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    Report by Watching the Indies owner Leon Muston


1. Aloha Joe defeated X-Cyro
(X-Cyro used technical skills and high flying moves but Joe won with sheer power, catching a top rope move and nailing a Samoan – or possibly Hawaiian – drop)

2 El Matador defeated TNT, Nganga and DMS (Dance Master Sexy) in a four-way
(Match was originally announced as a triple threat, with TNT returning from a long absence to make it a four-way. El Matador got the win but was beaten up by the other three after the match. Then all the kids got in the ring for a dance competition with DMS).

3 XWE Championship match: Monre Lee (champion) defeated Dirty Angel 2 by DQ
(Lee almost got the win with a top rope finishing move but Aloha Joe ran in and attacked him, breaking up the cover meaning Monre retained the title by DQ. X-Cyro ran down to help Monre, but just when Monre thought he had back-up, X-Cyro hit him in the back of the head with the title belt, and after that with a kendo stick)


(Results courtesy of Steve Van Eeden):
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Hector Payne and Griffin fought to a double pin
Dirty Jackson vs Mr Money no contest
Mr Money and The Bandit defeated Dirty Jackson and Azazel
Steve Eden defeated Jackal, The Crow and Ripper in a no DQ fatal four-way to win the HWA World Championship

International Wrestling Australia, 99 on York, Sydney, Australia, October 29
1. Matt Bailey defeated ”New Age Ninja” Mikey Lord in a No Holds Barred Match
2. Apollo defeated Chris Abbott, Ethan Hughz, Josh Gatt, Keegan Brettle and Randal in a Gauntlet Match to retain the IWA Trans-Tasman Championship
3. Tyson Gibbs defeated Alex Titan and Ryan Eagles in a 3-Way Match to retain the IWA Championship

Adelaide Championship Wrestling, Karadinga Sports Centre, Adelaide, Australia, October 30:
1. The Nacho Man defeated El Griffo
2. Damien Rivers defeated El Neon
3. Faceless defeated Zak Douglas via count out. The Barron was scheduled to compete in this match, however due to injury The Barron nominated Faceless to represent him in this match of the tournament [ACW Heavyweight Championship Tournament – Round 1]
4. Joey Eclipse defeated Tecniko
5. Jack Rossely defeated Jesse Hendy [ACW Heavyweight Championship Tournament – Round 1]
6. Simple Simon defeated Gabriel Wolfe and Joe Mundie in a triple threat match

Professional Championship Wrestling, Rowville, Australia, October 31:
1. Stevie Filip defeated Ryan Rapid to earn a spot on PCW Anniversary Spectacular
2. Blake “Mr Big” Johnston defeated Luke Sabre
3. “Relentless” Mark Kage defeated “Brick Wall” Lee Burns
4. Nick Aaron (w/Natasha Webb) defeated Elias (w/Bianca)
5. Anthony Dangerfield defeated Nash Archer
6. Gary Farmer won the 2015 PCW Destiny Battle Royal
7. WAIK defeated ”The Mozzie” Cass Stone, Manny Gunner, Nate Cross and Rocco to win the PCW Destiny Ladder Match, and winning the 12-Month PCW Contract

Queensland Wrestling Alliance, Townsville Community Centre, Townsville, Queensland, Australia, October 31:
1. Haze defeated Rocko Rumblé in a Trick or Treat Match
2. Gingero defeated Combat Wombat
3. Curtus Jaxx and Nick Skitz defeated Six till Two (His Royal Tenis and Tower of Power) in a Tables Match to become the new QWA Tag Team Champions
4. Australian Wolf defeated The Choff
5. Seth Tylors defeated Stitches in a Barbed Wire Board Match to retain the QWA Championship

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling, Snakepit Arena, Pooraka, Australia, October 31:
1. Damien Synn last eliminated John E. Radic (as John Cena) to win a Royal Rumble
2. Acid Haze and Michael Weaver defeated ”Nightmare” Eddie Draven and Wam Bam Bellows
3. Acid Haze defeated Michael Weaver to retain the Snakepit Adelaide Open Championship
4. The Empire (Doc Kinkaid and Matt Hayter) defeated Pop Nation (Adam Crowe and Bryan Lawson) (c), The Revolution (Big Daddy Jack and Tex Rogers) and Tons Of Pain (Joey Triton and Mann Dozer) in a Fatal Four Way Match to become the new Snakepit Tag Team Champions
5. ”Cannonball” Kris Taylor defeated King John E. Radic in a Steel Cage Match
6. Ace Wilson defeated The Jackal in a Steel Cage Match to retain the Snakepit Heavyweight Championship

Australasian Wrestling Federation, AWF Headquarters, Michinbury, Australia, October 31:
1. The Misfit defeated Jax Jordan
2. TNT and Whiskey Sixx defeated The Hive (Bee Boy and MANtis) to retain the AWF Tag Team titles
3. Scotty Haim defeated Shane Saw
4. Apollo defeated Jarrod Idol to retain the AWF Commonwealth Championship
5. Matt Bailey defeated Massive Q
6. Dean Draven defeated Alex Titan in a Halloween Hell Dog Collar Chain Match to retain the AWF Australasian Championship

