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Results courtesy of JP Whittaker

1. Ultimo Wulf 2.0 defeated Little HillBilly and Zeffy in a triple threat
2. Oz defeated Sammy Swiegers via DQ
3. King Kongo defeated Freakshow, Andro Perseus, Ed-Electric, African Warrior and Nightmare in an elimination match
4. Good Time Kid and Mr Money defeated Mad Jack and Romeo Valentino
5. Johnny Palazzio defeated Mike Xander to win the vacant AWA Heavyweight Championship.
6. AWA Golden Ticket Battle Royal: winner: Little HillBilly



Home Of Hardcore – Results, thanks to Julius and Chanel Reichel

Match 1 – Tables Match.
Big Fire defeated Cowboy.
Match 2 – Chairs Match.
Griffin defeated Jack Cannon.
Match 3 – 4 Way Elimination Match.
Warlock defeated Steve Eden, The Ripper and Londos Lionhart.
Match 4 – Hardcore Match.
Harliquinn defeated The Crow to win the SAPW Heavyweight Championship.
Match 5 – Barbwire Match.
Hector Payne defeated The Jackal to win the SAPW Hardcore Championship.

Fighters Revenge Pro Wrestling, Place Saint, Seurin, Le Porge, France, July 25
Vince ‘NT defeated Brian McCarthy (Death Valley Neckbreaker)
Casey defeated Senza Volto (Belly to Back Piledriver)
Ragnar Rök defeated Pierre “Booster” Fontaine (TKO)
Eloanne defeated Kalypso and Loba in an elimination match to retain the FRPW Women’s Championship
Gamma defeated FRPW Champion Peter Fischer by DQ

European Wrestling Promotion, EWP Wrestling School, Hannover, Niedersachsen, Germany, July 25
Leon van Gasteren defeated Michael Schenkenberg
Stampede Simon defeated Robert Schmunk
Cannonball Grizzly defeated Val Verde by DQ
Grave Artist and Johnny Rancid defeated Markus Antonius and Mr. Mickito
Marius Al-Ani defeated Ecki Eckstein to retain the EWP Junior Championship

Over the Top Wrestling, Tivoli Theatre, Dublin, Ireland, July 25
The Kings of The North (Bonesaw and Damien Corvin) defeated The Gymnasties (B. Cool and Justin Shape), The Lads From The Flats (Martin and Workie) and The Wards (Paddy Ward and Rocky Mac) to win the Pro Wrestling Ulster Tag Team Championship.

Italian Championship Wrestling, Cascina, Pisa, Italy, July 26
Nick Lenders defeated Mr. Excellent
Coppa Cascina 2015 Tournament Semifinals: Killer Mask defeated Ronin, Tempesta defeated Alex Flash
I Discepoli Del Dolore (Incubo and Jester) defeated I Latin Lover (Bon Giovanni and Rafael) to retain the ICW Tag Team Championship
Costantino, Jet and Street Dog defeated Hydra, Pegaso and Picchio Rosso
Coppa Cascina 2015 Tournament Semifinal Battle Royal: Alex Flash defeated Bon Giovanni, Costantino, Incubo and Rafael
Coppa Cascina 2015 Tournament Final Three Way Match: Alex Flash defeated Killer Mask and Tempesta

Origin Wrestling, The Devenish Complex, Belfast, Northern Ireland, July 26
The Bad Guys defeated Best Friends Club to win the Pro Wrestling Ulster Tag Team Championship
(other results not known)

Independent Wrestling Federation, Luzhniki Olympic Complex, Moscow, Russia, July 25
Valery Hamov defeated Yuri Chistyakov
Serge White defeated Dmitry Orlov
Victor Cosmo defeated Serge Sullivan
Nick Chui defeated Valery Hamov to retain the IWF Lightweight Championship
Ivan Markov defeated Super Tato
Anton Deryabin, Ronnie Crimson and Serge White defeated America’s Hope (Leo and Tim) and Richard T. Mone
Alexei Schukin defeated The Sledgehammer
Team Evil (Freddy Machete, LaPatka and Nick Chui) defeated Chris Rave, Joker and Maxim Kremnev in a tornado six-man tag match
Anton Deryabin defeated Ivan Markov and Vladimir Kulakov in a three-way match to retain the IWF Heavyweight Championship
Aeri defeated Mephisto and Ramona
Luzhniki Cup Battle Royal: Serge White defeated Aeri, Alexei Schukin, Dmitry Orlov, Joker, LaPatka, Leo, Nick Chui, Paramedic Dima, Richard T. Mone, Ronnie Crimson, The Sledgehammer, Tim, Valery Hamov, Victor Cosmo and Yuri Chistyakov

