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Fight Club Finland, Töölön Kisahalli, Helsinki, Finland, March 19
Best Two Out Of Three Falls Tag Team Match: HC Andersen and Tohtori Ioni defeated The Luupää Bros (Jake Luupää and Vili Luupää)
Jessica Love defeated TEUVO
Jami Aalto defeated Jack The Strangler, Make Smooth and Murskaaja Mieto in a four-way
Ricky Vendetta defeated Stark Adder
Toni Storm defeated Regina Rogue
Two On One Handicap Match: Herra Tapaturma and Pyöveli Petrov defeated Tuho Torvinen
Last Man Standing Match: Mikko Maestro defeated Heimo Ukonselkä
Valentine defeated King Kong Karhula to retain the FCF Finnish Heavyweight Championship
Starbuck defeated Chaos

German Wrestling Federation/Next Wrestling, Hennigsdorf, Brandenburg, Germany, March 19
Pete Bouncer (w/Andre Trucker) defeated Cem Kaplan (w/Koray)
Pascal Spalter defeated Jaxx
Slinky defeated Fabius Titus to win the GWF Next Wrestling Star Championship
Toni Tiger defeated Captain Martinez (w/Gefreiter Richter and Gefreiter Weber) by DQ
Koray (w/Cem Kaplan) defeated Marcel Weiss
Non Title Match: Orlando Silver defeated Ronaldo
Captain Martinez, Gefreiter Richter and Gefreiter Weber defeated Young Lions (Lucky Kid and Tarkan Aslan) and Tony Tiger

German Wrestling Promotion, Markgrafensaal, Schwabach, Bayern, Germany, March 19:
Mr. Wrestling V defeated Jonny Storm by DQ to retain the Title
Pascal Signer defeated Mr Wrestling V to win the Title
Boombastic, Bruder Chaos and Dean Jazzman defeated Insane Killer, The Rotation and Thunderhawk
Michael Dante defeated Kevin Roadster
Dean Jazzman defeated Pascal Signer to win the Title
Sasa Keel defeated Ivan Kiev to win the Dragonhearts Title
T-K-O defeated Demolition Davies (w/Amber Rox) to retain the N.E.W. World Heavyweight Championship
Farmer Joe defeated Dean Jazzman to win the Title
Decent Society (Ahmed Chaer and Crazy Sexy Mike) defeated Farmer Joe and Georg Gwärch
Cash Money Erkan defeated Farmer Joe to win the Title
Blue Nikita defeated Stella to retain the GSW Ladies Title
Non Title Match: Cash Money Erkan defeats Chris Colen
Will Ospreay defeated Tommy End
Juvenile X defeated Mexx and Murat Bosporus to retain the GWP World Title in a three-way elimination match

Total Combat Wrestling, Rozzano, Italy, March 20
AperiTeam (Claudio Campari and Martini) defeated Il Culto Della Luce (Death Mask and Skorpio to win the TCW Tag Team Championship.
Apollo defeated Domenico Dinamite
Marco Bragaglia and Turbo defeated Oxlay Black and Saetta Nera
Kombat Komedian defeated Black Ice to win the TCW Revolution Championship
Sami Grayson defeated Backslash
Fenice Rossa defeated Darkness II by DQ
Antonino Bellavita defeated Scandalo!
TCW Rebel Title Best Two Out Of Three Falls Match: Il Marchese (c) vs. Carlo Birra – Draw [1:1 with third match double countout]

Frontier Championship Wrestling, Palestra Marconi, Italy, March 19:
Alex Fitness and Matt Disasters defeated Danny Price and Steve McKee to retain the FCW Tag Team Championship
Red Devil defeated The Entertrainer
Drake Destroyer defeated Tom Sanders
Horus L’Assoluto defeated Kronos and Kyo Kazama in a three-way to retain the FCW Hardcore Championship
Leone defeated Cash Crash
The Greatest defeated Brutus in a no DQ match

Italian Wrestling Superstar, Palasport Rivarolo, Rivarolo Cavanese, Italy, March 19:
Peter White defeated Hugo Perez
Leo Cristiani defeated Pauline by DQ
Italian Dream defeated Antonio De Luca
Caucasian Connection (Igor Rachimov and Muslim Sultanov) defeated Deimos and Italian Tornado
Brutus Magnus and El Dinamico defeated King Danza and Michael Kovac

