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awa battle royale
(Results courtesy of JP Whittaker)
Mark Davies jnr beat McFish and Thee Prince
The Oz defeated Miss Gorgeous
Andro Perseus and Sammy Swiegers defeated Viktor Vane and Mike Xander to advance to tag tournament final
Ed Electric defeated the Freakshow and J Cooper
Mad Jack Maverick beat Zaheer Bayaat
Marko and King Congo defeated Shaun Koen and Johnny Palazzio to advance to tag tournament final


Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pooraka, Australia, September 19:
1. Blue Blood and Tyler Daniels defeated Bryan Lawson and Dallas Sommers
2. “Cannonball” Kris Taylor defeated Doc Kinkaid
3. The Jackal defeated Snakepit Champion Ace Wilson via DQ following interference from Blue Blood
4. King John E. Radic and Matt Hayter defeated Acid Haze and Damien Synn
5. Savannah Summers defeated Izzy Shaw to retain the RCW Women’s Championship
6. Wam Bam Bellows won the 2015 War Games after last eliminating Michael Weaver

United Pro Wrestling, Beenleigh Tavern, Beenleigh, Australia, September 19:
1. Blair Seeker defeated Spaceman Dacey
2. Street Revolution (Lynx Lewis Jr. and Renegade) defeated UPW Tag Team Champions Satisfaction (Cyprien and Sammey Styles) via DQ
3. Miss Sara Jay won the paragon Battle Royale to become the UPW Paragon Champion
4. The Giant Kyote defeated Kobra Jones
5. “Showtme” Jake Nova defeated Robby Heart giving Carissa Willcox full control of UPW
6. Rip Rielly defeated Lynx Lewis Jnr and Jack Nova to retain the UPW Championship

Championship Wrestling Australia, Canley Vale, Sydney, Australia, September 20:
1. The Pineapple Militia (Keegan and Randal) defeated Ossama Hussein in a Handicap Match. Achilles returned to the ring after the match to help Hussein beat down on Randal and Keegan. The Mediterranean Generals have been given an indefinite suspension, by the Commissioner, for their actions.
2. The Misfit defeated 5 Star Flash
3. Jackson Spade (w/Gentleman Jack and J.D.Wilson) defeated Ethan Hughz
4. The Kings of K.O. (Chris Abbott and Josh Gatt) defeated “The Deadly Shot” Kasai and Slugga Pearson
5. Mikey Lord defeated Alex Titan in a Canley Vale Street Fight to become the new CWA Heavyweight Champion – making Lord the first two-time champion.

(Results courtesy of Australian Indy Wrestling)

Africa Wrestling Alliance,  Parrow Civic Centre, Western Cape, South Africa, June 15:

Team Money defeated Team Max (8 man tag team match)
Little Hillbilly defeated Sammy Swiegers to win the AWA Light Heavyweight Championship
Oz defeated Vinnie Vega by countout
Ed Electric defeated Miss Gorgeous and Mr Money (cashed in his Golden ticket) to retain the AWA Cruiserweight Championship
Shaun Koen and Johnny Palazzio defeated Missing Link and Freakshow
Johnny Palazzio won the Battle Royale