Riot Wrestling, No Limits Sports Centre, Barcelona, Spain, July 25
Pol Badia defeated Leon Dorado
Law And Order (Folo and Pacheco) defeated Jocoso Jr. and Marc Grizzly
Ricky Barcelo defeated Allen Hawke
Los Corporacion (La Pulga and Santiago Sangriento) defeated LatiNatioN (Jorge Carranza and Mandril Escobar) in a No DQ match

(results courtesy of Cagematch and the various promotions’ Facebook pages)

European Wrestling Association, Wien, Austria, June 18
Peter White defeated Igor Rachimov
Robert Dreissker defeated Julian Nero
Moxie defeated Red Jessy
Michael Kovac defeated Muslim Sultanov

Pro Wrestling Allstars, Theater Aan Twater Festival, De Kaai, Boom, Belgium, June 20
Catch Cup 2015 Quarterfinals:
Johnny Evers defeated Young Money Chong
Kid Lux defeated Steve Venom
Gabriel Angelfyre defeated Spike Bones (w/Steve Venom)
Kazza G defeated Rob Raw (w/Dragan)
Catch Cup 2015 Semifinals:
Johnny Evers defeated Kid Lux
Gabriel Angelfyre defeated Kazza G
PWA Tag Team Title Four Way Match: Raw Rage (Rex Rage and Rob Raw) defeated Hard Rock Inc. (Jeff McCready and Jimmy Lightning) (w/Jessie Jones), Second Solution (Spike Bones and Steve Venom) and The Church Of Angelfyre (Dragan and Young Money Chong) to win the PWA Tag Team Championship
Catch Cup 2015 Final:
Johnny Evers defeated Gabriel Angelfyre to win the tournament

Tigers Pro Wrestling, Marseilles, France, June 20
Christianium Le Surrealiste defeated Jefferson
Senza Volto defeated Johnny Hogger
Eloanne defeated Pauline to retain the FRPW Women’s Championship
Hellmer Lo Guennec defeated Vince’NT to retain the APC Championship
Ragnar Rok defeated Hugo Perez to retain the TPW Strong Style Championship

Westside Xtreme Wrestling, Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, June 20:

Prost (Mike Schwarz and Toby Blunt) defeat French Flavour (Lucas Di Leo and Peter Fischer) to win the wXw World Tag Team Championship
Robert Dreissker defeated Big Daddy Walter by DQ
Lucky Kid defeated Franz Engel, Ivan Kiev, Marius Al-Ani and Miguel Ramirez
Kim Ray defeated Ilja Dragunov to win the wXw Shotgun Championship
Marty Scurll defeated Axel Dieter Jr.
Karsten Beck defeated Tommy End to retain the wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship
Shortcut To The Top 30 Man Royal Rumble: Grado won, defeating Aaron Insane, Absolute Andy, Axel Dieter Jr., Da Mack, Franz Engel, Ilja Dragunov, Ivan Kiev, Jason Muse, John Klinger, Jurn Simmons, Kevin Roadster, Kim Ray, Laurence Roman, Lucas Di Leo, Lucky Kid, Marius Al-Ani, Marius van Beethoven, Marty Scurll, Michael Dante, Miguel Ramirez, Mike Schwarz, Peter Fischer, Robert Dreissker, Sasa Keel, Sha Samuels, Steve Valentino, Tarkan Aslan, The Rotation and Toby Blunt

Adriatic Special Combat Academy, PalaIdea, Mailand, Italy, June 20
Show one:
Maschera D’Argento defeated Andrew Winston, Horus L’Assoluto and JT9 in a four-way elimination match
Shock defeated Andres Diamond
Giacomo Giglio defeated The Entertainer to retain the FCW Championship
Spaghetti Strong Style (Iceman and Kyo Kazama) defeated Italian Fight Club (Enrico Fernandez and Veleno)

