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(Results courtesy of JP Whittaker)

Rasta defeated McFish
Hardcore Match: The Oz defeated The Freakshow
Andro Perseus defeated Sammy Swiegers, Mike Xander and King Congo to retain the AWA Heavyweight Builders Warehouse title
Mad Jack, Romeo Valentino and Victor Vane defeated Johnny Palazzio, Alex Noxx and Little Fury

Victor Vane defeated Rasta and El Marko in a triple threat
Rasta and King Congo defeated The Freakshow and McFish
Johnny Palazzio, Little Fury and Alex Noxx defeated Mad Jack, Romeo Valentino and Victor Vane
Andro Perseus defeated Mike Xander to retain the AWA Heavyweight Builders Warehouse title
King Congo won the 12-man battle royal


Note: This event was a fundraiser for the Danie Van Zyl Amateur Wrestling Club.

wwp may28

Quick results:

Kyle Ripley won a #1 contenders battle royal for a shot at the WWP Developmental Championship, last eliminating Super X
Matthew “The Assassin” Hammar defeated Ultimate Nathan to win the Durban Pro Wrestling Interprovincial Championship

Thermo defeated John Sabin
Renegade and Mia von Doom defeated The DRC Boys (Tenran and Zephy) to retain the APWA Tag Team Championship

WWP Women’s Champion Black Widow vs Nyanga – no contest due to interference by Diva Z
Xterminator defeated Zizou Middoux
(Xterminator was attacked after the match by WWP Commonwealth Champion Ananzi)

Full report (thanks to Donovan Blignaut):

Charity begins at home.

And nothing says “home” like supporting a great cause.

The Danie Van Zyl Amateur wrestling was and is in desperate need of funds.
So the “big brothers” at APWA and WWP Decided to help out the club and the community by holding a charity event to raise funds to keep these wrestlers off the streets and on the wrestling mat.

After WWP and APWA went into the community to encourage them to support the local wrestlers, a record crowd of 617 people witnessed the wrestling action.

The first match was a battle royal for an opportunity to wrestle for the WWP Developmental Championship. Seven men entered the ring. Super X, Masonic Crisis, Rooi Willie, Ashton Haye, Kyle Ripley, KB Byron and TK entered the ring. After 15 minutes of mad action it was Super X who was eliminated by KYLE RIPLEY.

Winner and Number 1 contender for the WWP Developmental Championship KYLE RIPLEY.

The Second match continued the rivalry between Matthew “The Assassin” Hammar and the DPW Interprovincial Champion Ultimate Nathan. These two competitors went hammer and tongs at each other until it was clear that one man would be injured beyond standing. Unluckily for Ultimate Nathan The Assassin was too much to handle and the Now Two time Interprovincial Champion Matthew ” The Assassin” Hammar.

Unfortunately was celebration was cut short by John Sabin who attacked Matthew as he celebrated on the stage. With Sabin now out he challenged anyone to a fight. Out stepped Thermo who has a score to settle with Sabin. This battle saw Sabin frustrated by the resilience by Thermo. As much as Sabin tried he could not overcome the huge bulk of Thermo and the rookie scores the upset victory.

The APWA tag team titles were on the line as the DRC BOYS Tenran and Zephy challenged Renegade and his mystery partner. Who would the Renegade choose to be his partner, which superstar would come to the aid of the biker boy. Well Renegade went the other way choosing none other than MIA VON DOOM. Renegade and Mia traded monsterous chops with the tag team from DRC. A bit of his communication caused a misstep which Mia and Regegade exploited to retain the APWA TAGTEAM titles.

Black Widow the WWP Ladies champion had her first match since winning the prestigious title at the Arnold Classic. Nyanga was a game opponent but there was another wrinkle, Diva Z fresh from costing Mr Wrestling his chance to regain the WWP Heavyweight Championship, interjected herself in the match and caused the match to be thrown out.

The main event was between the returning Zizou Middoux and Xterminator, after a confrontation at the start of the show Zizou did all he could to negate the power of Xterminator. With the WWP COMMONWEALTH CHAMPION Ananzi in close proximity, Xterminator managed to get the victory. However as Xterminator turned his back to hug Lusunda, Ananzi drove the Commonwealth title into the skull of Xterminator. Ananzi continued to pummel Xterminator buntil the entire APWA lockerroom came out and pulled Ananzi off of the bleeding Xterminator. What is Ananzi’s motivation for such a vicious attack?

Wrestling Stars, Mulhouse, France, June 4
Flesh Gordon defeated Jimmy Gavroche
Katarina Leigh defeated Layla Rose
Chris David and David Michel defeated Darkmondo and Rob Raw
No Count Out Match: Mike Vecchio defeated Bernard Vandamme
Yacine Osmani defeated Karim
I Quit Match: Cormac Hamilton (w/Kermarek) defeated Ultimo Dragon

German Wrestling Federation, Huxleys, Berlin, Germany, June 4
Hardcore Rules Match: Cash Money Erkan defeated Vicious Impact Power
Wesna defeated Blue Nikita (c) and Carmel Jacob in a three-way match to win the GSW Ladies Championship
Ivan Kiev defeated Orlando Silver to win the GWF Berlin Championship
Eight Man Tag Team Elimination Match: Chris Colen, Doug Williams, Jake McCluskey and Ronaldo defeated Andre Trucker, Bruce Sterling, Icarus and Matt Cross
The Young Lions (Lucky Kid and Tarkan Aslan) defeated Chaos Und Körperverletzung (Cem Kaplan and Koray) in a ladder match to win the GWF Tag Team Championship
GWF Loserweight Title Match: Rambo defeated Vincenzo Coccotti (c)
Pascal Spalter defeated Crazy Sexy Mike to win the GWF Heavyweight Championship

New European Championship Wrestling, NEW Hotspot, Hessdorf, Bayern, Germany, June 4:
T-K-O defeated Boris Pain to retain the NEW World Heavyweight Championship
Tommy Blue Eyes defeated Zenon Air
Big Steve and Eric Xperience defeated Los Luchadores (El Cruiso and El Falko)
Demolition Davies defeated Lion De Bourg
Juvenile X defeated Mr. Exotic Erotic
Michael Schenkenberg defeated Leon van Gasteren to retain the IPW Heavyweight Championship
Cash Crash defeated Georg Gwärch
Adrian Severe, Fast Time Moodo and Maveric Cross defeated Aziz Adamant, Mark Empire and Nathan Wolf
T-K-O defeated Demolition Davies and Lion De Bourg to retain the NEW World Heavyweight Championship

