Making his way to the ring… wait what are you called?

For every Randy Orton or John Cena out there, you will find a much weirder name competing. Some of my favourites right now include Habib from the Car Wash, Estonian Thunderfrog, the Mexicutioner, Combat Wombat and Killa Gorilla.
On this page we will look at the most weird and wonderful characters out there in the world of indie wrestling.

In the US, in Freakshow Wrestling, believe it or not you will find a pro-Nazi homosexual character who goes by the ring name of Gaydolf Hitler. I can’t even begin to describe how wrong that is!

In Monster Pro Wrestling in Canada, you will find a wrestler called the Amish Zombie. I haven’t yet found out what his finishing move is, but I’d put my money on a “BRAINS” buster.

In Japan’s Dragon Gate organization, there is a wrestler called Food Co-ordination Dragon. Sounds like an insult you’d shout at your school lunch lady!

There is a tag team competing in Mexico’s IWRG known as Los Tortugas Ninja (The Ninja Turtles). And while they haven’t quite used the names Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Rafael and Donatello – these turtles are called Leo, Mike, Rafy and Teelo.
Cowabunga, dudes

In Australasian Wrestling Federation, there is a competitor called Aussie Osbourne! Coolest wrestling name EVER!

Another entry from Inter Species Wrestling. They have a tag team called Mad Cow Disease. The members are called Moohamed and Moostafa. I wish I was making this up!

In Interspecies Wrestling, there’s a guy who goes by the name of Izzy Deadyet (he even won their championship last year). He’ll be appearing in a fans bring the lego match at their Slamtasia event in October!

wombat (Combat Wombat)


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