Show two:
Veleno defeated Mark Fit and Maschera D’Argento
Extreme Panther defeated Brutus
Ape Atomica II defeated Giacomo Giglio to win the FCW Championship
Iceman defeated Doblone
Red Scorpion defeated Andrew Winston, Enrico Fernandez and JT9 to retain the BWT Championship
Il Lupo defeated Andres Diamond, Charlie Kid and Shock
Mr. Excellent defeated Kyo Kazama
Red Devil defeated OGM to retain the ICW Italian Championship

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pooraka, Australia, June 19
1. Adam Crowe and Bryan Lawson defeated Tons Of Pain (Joey Triton and Mann Dozer) to become #1 contenders to the Snakepit Tag Team Championship
2. Acid Haze (Snakepit) defeated D.T. Carter (HRPW)
3. Tyler Daniels defeated William Stars
4. Rookie Gauntlet
Doc Kinkaid defeated Ben Brooks
Doc Kinkaid defeated Korey Kaiser
”Nightmare” Eddie Draven defeated Doc Kinkaid to win the Rookie Gauntlet
5. Blake ”The Man” Mitchell (HRPW) defeated Marvin P. Newton (Snakepit) to retain the Snakepit Friday Night Fights title after interference from HRPW
6. Matt Hayter (Empire) def. Michael Weaver (Snakepit) after interference from Doc Kinkaid.
7. J.M.C (HRPW) vs. Tex Rogers (Snakepit) ended in a double count out
8. Big Daddy Jack (Snakepit) defeated ”Dirty” Dingo Richards (HRPW)
9. King John E. Radic (HRPW) defeated Jake Viper (Snakepit) to retain the Snakepit Adelaide Open Championship

Rock and Roll Wrestling, June 19 and 20:
Night one: Kemblawarra Portuguese Club
1. Hydro defeated “Good Guy” Dan Wilson
2. “Real Man” Jack Bonza defeated Otis
3. Captain Keato defeated JT Robinson
4. Hunter P.S Hayes and Robbie Eagles defeated Adam Hoffman and “Green Dragon” Mick Moretti
5. Shazza McKenzie defeated Charli Evans
6. UWA Elite Champion Sean Kustom defeated Michael Spencer via DQ

Night Two: Dapto Citizen’s Bowling Club:
1. Robbie Eagles defeated “Good Guy” Dan Wilson
2. “Real Man” Jack Bonza defeated Bee Boy
3. Jordan Black and JT Robinson defeated Hydro and Otis
4. Mr. Waterhouse defeated Captain Keato
5. Charli Evans defeated Shazza McKenzie
6. Michael Spencer defeated Sean Kustom to become the new UWA Elite Champion

New Horizon Pro Wrestling, Cockburn Youth Centre, Australia, June 20:
Dark Match: King Shahil defeated “Seychelles Sensation” JL Ah Weng
1. Kuhmana defeated Aaron O’Malley to become the new NHPW Hybrid Champion
2. Rhys Youngblood def. Felix Young (w/Jordan Bishop)
3. “The Business” Aaron Jackson defeated ”The One” Hayden Zenith
4. Perth K9 (Dane and Odin) defeated SST Legacy Tag Team Champions Sex Mafia (David Nero and Michael Morleone w/London Hargreaves) via DQ after the Heroes of Future Past attacked the K9’s
5. Kaha Edmonds defeated Aaron Jackson, Aaron O’Malley, Bodhi McKenzie, David Nero, Felix Young, Hayden Zenith, Heritor, Jacob O’Driscoll, JL Ah Weng, John Dozer, Jordan Bishop, Josh Newland, Kuhmana, King Shahil, Liam Mendel, London Hargreaves, Michael Morleone, Switchblade and the Warship to win the first ever Path to Greatness Rumble
6. Kaha Edmonds defeated Jay Taylor to become the new NHPW Art of Fighting Champion

Explosive Pro Wrestling, Perth, Australia, June 20:
1. Jordan Bishop defeated Lucha Rojo to advance in the Rising Star Cup
2. Mike Massive defeated Twitch in a Special Challenge Match
3. Headhunters (Devlin Reeves and Tyler Jacobs) defeated Liam Mendel and Ross Cage
4. “Big Rig” Scotty Ryan defeated Gavin McGavin
5. Taylor King defeated Bodhi McKenzie to advance in the Rising Star Cup
6. Allyson Cruz defeated Blair Brady
7. Dan Moore vs. The Warship ended in no contest