Romanian Pro Wrestling, Clujana Festa Hall, Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, Romania, March 19:
Icarus defeated Dover
Audrey Bride defeated Sara Elektra
Bernard Vandamme defeated Jimmy Gavroche to win the vacant RPW Heavyweight Championship
Audrey Bride, Bernard Vandamme and Icarus defeated Dover, Jimmy Gavroche and Sara Elektra

(Results courtesy of Cagematch)


Pro Wrestling Allstars, Brasserie De Schorre, Boom, Belgium, March 12
Tengkwa defeated Fabulous Nicky
Cyborg (w/Nina) defeated Joel Vox by DQ
Spike Bones defeated Jimmy Lightning (w/Jessie Jones)
Rami Romeo defeated Dragan
Ymah and Young Money Chong (w/Coach Montanus) defeated Christian Ace and Nate Devlin
Raw Rage (Rex Rage and Rob Raw) defeated Danny Sparks and Mikey Blaze to retain the PWA Tag Team Championship
Steve Venom (w/Cindy) defeated Jeff McCready (w/Jessie Jones)
Audrey Bride and Kazza G defeated Fabulous Nicky and Nitro
Johnny Evers defeated Gabriel Angelfyre to retain both the PWA European Allstar and PWA Daredevil titles

Westside Xtreme Wrestling, wXw Wrestling Academy, Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, March 10
Timothy Thatcher vs Tyler Bate – Time Limit Draw
Toni Storm defeated Melanie Gray
Kim Ray defeated Mike Bailey
Big Daddy Walter defeated Kevin Roadster
Zack Sabre Jr. defeated David Starr
Big Daddy Walter and Timothy Thatcher defeated Mike Bailey and Tyler Bate

Night Two: Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, March 11:
David Starr defeated Aaron Insane, Mike Schwarz and Tyler Bate
Toni Storm defeated Leva Bates
16 Carat Gold Tournament 2016 First Round Matches:
Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Big Daddy Walter
Timothy Thatcher defeated Sasa Keel
Ilja Dragunov (w/Adam Polak) defeated Mike Bailey
Will Ospreay defeated Shane Strickland
Angelico defeated Trevor Lee
Drew Galloway defeated Silas Young
Sami Callihan defeated Kim Ray (w/Ivanov)
Axel Dieter Jr. defeated Marty Scurll

Day Three: Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, March 12:
Afternoon Show:
AMBITION 7 Tournament First Round Match
Sasa Keel defeated David Starr by KO
Timothy Thatcher defeated Big Daddy Walter
Axel Dieter Jr. defeated Mike Bailey
Bobby Gunns defeated Zack Sabre Jr.
AMBITION 7 Tournament Semifinal Matches:
Sasa Keel defeated Timothy Thatcher
Bobby Gunns defeated Axel Dieter Jr.
Superfight Match: Dominic Brackner defeated Rico Bushido
AMBITION 7 Tournament Final:
Sasa Keel defeated Bobby Gunns to win the tournament

Evening Show:
Tyler Bate defeated Silas Young
David Starr and Shane Strickland defeated Big Daddy Walter and Da Mack
Marty Scurll defeated Angelico, Mike Bailey and Trevor Lee
Melanie Gray defeated Toni Storm
16 Carat Gold Tournament 2016 Quarterfinal Matches:
Axel Dieter Jr. defeated Ilja Dragunov
Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Will Ospreay
Sami Callihan defeated Timothy Thatcher
Jurn Simmons defeated Absolute Andy, John Klinger and Karsten Beck to win the wXw Unified World Wrestling Title