Championship Wrestling Australia, Sydney, Australia, November 1:
1. The Kings of K.O (Chris Abbott and Josh Gatt) defeated Pineapple Militia (Keegan and Randal) to become the #1 Contenders for the CWA Tag Team Titles. This match will occur as soon as Commissioner C.J. Irwin lifts the suspension on the reigning champions (The Mediterranean Generals).
2. Ethan Hughz defeated Jax Jordan
3. The Misfit vs. Sai ended in no result after interference from the Creeper
4. The Misfit and The 5 Star Flash defeated Insane Punishment (Creeper and Sai) via DQ
5. CWA Hardcore Champion, Maso defeated “The Birdman” Phil Picasso
6. Niki Nitro vs. CWA Ladies Champion Tarlee ended in a double count out
7. CWA Heavyweight Champion Mikey Lord (w/Tarlee) defeated Tristan Lewis
8. CWA Heavyweight Champion Mikey Lord (w/Tarlee) defeated J.D.Wilson via DQ
9. CWA Heavyweight Champion Mikey Lord (w/Tarlee) defeated Jackson Spade
10. Gentleman Jack vs. CWA Heavyweight Champion Mikey Lord (w/Tarlee) ended in no contest

Pacific Pro Wrestling, Brisbane, Queensland, October 31:
Session 1
1. Johnny Lukas defeated TJ Warrior
2. Blair Seeker and Slammin’ Sam defeated The Uprising (Astro Shock and Bryce McAllister)
3. Alex Shepard defeated Lucas Gold to win the Pacific Light Heavyweight Championship
Session 2
4. Johnny Lukas defeated Slammin’ Sam
5. Lucas Gold, Blair Seeker and TJ Warrior defeated The Uprising (Alex Shepard, Astro Shock and Bryce McAllister)
Session 3
6. Lucas Gold defeated Alex Shepard to win the Pacific Light Heavyweight Championship
7. Blair Seeker, Lucas Gold, Slammin’ Sam and TJ Warrior defeated Johnny Lukas and The Uprising (Alex Shepard, Astro Shock and Bryce McAllister)

(Results courtesy of Australian Indy Wrestling)

Fight Club Finland, Ace Corner, Lahti, Finland, October 9
King Kong Karhula and Pyöveli Petrov defeated Jami Aalto and Jessica Love
Murskaaja Mieto defeated Tohtori Ione
Valentine defeated Stark Adder to retain the FCF Finnish Heavyweight Championship
Ricky Vendetta defeats Marius Al-Ani
Julia Kyy defeated Regina
Starbuck defeated Steinbolt

Tigers Pro Wrestling, Alzonne, France, October 10
Christianium defeated Blake Andersen
Eva Summers defeated Eloanne by disqualification (FRPW Women’s title match)
Jefferson defeated Ragnar Rok by disqualification (TPW Strong Style title match)
Vince’NT defeated Senza Volto
Jefferson and Eva Summers defeated Ragnar Rok and Eloanne

Westside Xtreme Wrestling, Germany, October 9 and 10:
Night one: Löwensaal, Nürnberg, Bayern, Germany
Mike Schwarz defeated Marius van Beethoven by DQ
Super Smash Brothers (Player Dos and Player Uno) defeat Reich Und Schön (Kevin Roadster and Marius van Beethoven)
Sasa Keel defeated Ivanov
Jurn Simmons and Karsten Beck defeated Jonathan Gresham and The Rotation
Big Daddy Walter and Hot And Spicy (Axel Dieter Jr. and Da Mack) defeated Cerberus (Ilja Dragunov, Julian Nero and Robert Dreissker)
wXw Unified World Wrestling Title #1 Contendership Match: Absolute Andy vs. John Klinger – Double Knock Out

Night Two: Batschkapp, Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany, October 10:
Mike Schwarz defeated Kevin Roadster
Jurn Simmons and Karsten Beck defeated Super Smash Brothers (Player Dos and Player Uno)
Kim Ray (w/Ivanov) defeated Jonathan Gresham to retain the DTU Alto Rendimiento title
Aaron Insane defeated Sasa Keel
Bad Bones John Klinger defeated Bram
Da Mack defeated Marius van Beethoven, The Rotation and Toby Blunt
Absolute Andy defeated Mason Ryan
Cerberus (Julian Nero and Robert Dreissker) defeated Axel Dieter Jr. and Big Daddy Walter

Athletik Club Wrestling, Julius-Hetterich-Saal, Ludwigshafen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, October 10:
Dean Jazzman defeated Criss Riot in a non-title match
Nok Su Kau defeats Gaijin
The Insane Killer (w/Deydra) defeated Bruder Chaos, Rocky Lottatore and Shaggy in a fatal four-way
BAM defeated Jonny Storm
Michael Phoenix vs. Viper – No Contest
Criss Riot defeated Dean Jazzman to retain the ACW Wrestling Challenge title
Al Snow defeated Boombastic by DQ
Al Snow, BAM and Nok Su Kau defeated Binairial, Boombastic and Jonny Storm

