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awa battle royale
(Results courtesy of JP Whittaker)
Mark Davies jnr beat McFish and Thee Prince
The Oz defeated Miss Gorgeous
Andro Perseus and Sammy Swiegers defeated Viktor Vane and Mike Xander to advance to tag tournament final
Ed Electric defeated the Freakshow and J Cooper
Mad Jack Maverick beat Zaheer Bayaat
Marko and King Congo defeated Shaun Koen and Johnny Palazzio to advance to tag tournament final



Show 1 (Saturday):
Wilfred McFish defeated El Marko
Sammy Swiegers defeated Ed Lectric
Mad Jack Maverick defeated Mike Xander
Johnny Palazzio vs Andro Perseus – no result
Mike Xander, Andro Perseus and Ed Lectric defeated Johnny Palazzio, Missing Link and Mad Jack Maverick
Show 2 (Saturday):
El Marko defeated Jay Cooper
Ed Lectric defeated Wilfred McFish and Miss Gorgish
Sammy Swiegers defeated Mad Jack Maverick to win the AWA Cruiserweight Championship
Andro Perseus and Mike Xander defeated Missing Link and Johnny Palazzio
Show 3 (Sunday):
Ed Lectric defeated Miss Gorgish
Mad Jack Maverick defeated Sammy Swiegers to win the AWA Cruiserweight Championship
Wilfred McFish defeated El Marko to win the AWA Lightweight Championship
Johnny Palazzio and The Oz defeated Andro Perseus and Mike Xander

Africa Wrestling Alliance presents “House of Pain”
Team Body (Max the Body, Surfer Boy and the Prince) defeated Team Zaheer (Zaheer, Wilfred and Little Hillbilly) in a six-man tag match
El Marco defeated Devon Shooter to retain the AWA Lightweight Championship
Jay Cooper defeated Vinnie Vegas
Ed Lectric defeated Mr Money and Sammy Swieggers in a triple threat to retain the AWA Cruiserweight Championship
Three-team tag elimination fight: Shaun Koen was sole survivor. Other competitors were Missing Link, Johnny Palazzio, Freakshow, Mike Xander and the Oz

Results from AWA’s Coca-Cola Rumble
AWA 2015

Match 1: Sammy Swiegers defeated Vinnie Vegas

Match 2: 6 man elimination AWA Lightweight title fight: El Marco won to win the title

Match 3: Ed Electric defeated The Oz to retain the AWA Cruiserweight Title

Match 4: Mr Money defeated Max the Body

Match 5: AWA Heavyweight title: Missing Link defeated Johnny Palazzio to retain the title

22 man royal rumble: The Freakshow won

Morning show (11am):
1. El Marco defeated The Prince.
2. Cooper and Sammy Swiegers defeated Johnny Palazzio and Riot.
3. Ed Electric defeated Max the Body.
4. Missing Link and Sammy Swiegers defeated Freakshow and Frowny the Clown

Evening show (8.30pm):
1. El Marco defeated Little Hillbilly and Max the Body in a triple threat match.
2. Sammy Swiegers and Riot defeated Cooper and Ed Electric.
3. Vinnie Vegas and Freak Show defeated Johnny Palazzio and Missing Link.
4. Battle royal was won by Cooper

(thanks to JP Whittaker for the results)

Africa Wrestling Alliance,  Parrow Civic Centre, Western Cape, South Africa, June 15:

Team Money defeated Team Max (8 man tag team match)
Little Hillbilly defeated Sammy Swiegers to win the AWA Light Heavyweight Championship
Oz defeated Vinnie Vega by countout
Ed Electric defeated Miss Gorgeous and Mr Money (cashed in his Golden ticket) to retain the AWA Cruiserweight Championship
Shaun Koen and Johnny Palazzio defeated Missing Link and Freakshow
Johnny Palazzio won the Battle Royale


Africa Wrestling Alliance – Rumble in the Big Top, McLaren Circus Big Top, Jan Burger Sports Centre, Parow, South Africa, April 13:
(Results supplied by Zimbo Awa)
1 Sammy Swiegers and Junior defeated Jacobs and McFish
2 Miss Gorgeous defeated The Prince
3 AWA Cruiserweight Championship: Ed Electric defeated Vinnie Vegas and Mr Money in a triple threat match
4 Freakshow and Oz defeated Johnny Palazio and Missing Link

Results from Africa Wrestling Alliance’s Coca-Cola Royal Rumble, Parow Civic Centre, Cape Town, South Africa, December 11 2014:

awa rumble

Mr Money defeated “The One Man Show” Vinnie Vegas
Team Hillbilly (The Little Hillbilly, Zaheer Bayat, Wilfred, The Fearless Falcon) defeated Team Swiegers (Sammy Swiegers, Junior, The Prince) in a four-on-three handicap match
Max The Body defeated El Marko
“The Italian Stallion” Johnny Palazzio defeated Mr Money and Ed-Electric in a triple threat for the Cruiserweight Championship
Shaun Koen and The Oz defeated The Freakshow and The Missing Link
Ed-Electric won the 22 man Royal Rumble