Night Four:
16 Carat Gold Tournament 2016 Quarterfinal Match:
Drew Galloway defeated Angelico
16 Carat Gold Tournament 2016 Semifinal Matches:
Axel Dieter Jr. defeated Drew Galloway
Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Sami Callihan
Six Man Tag Team Match: Die Schilds (Bobby Gunns and Vincent The Beast) and Silas Young defeated Big Daddy Walter, Mike Schwarz and Timothy Thatcher
Mixed Tag Team Match: Aaron Insane and Toni Storm defeated Kevin Roadster and Melanie Gray
Cerberus (Ilja Dragunov and Julian Nero) (w/Adam Polak) defeated David Starr and Shane Strickland to retain the wXw World Tag Team Championship
wXw Shotgun Title #1 Contendership Three Way Match: Da Mack defeated Emil Sitoci and Kim Ray
Jurn Simmons (w/Marius van Beethoven and Melanie Gray) defeated Tyler Bate to retain the wXw Unified World Wrestling Title
Marty Scurll and Trevor Lee defeated Mike Bailey and Will Ospreay
16 Carat Gold Tournament 2016 Final Match: Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Axel Dieter Jr. to win the tournament

European Wrestling Promotion, Hangar No. 5, Hanover, Germany, March 12:
Chris Colen defeated Johnny Rancid
Ecki Eckstein defeated Markus Antonius
Leon van Gasteren defeated Robbie Dynamite by DQ in a non-title match
Heimo Ukonselkä and Val Verde defeated Marius Al-Ani and Michael Schenkenberg
Hernandez defeated Cannonball Grizzly to win the EWP World Heavyweight Championship

Championship of Wrestling, Jahnturnhalle Birkenfeld, Germany:
Jake McGlusky defeated The Bruce Sterling
Hakeem Waqur defeated Bernd Föhr
Orlando Silver and Jester defeated Jaxx and Gefreiter Weber
Murat Kaan defeated Izzy Gallegos
Dean Jazzman and the Brotherhood of Disorderd Souls defeated Medi, Bruder Chaos and Rick Taylor
Crazy Sexy Mike defeated Ivan Kiev
Farmer Joe defeated Doug Williams to retain the CoW Interstate Championship
Murat Bosporus defeated Farmer Joe to win the CoW Interstate Championship

Fight Factory Pro Wrestling, Night One: Clara, Ireland, March 12
LJ Cleary defeated Lee Flynn, Sammy D and Curtis Murray in a fatal four-way to win the FFPW Irish Junior Heavyweight Championship

Night Two, Wicklow Town, Ireland, March 13:
Tye Dye Express defeated Soldiers of Fortune to win the FFPW Irish Tag Team Championship

Italian Championship Wrestling, Cartoomics, Fiera Milano, Rho, Mailand, Italy, March 11-13
Day One:
Psycho Mike defeated Gargoyle
Gabriel Bach defeated Simon Silas
Jake L’Aviatore, Manuel Majoli and Ricky Rastelli defeated Coach Lillo, Mr. Excellent and Street Dog
Alessandro Corleone defeated Geminy to retain the ICW Interregional Title
Psycho Mike defeated Ricky Rastelli
Gargoyle and Max Peach defeated Coach Lillo and Street Dog
Tony Callaghan defeated Danny Price
Manuel Majoli defeated Riot
Alessandro Corleone defeated Jari Syberia to retain the ICW Interregional Championship
Charlie Kid defeated Simon Silas to retain the ICW Italian Title
Max Peach defeated Magic Degan
Queen Maya defeated Irene to retain the ICW Women’s Championship
The Urban Guerrilla (Riot and Tony Callaghan) defeated Mr. Excellent and Psycho Mike

Day Two:
Mark Fit defeats Killer Mask
Cheyenne and Queen Maya defeated Irene and Jokey to win the vacant ICW Women’s Tag Team Championship.
Taurus defeated Miroslav Mijatovich
Alessandro Corleone defeated Red Devil to retain the ICW Interregional Championship
Goran Il Barbaro defeated Incubo
The Latin Lovers (Bon Giovanni and Rafael) defeated The Urban Guerrilla (Riot and Tony Callaghan) to retain the ICW Italian Tag Team Championship
Taurus defeated Demolisco
Charlie Kid defeated Kevin Lee Davidson in a no holds barred match to retain the ICW Italian Championship
Hydra and Sabor defeated Mr. Excellent and Psycho Mike
Ghostbuster #1 (Belthazar) defeated Jester
ICW Cruiserweight Cartoomics Cup Gauntlet Match: Simon Silas defeated Costantino, Danny Price, Doblone, Il Corvo Bianco, Jet, Leon, Luke Strike, Magic Degan, Mark Fit, Max Peach, Miroslav Mijatovich and Picchio Rosso
Tenacious Dalla defeated Manuel Majoli to retain the ICW Italian Lightweight Championship
The Prodigy Boys (Akira and Gravity) defeated Marcio Silva and Street Dog
Kevin Lee Davidson defeated Nick Lenders to retain the WIA Heavyweight Championship
Fabio Ferrari defeated Geminy