Celtic Championship Wrestling, The Pav, Cork, Ireland, October 10
Kurt Simmons vs. Yoshihiro Yamada – no contest
The Establishment (Lee Cahalane and Jack Vice) defeated The Sidekicks (Jason Maxx and Ace Andrews) in an open challenge match
Bingo Balance defeated Xavier Burns, Saqib Ali and Jody Fleisch to retain the CCW All-star Championship
David The Beloved defeated The Fabulous Nicky
Omega, Valkyrie and Roughshod defeated Karl Brien, Marion Armstrong and Kazza G in a six-person intergender tag team match
Ricky Combat defeated Lycan in a Cork City street fight to retain the CCW Heavyweight Championship

Consejo Intercontinental de Lucha, Palau D’Esports, Platja D’Aro, Catalunia, Spain, October 10
David Dusk defeated Nonas
Dom Taylor defeated Trece Mascaras
Anne Stone defeats D-Monik in a #1 contenders match for the CIL Women’s title
Judas Archeron defeats Ricky Barceló

Spanish Pro Wrestling, Espai Jove La Fontana, Barcelona, Spain, October 11:
Morthus defeated DJ Issi, Gravity Zero, Revil and Xenomantis in a five-way match
Jon Hammer defeated Jeffrey Pac
Protato Monsters (Antonio Cortes, Jaime Lector and Leon Dorado) defeat Ley y Orden (Adriano, Folo and Pacheco)
Fenrir vs. Marc Grizzly – No Contest
Axel Salazar and Dragonita defeated La Jerarquia (Barracuda and Jocoso Jr.)
Lance Lawrence defeated Pol Badia

(Results sourced from and the CCW and TPW Facebook pages)

Belgian Catch Wrestling Federation, Phillipeville, Belgium, January 31
1 Blake Andersen defeated Alex LeGrand and Big Joe in a triple threat
2 Daz and Zad defeated Jeff McCready and Nick Fury
3 Black Cobra defeated Scotty
4 Collin Williams vs. Kay Williams – Double Count Out
5 Zitch defeated Chris Sky
6 Darkmondo defeated S’n’B
7 MBM defeated Antic Warrior by DQ
8 Emilie defeated Axel
9 Andynamite and Eddie Dark defeated Matt Scorpion & Priscilla to win the BWS Tag Team Championship

Mad Wrestling Association, Stockelsdorf, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, January 31
1 MWA International Heavyweight Title #1 Contendership Three Way Match: Andre Trucker defeated Crazy Sexy Mike and Pascal Spalter by Count Out
2 Koray defeated Luke Ass
3 Rob Cage (w/Kevin Cross) defeated Ivan Kiev to win the MWA International Heavyweight Championship (special referee: Andre Trucker)
4 Ivan Kiev defeats Rob Cage (w/Kevin Cross) in a rematch to win the MWA International Heavyweight Championship
5 Lord Of The Ring 2015 Battle Royal: Marty Fabz defeated Amber Rox, Diamond Ace, Luke Ass, Masterpiece Marsellus, Nico Block, Nik Hellström, The Big JAWS, Tim Karstens, Tim Suxdorf and Vincenzo Coccotti
6 Tim Suxdorf defeatws Masterpiece Marsellus, Murat AK and Tim Karstens in a fatal fourway to retain the MWA Limit-X Championship
7 The Young Lions (Lucky Kid and Tarkan Aslan) defeated Reign Of Terror (Cash Money Erkan and The Big JAWS) to win the MWA Tag Team Championship.

Pro Wrestling Showdown, Jongerencentrum ToDo, Best, Netherlands, January 31
1 Toby Blunt defeated Andrei Ivanov
2 Beatings R Us (Jack Ferrigno and Robby Maddox) defeated Flip And Fly (Silver Bullet and The Rotation)
3 Jamie de la Combe defeated Lloyd Pengel to retain the PWS Junior Heavyweight Championship
4 Battle Royal: Winner: Mot van Kunder
5 Jurn Simmons defeated Joe E. Legend to win the PWS Heavyweight Championship
6 Johnny Evers and Mot van Kunder defeated Tommy End and Young Money Chong
7 Sean Lucas defeats Rico Bushido in a five stages guerrilla warfare match

GBG Wrestling, Gothenborg, Sweden, January 31
1 Timmy Crews defeated Hank Havoc
2 Harley Rage defeated Huckleberry Sinn
3 Levi Petrus defeated Danny Sharp
4 Bad Buddha and Timmy Crews (replacement for Buddha’s original injured partner Aguila Roja) defeated Los Classicos and Pretty Kool in a triple threat tornado tag match
5 The Empire State (Steinbolt and Mr. PPV) defeated Chaos and GBGW champion Conny Mejsel in a no DQ tag match