Westside Xtreme Wrestling, Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, June 4:
Dark Match: Kim Ray defeated Francis Kaspin
Melanie Gray defeated Kay Lee Ray
Absolute Andy and Marius Al-Ani defeated Emil Sitoci and Marty Scurll
Da Mack defeated Sasa Keel to retain the wXw Shotgun Championship
Cerberus (Dirty Dragan, Ilja Dragunov and Julian Nero) (w/Adam Polak) defeated Legion (Michael Dante, Mikey Whiplash and Tommy End) to win the wXw Tag Team Championship
Jurn Simmons defeated Bad Bones John Klinger to retain the wXw Unified World Wrestling Title in a no count out no disqualification match
Shortcut To The Top – 30 Man Battle Royal, winner: Karsten Beck

Italian Championship Wrestling, Ravarino, Modena, Italy, June 3:

Red Devil defeated Geminy
Stelvio L’Alpino defeated Sabor
Gli Urban Guerrilla (Riot and Tony Callaghan) defeated Mr. Excellent and Psycho Mike
Jester defeated Jack London
Tom LaRuffa defeated Mark Fit
Queen Maya defeated Irene and Jokey in a three-way to retain the ICW Women’s Championship
Red Devil defeated ICW Interregional Champion Alessandro Corleone by DQ

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pooraka, South Australia, April 15 and 17
Night One:
Adam Crowe and Acid Haze defeated Lord Kinkaid and Matt Hayter in a #1 contenders match
Bryan Lawson defeated LJ Onyx.
Towers of Doom (Colossus and ‘The Nightmare’ Eddie Draven) defeated The Young Guns (J.M.C and AJ Reid) to retain the Snakepit Tag Team Championships.
Bryan Lawson won the Battle Royal to become the nunber 1 contender to the Friday Night Fights Championship.
Jack ‘Hammer’ Smiles defeated Bryan Lawson to retain the Friday Night Fights Championship.
King John E Radic defeated Wam Bam Bellows by DQ to retain the Snakepit Heavyweight Championship

Night Two:
Brett Sanders, ‘Nightmare’ Eddie Draven and Bryan Lawson defeated Adam Crowe and LJ Onyx.
Joey Triton defeated Tex.
Big Daddy Jack defeated D.T Carter to retain the Sunday Slam Championship.
Aj Reid and William Stars defeated The Skelethugs.
Charles Jordan and Izzy Shaw defeated Krunchy The Clown and Gentleman Jonathan Corvidae.
King John E Radic defeated Korey Kaiser.

Explosive Pro Wrestling, Cyril Jackson Recreation Centre, Bassendean, WA, Australia, April 16:
Dan Steel, ”Shotgun” Tyler Jacobs and Twitch defeated The Solution (AZ Vegara, Liam Mendel and The Warship w/Amity Row)
Mr. Juicy defeated ”The Don” Michael Morleone (w/Hayden Zenith and Scotty Ryan)
Blair Brady vs. Unofficial Women’s Champion Michelle K. Hasluck ended in no contest
”Prince” Elliot Forbes and Michelle K. Hasluck defeated Allyson Cruz and Blair Brady after Forbes pinned Cruz
Taylor King defeated Bodhi McKenzie, Hughesy and Jay Andrews in a 4-Way
”Smashing Machine” Chris Vice defeated Alex ”AK-47” Kingston in the State of Origin Qualifier rematch
”Big Man on Campus” Dean Valente defeated Gavin ”Shootfighter” McGavin (w/Mike Massive)
Marcius Pitt defeated Damian Slater to retain the EPW Championship.

Australasian Wrestling Federation, Ascot Vale, Victoria, Australia, April 16 and 17:
Day One
12pm Show
TNT defeated Syd Parker(w/Dr. Hawko) via Submission.
JXT defeated Gabriel Wolfe via Disqualification
JXT and Dowie James defeated Slade Mercer and Gabriel Wolfe
2pm Show
Three Way Dance: Kai Drake defeated Josh Shooter and Chris Trance
Avary defeated Vixsin
pAnic (Syd Parker and Benny Factor w/Dr. Hawko) defeated Mad Dog McCrea and Shane Saw
4pm Show:
Dowie James defeated Josh Shooter
Mad Dog McCrea and Cody Swift defeated Zak Douglas and Gabriel Wolfe (w/Shane Saw)
Day Two:
12pm Show
Benny Factor defeated Slade Mercer
TNT defeated Josh Shooter
2pm Show
JXT defeated Syd Parker(w/Dr. Hawko)
Slade Mercer and Gabriel Wolfe defeated Chris Trance and Kai Drake
Tass Alexander defeated Benny Factor(w/Dr. Hawko)
4pm Show
JXT defeated Josh Shooter
Zak Douglas and Cody Swift defeated Tome Filip and Mickey Jackson
Kai Drake defeated Chris Trance

Championship Wrestling Australia, Canley Vale, Australia, April 17:
Mehmet defeated Randal by DQ
Erika Reid defeated Flame
Josh Gatt defeated Jarrod Idol
The Misfit defeated Tristan Lewis
Maso, Bee Boy and Johnny Rocket defeated “Insane Punishment” (Dave Payne, Sai and Creeper)
Jackson Spade defeated Abaddon
Tristan Slade defeated Matt Wolf
Niki Nitro defeated Harley Wonderland
Mikey Lord and Mehmet defeated Randal and Alex Titan

Queensland Wrestling Alliance, Townsville Greek Community Centre, Queensland, Australia, April 16:
Seth Tylors defeated Nick Skitz
Estrella Rojo defeated Marcus Adonis
Johnny Maverick vs His Royal Tenis – no contest
Tower of Power defeated Shota Suzuki
Robert Maverick defeated Stitches
Seth Tylors defeated Australian Wolf and Johnny Maverick to win the QWA Championship in a triple threat match

Venom Pro Wrestling, The Showmen’s Guild, Yatala, Australia, April 16:
VPW National Championship: TJ Warrior vs Johnny Hardwood – no contest
AWA Championship: Tim Kade vs Whetu – no contest
VPW Championship: Renefade vs Rip Reilly – no contest
Josh Redfield defeated Tweeble to retain the BCW Championship
B-Lars defeated Jake Nova
Kira Sommers and Catherine Mynx both won the fatal four way match when they made Riebell and Sofia Moralez submit simultaneously
Dallas Sommers defeated Slamming Sam