Wrestle Rampage, St Clair Rec Centre, Australia, June 20:
1. Rufio defeated Carlo Cannon
2. The Brotherhood (Anarchy and Havok) defeated Robby Heart in a Handicap Match. Anarchy was revealed to be Damian Slater.
3. Pat Graham defeated Dean Valente
4. TMDK (Hartley Jackson and Jonah Rock) defeated Cousin Ali and Emanuelle
5. Link Barnett and Mike Boomer defeated Juicy Balls (Mr. Juicy and Wreckin’ Ball Wilson)
6. ”Gorgeous” Greg Graham defeated Joey Graham in a Strap Match
7. Marcius Pitt defeated ”The Smashing Machine” Chris Vice via DQ following interference from The Brotherhood
8. TMDK (Hartley Jackson, Jonah Rock and Marcius Pitt) defeated The Brotherhood (Chris Vice, Damian Slater and Havok)

Outback Championship Wrestling, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, June 20:
Dark Match: “Big” Brodie Marshall defeated Sketch
Dark Match: Matt “GRIMM” Basso defeated F.O.X
Joey Ryan’s “Open Australian Sleaze” Beat the Clock Challenge:
1. Cadman Turner vs. “Jurassic Punk” Syd Parker ended in a time limit draw
2. JXT vs. “FanTabulous” Micky Jackson ends in a double count out
3. “Big” Brodie Marshall defeated Cletus (4:45)
4. Kellyanne vs. Vixsin ended in a time limit draw
5. Josh “The Axe” Shooter defeated Mohamed Ali Vaez (1:42)
6. Matt “GRIMM” Basso defeated Sketch (0:09)
– GRIMM wins the Open Sleaze Challenge to face Joey Ryan later in the evening!
7. Brad Smyth defeated Andy Phoenix after a video message from Robbie E distracted Phoenix
8. Mad Dog McCrea defeated Mohamed Ali Vaez to retain his #1 Contendership to the OCW Heavyweight Championship
9. Gabriel Wolfe and Slade Mercer defeated Adam Brooks in a Handicap Street Fight to become the new OCW Tag Team Champions
10. Matt “GRIMM” Basso defeated Joey Ryan

Championship Wrestling Australia, Canley Vale Hall, Australia, June 21:
1. Tristan Lewis defeated J.D. Wilson (w/Gentleman Jack) via DQ
2. Johnny Vercetti defeated Jackson Spade via count out
3. Tristan Slade defeated 5 Star Flash
4. Pineapple Militia (Keegan Brettle and Randal) defeated The Mediterranean Generals (Achilles and Osama Hussein) to retain the CWA Tag Team titles
5. Tarlee defeated Flame to capture the vacant CWA Ladies title
6. Mikey Lord defeated 5 Star Flash, Achilles, Alex Titan, Chris Abbott, Chris Shadows, J.D.Wilson, Johnny Vercetti, Joshua Gatt, Kasai, Keegan, Marvin The Morphman, Nick Maltino, Osama Hussein, Randal, Tristan Lewis and Zac Falzon to win a special CWA Rumble and earn a shot at the CWA Heavyweight Championship
7. Alex Titan defeated ”The Deadly Shot” Kasai and Mikey Lord to retain the CWA Heavyweight Championship

Queensland Wrestling Alliance, Townsville, Queensland, Australia, June 21:
1. Australian Wolf defeated Stitches the Clown (w/ Haze (White) [Global Domination Tournament Qualifier]
2. Rocko Rumblé defeated DH [Global Domination Tournament Qualifier]
3. Joey Ryan defeated His Royal Tenis [Global Domination Tournament Qualifier]
4. Tower of Power defeated Gingero [Global Domination Tournament Qualifier]
5. Haze (Red) defeated Johnny Maverick
6. Nick Skitz and Seth Tylors defeated The Choff and Karlos Aries (w/Frank the Tank)
7. Joey Ryan defeated Australian Wolf, Rocko Rumblé and the Tower of Power in an elimination match to win the Global Domination Tournament and become the inaugural QCW Global Champion

