(Thanks to Donovan Blignaut for the results)

Kwaito Kid defeated Renegade and Ultimate Nathan in a triple threat match.
Kilimanjaro defeated The Executioner.
Hotaru and Super X defeated Thierry and Zizou Middoux.
Nightmare defeated JDX.
Boerseun vs Ananzi ended in a no contest.

(Results thanks to Steve van Eden):
Ripper defeated Bandit
Hector Payne defeated Griffin
Mr Money defeated Harlequinn
Thierry Middoux was stripped of the World Title
X-Terminator defeated Steve Eden and The Crow to win the vacant HWA World Title.



Show 1 (Saturday):
Wilfred McFish defeated El Marko
Sammy Swiegers defeated Ed Lectric
Mad Jack Maverick defeated Mike Xander
Johnny Palazzio vs Andro Perseus – no result
Mike Xander, Andro Perseus and Ed Lectric defeated Johnny Palazzio, Missing Link and Mad Jack Maverick
Show 2 (Saturday):
El Marko defeated Jay Cooper
Ed Lectric defeated Wilfred McFish and Miss Gorgish
Sammy Swiegers defeated Mad Jack Maverick to win the AWA Cruiserweight Championship
Andro Perseus and Mike Xander defeated Missing Link and Johnny Palazzio
Show 3 (Sunday):
Ed Lectric defeated Miss Gorgish
Mad Jack Maverick defeated Sammy Swiegers to win the AWA Cruiserweight Championship
Wilfred McFish defeated El Marko to win the AWA Lightweight Championship
Johnny Palazzio and The Oz defeated Andro Perseus and Mike Xander


SAPW Results – September 24 2016
East Rand Traders Square – Boksburg.
1. The Bandit defeated Big Fire by submission
2. Cowboy defeated Steve Eden via Pinfall
3. Hector Payne vs Griffin – double pinfall.
4. Black Ice defeated SAPW Heavyweight Champion The Crow by DQ – title doesn’t change hands
5. The Jackal defeated Xterminator by pinfall to retain the SAPW Hardcore Championship.

(thanks to Steve van Eeden for the results):
hwa circus
Gravity defeated Zizou Middoux
X-Terminator defeated The Ripper to retain his HWA South African Title
Steve Eden vs The Crow – no contest due to interference from Zizou Middoux
X-Terminator and Steve Eden defeated The Crow and Zizou Middoux

awa aug 8(Thanks to JP Whittaker for the results)

El Marco defeated Wilfred Mcfish to retain the AWA Lightweight Title.
Mike Xander defeated Johnny Palazzio.
Vinnie Vegas defeated Ed Lectric to win the AWA Cruiserweight Title.
Jay Cooper won triple threat match.
Shaun Koen won a fatal four way.
Johnny Palazzio won the golden ticket rumble.

hwa aug6
The Crow defeated Jackal in a non-title match
X-Terminator beat Zizou Midoux to retain the HWA South African Championship
Steve Eden vs HWA World Champion Thierry Middoux – no contest due to interference by Zizou Middoux
Steve Eden, X-Terminator and Jackal defeated The Crow, Thierry Middoux and Zizou Middoux

HWA will be in action again on August 9 in conjunction with the McLaren Circus in Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa

WWP live at the Kierieklapper Festival (thanks to Donovan Blignaut):

Hotaru defeated Renegade
Kyle Ripley defeated Ultimate Nathan
Super X defeated The Great Masondo
Mr Wrestling vs Loudmouth vs Jay Titan in a triple threat for the WWP Heavyweight Championship ended in a no contest due to interference from Black Widow – Mr Wrestling remains champion.

Results from Honour Wrestling Association:
hwa july2016

The Ripper defeated Gravity via pin fall
X-Terminator defeated Zizou Middoux and The Crow
Steve Eden vs Thierry Middoux for the HWA World Championship was stopped due to interference from The Ripper and The Crow.
Steve Eden, Zizou Middoux and X-Terminator defeated Thierry Middoux, The Ripper and The Crow

World Wrestling Professionals at the Annual Musina Show on July 23, 2016

wwp july 2016

1) Kyle Ripley defeated Hotaru *superman punch after Ananzi interfered and took out Hotaru *

2) Njanga defeated Black Widow

3) Great Musendo defeated Super X

4) Kwaito Kid defeated Jay Titan

5) Mr Wrestling defeated Ananzi via dq then there was a tag match made

6) Mr Wrestling, Kwaito Kid, Great Musendo and Njanga defeated Jay Titan, Ananzi, Kyle Ripley and Black Widow *Jay Titan turned on Ananzi taking him out which allowed Mr Wrestling to pick up the win for his team