Nepal Ring Wrestling Association, Kathmandu, Nepal, April 16
Nuwakote Tiger from Nepal won a 14-man tournament defeating Mr Kamikaze from Japan in the final

(Results courtesy of Tez Frehley, Australian Victorian Wrestling and the various Facebook pages)

Dansk Pro Wrestling (Danish Pro Wrestling), Randers, Denmark, April 15
DPW Light Heavyweight Title Open Challenge Match: Leeloo (c) vs Abdullah Khalil, Espen Olsen, Johnny Casanova, Juvenile X, Kristian Kadence, Martin Miguel and X-Ray – result not known
Lou King Sharp defeated The Geek
Anderson defeated Big D by DQ
Very Mysterious (Nitro Green and Ravn) defeated SchenkenRage (Harley Rage and Michael Schenkenberg) (w/Mr. PPV) to win the DPW Tag Team Championship
FVN defeated Zack Gibson to retain the DPW Heavyweight Championship
Referee Dennis defeated Referee Gustav
Demolition Davies defeated Steinbolt to retain the EWA Intercontinental Championship
Straight Jacket Match: Eric Young defeated Chaos

Westside Xtreme Wrestling, Batschkapp, Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany, April 16:
Night One
Big Daddy Walter defeated Aaron Insane
Sasa Keel defeated Shooter Ryan Ray
Black Fire defeated Kim Ray to win the DTU Alto Rendimiento Title
Bad Bones John Klinger defeated Ivanov
Axel Dieter Jr. defeated Bobby Gunns
Da Mack defeated Chris Brookes and The Rotation to retain the wXw Shotgun Title
wXw Tag Team Title Match: The Sumerian Death Squad (Michael Dante and Tommy End) defeated Cerberus (Adam Polak and Ilja Dragunov) (c) by DQ
Jurn Simmons defeated Absolute Andy to retain the wXw Unified World Wrestling Title

Night Two:
Big Daddy Walter defeated Aaron Insane
Sasa Keel defeated Shooter Ryan Ray
Axel Dieter Jr. defeated Chris Brookes
Non Title Match: Jurn Simmons defeated Absolute Andy
Da Mack defeated Bobby Gunns to retain the wXw Shotgun Title
Black Fire defeated Kim Ray and The Rotation to retain the DTU Alto Rendimiento Title
Bad Bones John Klinger defeated Big Daddy Walter

Maximum Wrestling, MAX Nachttheater, Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, April 16:
Andre Trucker defeated Pete Bouncer
Juvenile X (w/Miss Liss Kiss and Murat) defeated Orlando Silver
Rott Und Flott (Michael Schenkenberg and Nikita Charisma) defeat AJ Anderson and Zack Gibson
Two On One Handicap Match: Apu Singh defeated BOSS (Chaos and Masterpiece Marsellus) (w/Bo Jones)
Steinbolt defeated Leon van Gasteren to retain the Maximum Title
Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match: Michael Knight defeated Ivan Kiev

Power of Wrestling, Halle 39, Hildesheim, Niedersachen, Germany, April 16:
Murat Bosporus defeated James Mason
Hakeem Waqur defeated Crazy Sexy Mike
Demolition Davies and Scotty Saxon defeated Doug Williams and Rampage Brown
Murat Bosporus defeated Joe Legend to win the POW Intercontinental Championship
Rockn Rolla vs. Veit Müller – No Contest
Chris Raaber defeated Eric Young

Italian Championship Wrestling, Calusco d’Adda, Bergamo, Italy, April 16
Il Lupo defeated Goran Il Barbaro
Mark Fit defeated David Silas
Gli Urban Guerrilla (Riot and Tony Callaghan) defeated Leon and Mr. Excellent
ICW Interregional Title Match: Taurus defeated Alessandro Corleone (c) by Count Out
Queen Maya defeated Irene to retain the ICW Women’s Title
Nick Lenders defeated Andy Manero
Charlie Kid defeated Doblone in a No DQ match to retain the ICW Italian Title

Frontier Championship Wrestling, Palestra Marconi, Pero, Milan, Italy, April 16:
Steve McKee defeated Marcio Silva
The Headhunters (Kronos and The Entertrainer) defeated Arcadia (Horus L’Assoluto and Kyo Kazama)
Alex Fitness and Matt Disaster defeated Brutus and David Graves to retain the FCW Tag Team Championship
Ape Atomica II defeated Drake Destroyer by DQ
The Greatest defeated Cash Crash in a no DQ match to retain the FCW Title

Total Combat Wrestling, Rozzano, Italy, April 17:
Martini defeated Death Mask
Fenice Rossa defeated Apollo to retain the WIVA Extreme Title in a tables match
Claudio Campari defeated Saetta Nera
Antonino Bellavita defeated Scandalo! in a #1 contenders match
Turbo defeated Joker
Darkness II defeated Turbo in an extreme rules match
Sami Grayson defeated Backslash (w/Morrigan) by DQ
Backslash and Oxlade Black (w/Morrigan) defeated Sami Grayson in a 2 on 1 handicap match
Il Marchese defeated Carlo Birra to retain the TCW Rebel Title in a last man standing match

Wrestling KOX, Porto Mantovano, Italy, April 16:
Stige Mask defeated Requiem, Dave Marley and Silvia in a dark match gauntlet
Nicolò Ferrari defeated Iceman
Veleno defeated Enrico Fernandez and Leviatano in a triple threat to win the KOX Inter-regional Championship.
Zero Cage (Luke Zero and Aaron Cage) defeated Mr. PDP and Gargoyle
Daniel defeated Alexander to earn a spot on the KOX roster
Shock defeated Crazy G and Phoenix to retain the KOX Titolo Lombardo-Veneto
Buttafuori defeated Manuel Bottazzini in a barbed wire massacre match

Norges Wrestlingforbund (Norwegian Wrestling Federation), Hamar Kulturhus, Hamar, Norway, April 16
Espen Olsen defeated Heresh Kurdi
Kira and Natasja defeated TnT (T-Jay and Tommy P)
Battle Royal: Bjørn Sem defeated Adrian Storm, Allan Ackles, Espen Olsen, Garm Støylen, Grom Gravalid, Hannibal, Heresh Kurdi, Høggern, Kira, Knoke, Natasja, Sven Berg, T-Jay and Tommy P
GromKnoke (Grom Gravalid and Knoke) defeated Krigsherrene (Bjørn Sem and Hannibal) to win the NWF Tag Team Championship
Adrian Storm defeated Garm Støylen
Erik Isaksen defeated Paul Tracey to retain the European Heavyweight Title