Day Three:
Alessandro Corleone defeated Gravity
Jester defeated Manuel Majoli
Irene and Killer Mask defeated Cheyenne and Street Dog
Tenacious Dalla defeated Simon Silas to retain the ICW Italian Lightweight Title
Queen Maya defeated Jokey to retain the ICW Women’s Title
Costantino and Fabio Ferrari defeated The Prodigy Boys (Akira and Gravity)
Alex Flash defeated Max Peach
Red Scorpion defeated Alessandro Corleone to win the ICW Interregional Championship
Tempesta defeated Jester
Nick Lenders defeated Max Rotten
Dinamite Jo and JT9 defeated Doblone and Nico Narciso
Bon Giovanni defeated Sabor
Andy Manero defeated Lio Kong
The Urban Guerrilla (Riot and Tony Callaghan) defeated Mark Fit and Mr. Excellent
Incubo defeated Geminy
Leon defeated Obo
Manuel Majoli defeated Psycho Mike

Maniac Zone Wrestling, Głuchołazy, Poland, March 12
Shadow defeated Asmund
Jędruś Bułecka defeated Kripto
Justin Joy defeated Red Thunder in a lumberjack match to retain the MZW Championship

Northern Storm Wrestling, Lesnoy Propspekt, St Petersburg, Russia, March 12
Warrior defeated Former Experiment
Konstantin LaPatka defeated Ivan Mornas
Shaman defeated Ronnie Crimson, Freddy Machete and Max Rustamova in a fourway
Di Grandi vs Ivana Markova Lokomotiv – no contest
Frost defeated The Grizzlies
Ruslan “Akela” Angels defeated Alex Anderson
Yegor Sokolov defeated Sergey White to retain the NSW Championship

Triple W (White Wolf Wrestling) and Level One Wrestling, La Tabacalera, Madrid, Spain, March 12
Black Avalon defeated Rob Roy and Sergio Fernandez
Dark Lina defeated Tracy Love
Silver Cage defeated Nicky
Alexander vs Elías and Pelayo – no contest
Elvis Harrison and Orión defeated Lethal Tackle 2.0 (Caretaker and Alphastiles) to retain the WWW Tag Team Championship

(Results courtesy of Cagematch and the various promotions’ Facebook pages and Northern Storm Wrestling’s website)

Bodyslam, Skråen i Nordkraft, Aalborg, Denmark, January 16
Shooter Schjøtler defeated Martin Miguel
Vasyl defeated Joe North (w/Zach White)
Courtney defeated Lady Lory by DQ
Chris Ridgeway and Harley Rage defeated Emeritus Midnight and Rick Dominick
Chuck Cyrus defeated Espen Olsen and Levi Petrus in a triple threat match
Michael Fynne defeated Tank in a tables match

Fight Club Finland, Pressa, Helsinki, Finland, January 16
Jake Luupää and Vili Luupää defeated HC Andersen and Tohtori Ioni
Jami Aalto and Make Smooth defeated Murskaaja Mieto and Teuvo
Bjørn Sem and Hannibal vs King Kong Karhula and Pyöveli Petrov – No Contest
Starbuck and Stark Adder defeated Ricky Vendetta and Valentine
Regina defeated Aurora Flame by DQ
Heimo Ukonselkä defeats Mikko Maestro

Maximum Wrestling, MAX Nachttheater, Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, January 16
Andre Trucker defeated Nathan Cruz
Michael Knight defeated Pete Bouncer
BOSS (Chaos and Masterpiece Marsellus) (w/Bo Jones) defeated Apu Singh and Scotty Saxon
Ivan Kiev (w/Pete Bouncer) defeated Fabius Titus
Leon van Gasteren defeated Michael Schenkenberg in a #1 contender match for the Maximum Title
Steinbolt defeated Demolition Davies (w/Amber Rox) to retain the Maxium Championship

