I am a pro wrestling fan and journalist from South Africa. In this country (and many others) the only televised wrestling we get to see are WWE and TNA. But there is a whole world of other organisations and wrestlers out there equally worthy of coverage. This blog aims to give them the platform they deserve.

  1. luke says:

    brook duncan wasnt IPW NZ champ. it was travis banks. get it right

  2. lu dae says:

    HI, I saw your complete title change list …now I am ‘collecting’ active world champions,all NWA champions and all Japanese champions complete list,reply me and i will show my latest ‘researching’

  3. Fifth horseman says:

    I was hoping you’d consider keeping an eye out for my local Indy promotion. https://www.facebook.com/WrestleForce
    I saw your list of upcoming events and thought you might want include these guys.

  4. DCNWA says:

    Do you know of any sites that have a history of World Wrestling Professionals (WWP)? I am trying to put together a title history for all their titles and am having difficulty with the pre-2008 results.

    Thanks and keep up the awesome job.

    • I’ve spoken to WWP owner Mark Beale and he says they are in the process of upgrading their website and Wikipedia entries and all that information should be up as soon as the process is complete.

  5. nategearhart says:

    Hello, my name is Nathan Gearhart, and I represent Kansas City Xtreme Wrestling (“KCXW”). I am writing to you today because I am confident that KCXW merits a place among your featured promotions. We are based in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, now in our second year. Our roster features nationally-recognized talent such as ECW Original “Kingpin” Angel Medina and Ring of Honor veteran “Brutal” Bob Evans, as well as top Midwest draws like Kyle King, Bigg Dogg, “Spider Assassin” Curt Gannon, and “Smooth as Satin” David Cattin. Through our esteemed in-house professional wrestling school, the Xtreme Wrestling Center (“XWC”), we are also developing a group of exciting young talent already making names for themselves throughout the Midwest. Our list of recent graduates includes names you will begin to hear throughout the USA very soon, such as The Marksman, Hollis Giroux, and The Riegel Twins. KCXW presents monthly events in Missouri and Kansas. Any information about KCXW including event tickets and wrestler bios can be found on our website at http://www.KCwrestling.com. The XWC also has a website at http://prowrestling.training/. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions about KCXW. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Nathan W. Gearhart, Chief Writer
    Kansas City Xtreme Wrestling
    Jordan ‘Smiley’ Rogers, President

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