BCN Wrestling/RIOT Wrestling/Spanish Pro Wrestling joint charity event, Espai Jove La Fontana, Barcelona, Spain, April 17
Caretaker, Edu, Pimp Ross, Project X and Zayastiles defeated Adriano Genovese, Carlos Vega, Jaime Lector, Jon Hammer and Morthus
Barracuda defeated Samoa Fenix
LatiNatioN (Jorge Carranza and Mandril Escobar) defeated Elvis Harrison and Orion in a non-title match
Michelle M defeated Banshee, Kaira and Tracy Love
Folo and Santiago Sangriento defeated Hades and Ruky in a hardcore tag team match
Pol Badia defeated Thrashman
Cassius and Greg Burridge defeated Amansaguapos (Jahre and JB)
Marduk Malik, Project Y and Ricky Barcelo defeated Adam Chase, La Pulga and Leon Dorado in a tornado tag match

(results courtesy of Cagematch, Zona Wrestling and the various Facebook pages)

Explosive Pro Wrestling, The Game Sports Bar #4. Northbridge, Western Australia, February 26
Hughesy defeated AZ Vegara
“The Smashing Machine Chris Vice defeated Byron McKenzie
Generation Zero (Hayden Zenith, Michael Morleone and Scotty Ryan) defeated Eddy Bombay, Jonathan Wimbledon and Ross Cage
Logan Grey defeated Felix Young, Jordan Bishop and Twitch in a 4-Way
Amity Row (w/Liam Mendel) defeated Blair Brady
The Solution (Liam Mendel and The Warship) defeated Alex “AK-47” Kingston and Bodhi McKenzie
McMassive (Gavin McGavin and Mike Massive) defeated “Prince” Elliot Forbes and Michelle K. Hasluck to retain the EPW Tag Team Titles
Dan Steel defeated Taylor King on 3 separate occasions
EPW Champion Marcius Pitt defeated Tyler Jacobs in a non-title Hardcore Rules match.

New Horizons Pro Wrestling at Homegrown Festival, Centennial Pioneer Park Ampitheatre, Gosnells, Western Australia, February 26:
“Juggernaut” James Anderson defeated Seth Deadwell
King Shahil defeated Flash Williams
“Real Deal” Tommy Reil defeated Lazar Armani
Hellraiser Club (Aaron O’Malley and Jaxon Cross) defeated SST Legacy Tag Team Champions Perth K9 (Dane and Odin) in a non-title match
Kuhmana defeated Mobo the Clown to retain the NHPW Hybrid Championship
Aaron “The Business” Jackson vs. “3G” Kade Morgan ended in no contest following interference by the Hellraiser Club
Odin defeated Aaron Jackson, Aaron O’Malley, Dane, James Anderson, Jaxon Cross, Kade Morgan, King Shahil, Kuhmana, Lazar Armani, Mobo the Clown, Seth Deadwell and Tommy Reil to win the inaugural Ian Parker Invitational Battle Royal.

Outback Championship Wrestling, Whitehorse Club, Burwood East, Victoria, Australia, February 26:
Cletus defeated Emanuelle
Big Cuz defeated Nick Bury
Preston (w/Payne) defeated Adam Brooks (w/Kellyanne)
Dowie James and JXT defeated Gabriel Wolfe and Slade Mercer to become the new OCW Tag Team Champions
Cadman (w/Freddie Gold) defeated Josh ”The Axe” Shooter
Vixsin defeated Avary
Andy Phoenix defeated Mohamad Ali Vaez
Mad Dog McCrea defeated ”Jurassic Punk” Syd Parker in a Dog Collar Match to retain the OCW World Heavyweight Championship.
(Source: Australian Victorian Wrestling)

All Action Wrestling Warnbro Y Rec Centre. Warnbro, Western Australia, February 27:
AAW Undisputed Champion Chris Target defeated Callum Collins via submission
The Shark defeated Chris Target to become the new NWA Australian Champion after cashing in his MITB briefcase
Dustin Dice defeated Delhi Dud Singh (w/Eric Owens)
Killah (w/Julio) defeated Leon Tully
Casey Hanson defeated Del Cano
Marshall Davids defeated Cody Wilson
Craven, Julio and The Shark defeated Eric Owens, Felix Young and JC Blade
TJ Max defeated James Grace (w/The Foundation).

Australasian Wrestling Federation, AWF Wrestling HQ, Minchinbury, New South Wales, Australia, February 27:
Luciano Da Vinci defeated MANtis
Bee Boy def. Scotty Haim
TNT defeated Jax Jordan
Massive Q defeated Djaysonic
Whiskey Sixx defeated Massive Q
Luciano Da Vinci and Scotty Haim defeated The Hive (Bee Boy and MANtis)
Dean Draven defeated Apollo and Ryan Eagles in a 3-Way to retain the AWF Commonwealth Championship.
(Source: AWF Facebook page.)

New Age Wrestling, NAW Arena, Albion, Victoria, Australia, February 27:
Josh ”The Axe” Shooter defeated JC Starbright
F.O.X defeated CJ Redfield
Jake Navara (w/Aria) defeated Tass Alexander
Benny Factor defeated El Tecniko
Chris Taylor, Generation Z (Tyler Frost and Skip Sampson) and Ritchie Taylor vs. F.E.W (Arana, Codeine, Morphine and Mortar) ended in No Contest.
Leon Knights defeated Gabriel Wolfe to retain the NAW South Pacific Championship
Jake Lindo defeated Cody Swift via submission to retain the NAW Heavyweight Championship.
(Source: Australian Victorian Wrestling)

Newcastle Pro Wrestling, Charlestown Bowling Club. Charlestown, New South Wales, Australia, February 27:
Social Media Studs (InstaGraham and Unsocial Jordan Black) defeated Dan Wilson and Michael Spencer to advance to the Kings of the Castle final
Light Speed Express (Mat Diamond and Robbie Eagles) defeated Adam Hoffman and Jack Bonza to advance to the Kings of the Castle final
Christian Hermes defeated Nathan Moe via submission
”Green Dragon” Mick Moretti defeated Mat ”Full Force” Rogers
Shazza McKenzie defeated Jessica Troy
Light Speed Express defeated The Social Media Studs to become the 2016 Kings of the Castle
(Source: Newcastle Pro Facebook page.)