Impact Pro Wrestling New Zealand, Mt Albert War Memorial, Mt Albert, New Zealand, June 20
1. Dal Knox, Johnny Idol and Taylor Adams defeated Chaos, Clementson and Mr Burns.
2. Aaron Henry defeated Michael Richards.
3. Jakob Cross defeated Fury via Referee Stoppage.
4. Noface defeated Mason Daniels.
5. Lil T defeated TK Cooper.
6. Vinny Dunn and Kingi defeated The Pride via Disqualification.
7. James Shaw defeated Travis Banks to retain the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship

Snakepit Wrestling, Adelaide December 19 and 20:
Night one:
1. Acid Haze def. Doc Kinkaid to retain the Snakepit FNF Title
2. Ace Wilson def. KAOS
3. Matt Hayter def. Adam Crowe after interference from Izzy Shaw
4. Wam Bam Bellows def. Snakepit Adelaide Open Champion John E. Radic via DQ
5. Wam Bam Bellows def. Snakepit Adelaide Open Champion John E. Radic via count out
6. John E. Radic def. Wam Bam Bellows to retain the Snakepit Adelaide Open Championship
7. Team Lawson (Big Daddy Jack, Bryan Lawson, Marvin P. Newton and Tex Rogers) def. The Psycho Circus (Bobby V, Damien Synn, Joey Triton and Mann Dozer) in the Battlefield Rumble

Night two:
1. Acid Haze and Bryan Lawson def. Jake Viper and Joey Triton
2. William Star def. Black Star
3. Mann Dozer def. Big Daddy Jack
4. Adam Crowe def. Izzy Shaw and Matt Hayter in a Handicap Match
5. Blue Blood def. John E Radic and Wam Bam Bellows to retain the Snakepit Southern Heavyweight Title
6. Acid Haze last eliminated Matt Hayter to win the Southern Royal Rumble and become #1 Contender to the Southern Heavyweight Championship

Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Association, Brown Park, December 20:
1. Hayden Zenith def. “Big Gun” Samuel Colt
2. Del Cano def. Crazy Train
3. The McKenzie Brothers (Bodhi and Byron McKenzie) def. Sexasaurus Rex (Jayceratops and Twitchadochus)
4. “Firefly” Felix Young (w/Zoe Quinn) def. Liam Mendel
5. Jimmy Jamal Jenkins vs. “Big” Vin Penhero ended in no contest after the Warship interfered
6. Del Cano, El Jim Bob and The McKenzie Brothers def. Crimson Lightning, “Big Gun” Samuel Colt and Sexasaurus Rex in the Battle for Christmas Match

Queensland Championship Wrestling, Plaza Parade, Maroochydore, December 20:
1. Cyprien def. James McCullum
2. Slamming Sam def. Tim Kade
3. Renegade def. “The Dutch Demon” Natas via DQ when Slamming Sam and Cyprien got involved in the match.
4. Renegade, Rip Rielly and Tim Kade def. Cyprien, “The Dutch Demon” Natas and Slamming Sam
5. Power House Playas def. El Patto Grande and Nathaniel West
6. Ricky Rembrandt def. Rabies the Clown to win the Jokers Contract
7. Mickey 2 Phat def. Thirteen to become the new QCW South Queensland Champion

Professional Championship Wrestling, Hallam, Victoria, December 20:
1. “Brick Wall” Lee Burns def. Andrew Titan
2. Rocco def. Mr. Big
3. Nash Archer def. Elias
4. WAIK def. Tyler Frost
5. MiKazi def. Blue Collar and Fury
6. “Macedonian Model” Tome Filip def. Cass Stone to retain the PCW Slam Championship

Impact Pro Wrestling New Zealand, Mt Albert War Memorial, Mt Albert, December 20
1 James Shaw defeated Taylor Adams
2 Carmen Rose defeated BFF
3 Britenay defeated Ligress by DQ
4 TnT defeated The Pride; Mauler Clementson and Mr Burns; Pat Schisk and Elias; and Brook Duncan and his mystery partner to win a five-team elimination match and retain their IPWNZ Tag Team Championship
5 James Shaw defeated Jakob Cross in a fans bring the weapons match to become #1 contender for the heavyweight title