightmare’ Eddie Draven and Bryan Lawson defeated Adam Crowe and LJ Onyx.
Joey Triton defeated Tex.
Big Daddy Jack defeated D.T Carter to retain the Sunday Slam Championship.
Aj Reid and William Stars defeated The Skelethugs.
Charles Jordan and Izzy Shaw defeated Krunchy The Clown and Gentleman Jonathan Corvidae.
King John E Radic defeated Korey Kaiser.

Explosive Pro Wrestling, Cyril Jackson Recreation Centre, Bassendean, WA, Australia, April 16:
Dan Steel, ”Shotgun” Tyler Jacobs and Twitch defeated The Solution (AZ Vegara, Liam Mendel and The Warship w/Amity Row)
Mr. Juicy defeated ”The Don” Michael Morleone (w/Hayden Zenith and Scotty Ryan)
Blair Brady vs. Unofficial Women’s Champion Michelle K. Hasluck ended in no contest
”Prince” Elliot Forbes and Michelle K. Hasluck defeated Allyson Cruz and Blair Brady after Forbes pinned Cruz
Taylor King defeated Bodhi McKenzie, Hughesy and Jay Andrews in a 4-Way
”Smashing Machine” Chris Vice defeated Alex ”AK-47” Kingston in the State of Origin Qualifier rematch
”Big Man on Campus” Dean Valente defeated Gavin ”Shootfighter” McGavin (w/Mike Massive)
Marcius Pitt defeated Damian Slater to retain the EPW Championship.

Australasian Wrestling Federation, Ascot Vale, Victoria, Australia, April 16 and 17:
Day One
12pm Show
TNT defeated Syd Parker(w/Dr. Hawko) via Submission.
JXT defeated Gabriel Wolfe via Disqualification
JXT and Dowie James defeated Slade Mercer and Gabriel Wolfe
2pm Show
Three Way Dance: Kai Drake defeated Josh Shooter and Chris Trance
Avary defeated Vixsin
pAnic (Syd Parker and Benny Factor w/Dr. Hawko) defeated Mad Dog McCrea and Shane Saw
4pm Show:
Dowie James defeated Josh Shooter
Mad Dog McCrea and Cody Swift defeated Zak Douglas and Gabriel Wolfe (w/Shane Saw)
Day Two:
12pm Show
Benny Factor defeated Slade Mercer
TNT defeated Josh Shooter
2pm Show
JXT defeated Syd Parker(w/Dr. Hawko)
Slade Mercer and Gabriel Wolfe defeated Chris Trance and Kai Drake
Tass Alexander defeated Benny Factor(w/Dr. Hawko)
4pm Show
JXT defeated Josh Shooter
Zak Douglas and Cody Swift defeated Tome Filip and Mickey Jackson
Kai Drake defeated Chris Trance

Championship Wrestling Australia, Canley Vale, Australia, April 17:
Mehmet defeated Randal by DQ
Erika Reid defeated Flame
Josh Gatt defeated Jarrod Idol
The Misfit defeated Tristan Lewis
Maso, Bee Boy and Johnny Rocket defeated “Insane Punishment” (Dave Payne, Sai and Creeper)
Jackson Spade defeated Abaddon
Tristan Slade defeated Matt Wolf
Niki Nitro defeated Harley Wonderland
Mikey Lord and Mehmet defeated Randal and Alex Titan

Queensland Wrestling Alliance, Townsville Greek Community Centre, Queensland, Australia, April 16:
Seth Tylors defeated Nick Skitz
Estrella Rojo defeated Marcus Adonis
Johnny Maverick vs His Royal Tenis – no contest
Tower of Power defeated Shota Suzuki
Robert Maverick defeated Stitches
Seth Tylors defeated Australian Wolf and Johnny Maverick to win the QWA Championship in a triple threat match

Venom Pro Wrestling, The Showmen’s Guild, Yatala, Australia, April 16:
VPW National Championship: TJ Warrior vs Johnny Hardwood – no contest
AWA Championship: Tim Kade vs Whetu – no contest
VPW Championship: Renefade vs Rip Reilly – no contest
Josh Redfield defeated Tweeble to retain the BCW Championship
B-Lars defeated Jake Nova
Kira Sommers and Catherine Mynx both won the fatal four way match when they made Riebell and Sofia Moralez submit simultaneously
Dallas Sommers defeated Slamming Sam

Nepal Ring Wrestling Association, Kathmandu, Nepal, April 16
Nuwakote Tiger from Nepal won a 14-man tournament defeating Mr Kamikaze from Japan in the final

(Results courtesy of Tez Frehley, Australian Victorian Wrestling and the various Facebook pages)


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