Professional Championship Wrestling, South Eastern Entertainment Centre, Ferntree Gully, Victoria, Australia, February 27:
PCW National Champion Daniel Swagger defeated Rocco and RUFF Security (Aaron Baker and Luke Sabre) in a Handicap Match
Alberto Bravo defeated Anthony Dangerfield
Chris Trance defeated Cass Stone
WAIK defeated ”Nightmare” Chris Trio to become the new PCW State Champion
Titan defeated Mohamad Ali Vaez
Mark Kage defeated Ryan Rapid
Touch of Class (Nate Cross and Trikki) defeated The Supremacy (Nash Archer and Tome Filip) in an Elimination Tables Match to retain the PCW Tag Team Titles.
(Source: Australian Victorian Wrestling)

PROWL Wrestling, Cleveland Assembly Hall. Cleveland, Queensland, Australia, February 27:
TJ Warrior defeated Stunning Sam
PJ O’ Conner defeated Blarz
Thirteen defeated Ricky Rembrandt to become the new Super HULK! Champion
Renegade defeated Jamie Luxford
Lynx defeated Jake Nova
Rip Reilly defeated Alex Shepard.
(Source: PROWL Wrestling Facebook page)

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pooraka, South Australia, February 27:
Towers Of Doom (Colossus and Eddie Draven) defeated The Last Real Monsters (Southern Pitbull and Wam Bam Bellows)
Bryan Lawson defeated AJ Reid
Damien Synn defeated Joey Triton
Blake “The Man” Mitchell defeated “Cannonball” Kris Taylor to retain the Snakepit Adelaide Open Championship
Lord Kinkaid and King John E Radic defeated Acid Haze and Adam Crowe
Ace Wilson defeated Korey Kaiser to retain the Snakepit Heavyweight Championship.
Source: Snakepit

Rock and Roll Wrestling, Dapto Citizens Bowling Club, Dapto, New South Wales, Australia, February 28:
Sean Kustom defeated Bee Boy to retain UWA Elite Championship
The Captain and Otis defeated Alex Titan and Riley O’Neil
Hunter Hayes defeated JT Robinson to retain Rock and Roll Championship after Mick Moretti withdrew due to injury
Jessica Troy defeated Charli Evans
Michael Spencer and Robbie Eagles defeated Adam Hoffman and Jack Bonza.

Maniacs United, Henderson Valley Road, Auckland, New Zealand, February 28
Blaze defeated Jason Brody
Curtis Castlewood defeated Shadow Ninja
Charlie Roberts and Bobby G defeated Rebels Inc
JPE (Just Plain Evil) defeated Frankie Quinn to win the New Zealand Women’s Championship
Maniacs United Champion Kingston Eclipse defeated Curtis Castlewood, Bobby G, Jason Brody, The Buggane and JPE (Just Plain Evil) in a gauntlet match
Blaze defeated Kingston Eclipse to become the new Maniacs United Champion
(Results courtesy of Maniacs United)

NZWPW, Wainuiomata Community Hall, Wainuiomata, New Zealand, February 27:
‘The Shooter’ Shane Sinclair defeated Michael Richards
Rodeo Drive deeated Kartik and El Oro Maximo to retain the NZWPW/KPW Tag Team Championships
Curt Chaos defeated Osiris
Jade Priest defeated ‘Rufguts’ Roddy Gunn w/Dreamcatcher to retain the He Toa Cup and the #1 Contendership for the heavyweight title
Ben Mana defeated James Shaw to retain the NZWPW Heavyweight Championship.
After the match Rodeo Drive attacked Ben Mana as Chad Howard prepared to cash in his R2C before James Shaw intervened.
(Results courtesy of NZWPW)

(All other results courtesy of Australian Indy Wrestling/Tez Frehley unless otherwise stated)

European Wrestling Association, EWA Powerplexx, Vienna, Austria, February 20
The Golden Boys (Golden Frog and Tommy Golden) and Hungarian Hero defeated Chris Falcon, Mike Valentine and Taurus
K1 Rules Match: Da Möch v Sandra Plank – Draw
Muslim Sultanov defeated Jack Wilder
Moxie defeated Betty McBoobles
Chris Colen defeated Tim Hughes

Dansk (Danish) Pro Wrestling, Globus, Braband, Denmark, February 20
Leeloo defeated Absullah to retain the DPW Light Heavyweight Championship
Johnny Casanova defeated Kristian Kähler
Chaos defeated Big D by DQ (special referee: Prince Mohammed)
Harley Rage and Michael Schenkenberg defeated Nitro Green and Ravn to retain the DPW Tag Team Championship
Amber defeated Whisper
FVN defeated Steinbolt to win the DPW Heavyweight Championship

Fédération Française de Catch Professionnel, Gymnase Jean Chevance, Paris, France, February 20:

Tristan Archer defeated Brian Mc Carthy to retain the FFCP Championship

Westside Xtreme Wrestling, Bielefeld, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, February 20:
Big Daddy Walter defeated Scotty Saxon
Road To 16 Carat Gold League 2016 Block A Match: Tyler Bate defeated Kevin Roadster
Jurn Simmons defeated Peter Fischer
Road To 16 Carat Gold League 2016 Block B Match: Bobby Gunns defeated Toby Blunt
Kim Ray defeated Black Fire, Da Mack and The Rotation to retain the DTU Alto Rendimiento Title in a four-way match
Mike Schwarz defeated Markus Antonius
Axel Dieter Jr. defeated David Starr
Bad Bones John Klinger and Toni Storm defeated Karsten Beck and Melanie Gray

German Hurricane Wrestling, Volkshaus, Klein-Gerau, Hessen, Germany, February 20:
Best Of Three Series #2 Match: Carnage [1] defeated Murat Bosporus [1]
Farmer Joe, Mo Jnibi and Thunderhawk defeated Grid Iron (Aaron Insane and Chris Rush) and Marco Zercher by DQ
Misfit defeated Ahura Kidd
Sasa Keel defeated Drake Destroyer to retain the GHW District Championship
Team Ha Ha (Bernd Föhr and Maggot) defeated Grid Iron (Aaron Insane and Chris Rush), Farmer Joe and Thunderhawk, and Kevin Hollister and Nils Dahm in a four-way match to retain the GHW Tag Team Championship.
Marco Zercher defeated Mo Jnibi
Absolute Andy defeated Darksoul and Patrick Schulz to retain the GHW Heavyweight Championship

German Wrestling Federation, Sporthalle Schlutup, Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, February 20:
Orlando Silver defeated Lucky Kid
Pascal Spalter defeated Felix Amocs
Cash Money Erkan (w/Highjakka) and Slinky defeated Pete Bouncer to retain the GWF Next Wrestling Star Title in a two out of three falls three-way match
Doug Williams defeated Ivan Kiev
Chaos Und Körperverletzung (Cem Kaplan and Koray) defeated Big JAWS and Tim Karstens to retain the GWF Tag Team Championship
Crazy Sexy Mike defeated Murat AK to retain the GWF Heavyweight Championship
Tarkan Aslan (w/Heiko Steffen) defeated Pascal Spalter (w/Ahmed Chaer)

Next Step Wrestling, Konzert- und Ballhaus Tivoli, Freiberg, Sachsen, Germany, February 20:
Zeritus defeated Chris Rocke
Projekt Gold (Robert Kaiser and TinoX) defeated Posse In Effect (Rick Baxxter and The Grannatic) and Chemnitz Catch Connection (Jens Maul and Uwe Zilsch) to retain the Next Step Tag Team Championship
Shadow defeated Justin Joy
Marius Al-Ani defeated Laurance Roman
Dynamite Dave defeated Marcus Monere
Eight Man Battle Royal: Winner: Christopher Anthony
Ilja Dragunov defeated Franz Engel and Johnny Rancid to retain the Next Step Title in a three-way

Accademia FCW, Pero, Italy, February 20
Steve McKee defeated Aaron Cage
Horus defeated David Graves to win the FCW Hardcore Championship
Brutus defeated Kyo Kazama and Tom Sanders in a three-way money in the bank match
Matt Disaster and Alex Fitness defeated The Headhunters to win the FCW Tag Team Championship
Leone defeated The Greatest to retain the FCW Championship
Brutus cashed in his money in the bank to defeat Leone to win the FCW Championship

Pro Wrestling Holland, OJC Solutions, Hillegom, Netherlands, February 20
PWH Television Title Tournament Semi Final Four Way Match: Jamie DLC defeated Jeff McCready, Krystian Ace and Richie Julio
Mot van Kunder defeated Nate Devlin
PWH Television Title Tournament Semi Final Four Way Match: Hugo Atilles defeated Gabriel Angelfyre, Wesley Croton and Young Money Chong
Mr. Scott defeated Tengkwa
Joel Vox and Ymah defeated Hard Rock Inc. (Jimmy Lightning and Nick Mustayne)
Jamie DLC defeated Hugo Atilles in the final to win the vacant PWH Television Title
Johnny Evers defeated Andrei Ivanov by DQ to retain the PWH Heavyweight Championship

Norges Wrestlingforbund aka Norway Wrestling Federation, Rommen Scene, Oslo, Norway, February 20
Tommy P (w/Natasja) defeated Samhain
Allan Ackles defeats Ruslan
Erik Isaksen, Grom Gravalid and Knoke defeated Daniel Sebastian and Krigsherrene (Bjørn Sem and Hannibal) (w/Andrea Kaizer)
Two On One Handicap Match: Kira and Victor Dale defeated Espen Olsen
Heresh Kurdi defeated Garm Støylen
Daniel Sebastian (w/Andrea Kaizer) defeated Adrian Storm to retain the NWF Heavyweight Championship

Northern Storm Wrestling, Moscow, Russia, February 21:

Ivan Markov defeated Joker
Di Grandi defeated Shaman
Yegor Sokolov defeated El Corte to retain the NSW Championship
Sergey White defeated Anton Deryabina, LaPatku and Ronny Crimson in a four-way match and became the No. 1 contender for the NSW Title
Grizzlies defeated Vulture
Indigo defeated Prof. Ajzenhardta
Frost defeated L’alcora
King Gregory I and Shaman defeated Alex Anderson and Ruslana “Aqel” Angelov to retain the NSW Tag Team Championship

Spanish Pro Wrestling, Espai Jove La Fontana, Barcelona, Spain, February 21
La Jerarquia (Morthus and Xenomantis) defeated Antonio Cortes and Marc Grizzly
Gravity Zero defeated Fuego Rudo
La Pulga defeated Leon Dorado and Pol Badia in a three-way
Axel Salazar defeated Barracuda in a lumberjack match to retain the SPW Title

(Results courtesy of Cagematch, Northern Storm Wrestling, Zona Wrestling and the FFCP Facebook page)

DENMARK:, Midtbyklubben, Arhus, Denmark, February 7
Reinhardt Von Wullfenstein defeated Cranium Crain, DMS, Jester, Kristian Thorn, Martin Miguel, Masquerade, Michael Fynne, Mikey J, Muskelmanden, Shooter Schjøtler, Steve J, Toby Zane, X-Ray and Zach White
Michael Fynne defeated Martin Miguel
Toby Zane defeated Masquerade
DMS defeated Muskelmanden
Shooter Schjøtler defeated Kristian Thorn to win the WDK Championship

Athletik Club Wrestling, AC Sportpark, Weinheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, February 6
Nemesis (w/Deydra) vs. Shaggy – Double Pin
Addy Starr and Michael Phoenix defeated Ken Floyd and Stella
The Insane Killer (w/Deydra) defeated Bruder Chaos, Dean Jazzman and Rick Taylor in a four-way
DenKo defeated Jonny Storm
Ken Floyd (w/Stella) defeated Boombastic, Nemesis, Shaggy, The Insane Killer and Viper in a six-way ladder match to win the vacant ACW German Championship
Jack Anderson defeated Sören Reuter
BAM defeated Andy Boy Simmonz to retain the ACW World Wrestling Championship
DenKo defeated Binairial, Michael Phoenix and Murat Kaan in a title shot ticket four-way elimination ladder match

New European Championship Wrestling, NEW Hotspot, Hessdorf, Bayern, Germany, February 5 and 6:
Night One
Kick Out (Fast Time Moodo and Mr. Exotic Erotic) defeated Team Turbulence (Tom Bad Boy and Tommy Tornado)
Nathan Wolf defeated Georg Gwärch
Cash Crash defeated Dom Black
Maveric Cross defeated Aziz Adamant
Adrian Severe and Whisper defeated Amber Rox and Demolition Davies
Mexx defeated Peter White
Lion De Bourg defeated Marius Al-Ani
Los Muchadores (Jay Cruise and Zacharias Falk) defeated Big Steve and Schizo Rik
GWP World Title / NEW World Heavyweight Title Match: Juvenile X (c) [GWP] vs. T-K-O (c) [NEW] – No Contest

Night Two:
Marius Al-Ani defeated Cash Crash and Mr. Exotic Erotic
Dom Black defeated Tommy Blue Eyes
Adrian Severe and T-K-O defeated Demolition Davies and Mexx (w/Amber Rox)
Peter White defeated Georg Gwärch
Team Turbulence (Tom Bad Boy and Tommy Tornado) defeated Los Muchadores (Jay Cruise and Zacharias Falk)
Big Steve defeated Schizo Rik by DQ
Adrian Severe, Fast Time Moodo, Maveric Cross and T-K-O defeated WRising (Aziz Adamant, Juvenile X, Lion De Bourg and Marc Empire)
Juvenile X defeated Lion De Bourg to retain the GWP World Championship

German Wrestling Federation, Huxleys Neue Welt, Berlin, Germany, February 5 and 6:
Night One:
Chris Colen defeated Jake McCluskey to retain the GWF Berlin Championship
Colt Cabana defeated Vincenzo Coccotti
Jamie Hayter defeated Vanessa La Bestia
GWF Heavyweight Title #1 Contendership Four Way Match: Atsushi Aoki defeated Ivan Kiev, Pascal Spalter and Rambo
Andre Trucker defeated Bruce Sterling
Chaos Und Körperverletzung (Cem Kaplan and Koray) and Pollyanna defeated Blue Nikita and Young Lions (Hakan Aslan and Tarkan Aslan)
Matt Cross defeated Orlando Silver and Sonjay Dutt
Crazy Sexy Mike defeated Vicious Impact Power by DQ to retain the GWF Heavyweight Championship

Day Two (in conjunction with Next Step Wrestling):
Viktor Maximov (w/Lorry Blum) defeated Nickolas von Rijk to win the GWF Loserweight Championship
Bruce Sterling defeated Mincer
Pollyanna defeated Brenda Star
The Purple Star Circus (Slim Jim and Slinky) defeated Felix Flick Flack and Ronaldo
Kasimir Award Four Way Match: Andre Trucker and Pete Bouncer defeated Jaxx and Rambo

Night Two:
Vicious Impact Power defeated Viktor Maximov
Chaos Und Körperverletzung (Cem Kaplan and Koray) and Pascal Spalter defeated Ivan Kiev and Young Lions (Hakan Aslan and Tarkan Aslan)
Blue Nikita defeated Jamie Hayter (w/Pollyanna) by DQ to retain the GSW Ladies Championship (guest referee: Wesna)
Orlando Silver defeated Chris Colen and Matt Cross to win the GWF Berlin Championship in a three-way match
Nickolas von Rijk defeated Vincenzo Coccotti to win the GWF Loserweight Championship
Cash Money Erkan (w/Highjakka) defeated Bruce Sterling and Jake McCluskey
Rambo defeated Andre Trucker
Crazy Sexy Mike defeated Atsushi Aoki to retain the GWF Heavyweight Championship

Westside Xtreme Wrestling, Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany, February 6:
Big Daddy Walter defeated David Starr
16 Carat Gold 2016 Qualifying Match: Marty Scurll defeated Da Mack
Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Timothy Thatcher
Cerberus (Ilja Dragunov and Julian Nero) defeated The Sumerian Death Squad (Michael Dante and Tommy End) by DQ to retain the wXw World Tag Team Championship
Bad Bones John Klinger defeated Donovan Dijak
Kim Ray defeated The Rotation to win the Desastre Total Ultraviolento Alto Rendimiento Championship
16 Carat Gold 2016 Qualifying Match: Axel Dieter Jr. defeated Damian O’Connor by Count Out
Karsten Beck defeated Absolute Andy to retain the wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship

RIOT Wrestling, Ateneu L’Harmonia, Barcelona, Spain, February 6
Fuego Rudo and Santiago Sangriento defeated Jocoso Jr. and Leon Dorado, and Kurczak and Lo Perico Enmascarat in a three-way tag team match
Mandril Escobar defeated La Pulga
Folo defeated JB
Bad Boy defeated Adriano Genovese and Ricky Barcelo

(Results courtesy of Cagematch and the various promotions’ Facebook pages)

Celtic Underground, Kulttempel Oberhausen, Oberhausen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, January 30
CUW Title Tournament First Round Three Way Match: Tengkwa defeated Apaosha and David Reks
SCW Heavyweight Title CUW Title Tournament First Round Match: Hellvetic Warrior defeated Drake Destroyer to retain the SCW Heavyweight Title
T-K-O defeated Juvenile X by DQ
Apu Singh defeated Michael Schenkenberg to win the vacant IPW Heavyweight Title
CUW Title Tournament First Round Match: Bragna defeated Murat Bosporus
CUW Title Tournament First Round Six Man Hardcore Gauntlet Match: BAM defeated Abbadon, Abigor, Agash, Demolition Davies and HATE
Jonny Storm defeated Jody Fleisch

Westside Xtreme Wrestling, Kulturzentrum Kreuz, Fulda, Hessen, Germany, January 30:
Da Mack defeated Scotty Saxon
16 Carat Gold 2016 Qualifying Match: Kim Ray defeated Michael Dante
Big Daddy Walter defeated David Starr
Axel Dieter Jr. defeated Vincent The Beast
Aaron Insane, Absolute Andy and Johnny Rancid defeated Karsten Beck and Reich Und Schön (Kevin Roadster and Marius van Beethoven)
Tommy End defeated Bad Bones John Klinger

Wrestling Italiano Veramente Autentico, Reggio Emilia, Italy, January 30
Enrico Fernandez defeated Veleno and Leviathan to retain the WIVA Inter-regionale Championship
Fenice Rossa defeated Sammy Grayson
Roman Dinasty defeated T-Rocks to retain the PWE Tag Team Championship
Fabio Ferrari (Red Devil in disguise) defeated Marco Bragaglia
Violent Joe vs Mr. Mastodont – no contest
Turbo defeated Saetta Nera by DQ
JT9 defeated Domenico Dinamite
Il Prescelto vs Jail – no contest
El Gordo defeated Mistero and Scandalo
Claudio Campari defeated Darkness II to win the WIVA Italian Championship

Power Wrestling Entertainment, Genova, Italy, January 30:
Big Marcus defeated Skorpio to retain the PWE Northern Championship
Blindo vs Kevin Dopa – no contest
William Miller defeated Alex Gory and Lio Kong
Audrey and Neo defeated Amber Rox and Maewen
Winston defeated Bako in a 2 out of 3 falls match to retain the PWE National Championship
Kenzo Richards defeated Dover, Icarus and Red Scorpion in a four-way match to win the PWE World Championship

Pro Wrestling Showdown, Poppodium Volt, Sittard, Netherlands, January 30
Dark match: Nate Devlin defeated Jeff McCready
PWS Tag Team Title Tournament Quarterfinal Match: Beatings R Us (Jack Ferrigno and Robby Maddox) defeated Rex Rage and Ymah
Gold Rush Battle Royal: Winner: George Meddleson
Emil Sitoci defeated Jurn Simmons
George Meddleson defeated Andrei Ivanov, Homeless Tom and Sean Lucas to win the Toughest Motherfucker Of Europe Trophy Title in a four-way match
Mot van Kunder defeated Jimmy Lightning
PWS Tag Team Title Tournament Quarterfinal Match: Flip And Fly (Senza Volto and The Rotation) defeated Prost (Mike Schwarz and Toby Blunt)
Tristan Archer defeated Donovan Dijak to retain the PWS Heavyweight Title

White Wolf Wrestling, CSA Tabacalera, Madrid, Spain, January 30
The Level (Morgan Knight, Samoa Fénix and Adam Chase) defeated Rod “Zayastiles”, Nicky and Edu “El Valuro”
Kaira defeated Michelle M
Elvis Harrison and Orión defeated Búfalo Riff and Francesco Palazzo to retain the WWW Tag Team Championship
Caretaker defeated A-Kid
Paolo defeated Thrashman
Yunke defeated Ruky to retain the WWW Extreme Title

(Results courtesy of Cagematch, Zona Wrestling and White Wolf Wrestling)

Tasmanian Championship Wrestling, Royal Park, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia, January 25
6.10pm Show:
El Cartel (Diablo and Eddie Jones) defeated MOS and Cyrus Burns
Ace Deluca defeated Christopher Lockwood
Zakk Archer defeated Omega to retain the TCW Championship
7.10pm Show:
Jethro defeated Eddie Jones
Cyrus defeated MOS and Omega
Ace Deluca defeated Alberto Bravo
8.10pm Show:
Eddie w/Diablo defeated Otis
Zakk Archer defeated Chris Trance
Ace Deluca won a royal rumble

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pooraka, Australia, January 22 and 24:
Night One:
Tons Of Pain (Joey Triton and Mann Dozer) and Marvin P Newton defeated Damien Synn, Kory Kaiser and ‘Nightmare’ Eddie Draven
Lord Doc Kinkaid defeated AJ Reid
Wam Bam Bellows defeated The Gentleman Jonnathan Corvidae Esquire the 3rd.
Adam Crowe defeated Bryan Lawson but title did not change hands.
Blunt Force Trauma (Jake Viper and Michael Weaver) defeated Corporal Punishment (Major Pain and Private Smash)
Acid Haze defeated DT Carter.
King John E Radic defeated Izzy Shaw

Night Two:
AJ Reid defeated Adam Crowe.
Izzy Shaw defeated Doc Kinkaid by DQ following interference from King John E Radic.
Tons Of Pain (Joey Triton and Mann Dozer) defeated ‘Nightmare’ Eddie Draven and Dazel ‘The Kid’ Razel.
The Last Real Monsters (Southern Pitball and Wam Bam Bellows) defeated Gentleman Jonnathan Corvidae Esquire the 3rd and Dirty Dingo Richards, and Ryan Winters and Big Daddy Jack.
King John E Radic defeated Jack Mayhem.
Korey Kaiser defeated Joey Triton to retain the Sunday Slam championship.

Hunter Valley Wrestling, Club Maitland City, Rutherford, New South Wales, Australia, January 23:
Syd Parker defeated Johnny Vercetti
D-Railer defeated Matt Bailey
Kellyanne defeated Tarlee
Josh Gatt defeated JXT to win a spot in the Main Event Rumble
Falco defeated Keegan to retain the HVW Championship
Benny Factor won the 2nd annual Hunter Valley Rumble after last eliminating Mikey Lord

Championship Wrestling Australia, Serbian Youth Centre, Canley Vale, New South Australia, January 24:
The 5 Star Flash defeated Sai
Kasai defeated Keegan
Creeper defeated Maso
Mikey Lord defeated Randal to retain the CWA Heavyweight Championship.
Joshua Gatt and Chris Abbott defeated Achilles and Alex Titan, to win the CWA Tag Team Championship.
Randal won a Battle Royal, to earn another title shot against champion, Mikey Lord.

Wrestle Rampage Australia, St Clair Recreation Centre, Adelaide, Australia, January 23:
Mike Boomer defeated Link Barnett, Rufio and Pat Graham
Dean Valente defeated Johnny Hope
Robby Heart defeated Sean Kustom
McMassive defeated ‘Gorgeous’ Greg and ‘Big’ Willy Gibson to retain the EPW Tag Team Championships
Rocky Menero defeated AJ Istria
The Brotherhood defeated TMDK in a Steel Cage Match

Impact Pro Wrestling New Zealand, Mt Albert War Memorial Hall, Auckland, New Zealand, January 23
James Shaw defeated Johnny Idol to retain the IPWNZ Heavyweight Championship

Gatoh Move vs Michinoku Pro, Japan Expo, Bangkok, Thailand, January 23 and 24
Night One:
Kesen Numajiro defeated Hyugaji Rui
Paksa and Wayu defeated DJ Nira and EK Baki
Riho defeated Emi Sakura
Bad Company defeated Daichi Sasaki and Gunji Ayumu
Kenbai, Taro Nohashi and Shinzaki Jinsei defeated Manjimaru, Ken45° and Shisao

Night Two:
Kesen Numajiro defeated Gunji Ayumu
EK Baki defeated DJ Nira
Riho and Wayu defeated Emi Sakura and Masa Takanashi
Bad Company defeated Paksa and Daichi Sasaki
Jinsei, Taro and Hyugaji Rui defeated Manjimaru, Ken45 and Shisao

(Results courtesy of Tez Frehley and the various promotions’ Facebook pages)