Westside Xtreme Wrestling, Steffy Arena, Oberhausen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, January 16:
Melanie Gray and Reich Und Schön (Kevin Roadster and Marius van Beethoven) defeated Les Artistes (Lucas Di Leo and Peter Fischer) and Moxie
Bobby Gunns defeated Toby Blunt
The Sumerian Death Squad (Michael Dante & Tommy End) defeated The London Riots (James Davis and Rob Lynch) in a wXw World Tag Team #1 contenders match
Absolute Andy defeated Jurn Simmons
DTU Alto Rendimiento Title/wXw Shotgun Title Tag Team Match: Sasa Keel [wXw Shotgun Champion] and The Rotation defeated Ivanov and Kim Ray [DTU Alto Rendimiento]. The Rotation wins the DTU title
Donovan Dijak defeated Bad Bones John Klinger
War Games Six Man Tag Team Match: Cerberus (Ilja Dragunov, Julian Nero and Robert Dreissker) (w/Adam Polak) defeat Big Daddy Walter and Hot And Spicy (Axel Dieter Jr. and Da Mack)
*Karsten Beck was due to defend the wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship at the event vs Absolute Andy but was pulled from the show at the last minute because he was not medically cleared to compete

Celtic Championship Wrestling, Ballyphehane Community Centre, Cork, Ireland, January 16
The Establishment (Xavier Burns and Adrian Jonathans) (w/Tony Kelly) defeated Karl Brien and Kurt Simmons
Raven Creed defeated Miss Sara Jay
Bingo Ballance defeated Marion Armstrong to retain the CCW All-Star Championship
Xavier Burns defeated Bingo Balance to win the CCW All-Star Championship
Raven Creed defeated Miss Sara Jay in a rematch
The Ballymun Bruiser defeated Jack Vice, Lee Cahalane and Omega to win the Championship Choice contract
The Sidekicks (Jason Maxx and Ace Andrews) defeated Bedlam Billy Lynch and Conor Charisma
Ricky Combat defeated Lycan to retain the CCW Heavyweight Championship

Bologna Wrestling Team, Bologna, Italy, January 17
Mambo Italiano defeated Nico Narciso
Il Gordo defeated Alex Gory
Roman Dinasty defeated i T-Rocks (Mick Vice and Blackford) to retain the PWE Tag Team Championship
Grizzly vs Lio Kong – no contest
JT9 defeated Belthazar
VP Dozer defeated Red Scorpion to win the BWT Titolo Assoluto

Total Combat Wrestling, Rozzano, Italy, January 17:
Scandalo won a rumble match
Claudio Campari defeated Pain, Domenico Dinamite and Apollo in a four-way match to retain the WIVA Italian Championship
Kombat Komedian and Antonino Bellavita defeated Violent Joe and Sami Grayson
Il Marchese defeated Carlo Birra to retain the TCW Rebel Championship
Darkness II defeated Claudio Campari and Scandalo to win the WIVA Italian Championship

Riot Wrestling, Ateneu del Clot, Barcelona, Spain, January 16
Adriano Genovese and Pacheco defeated Mandril Escobar
Jorge Carranza defeats Santiago Sangriento
JB defeated Ricky Barcelo
Bad Boy defeated Fuego Rudo
Law And Order (Folo and Pacheco) defeated Adriano Genovese and Allen Hawk

Welsh Wrestling, Blackwood Miners Institute, Blackwood, Wales, UK, January 16
Kade Callous defeated John Titan to win the Welsh Heavyweight Championship

Results courtesy of Cagematch,, Zona Wrestling and Welsh Wrestling.

Laurent Gerstmans Cup, Antwerp, Belgium, December 18
Kid Lux defeated Nick Mustayne
Rob Raw defeated Rex Rage to retain the DWA World Heavyweight Title
Darkmondo defeated Alexandre LeGrand
Laurent Gerstmans Cup Battle Royal: Rex Rage defeated Alexandre Legrand, Danny Sparks, Darkmondo, El Luchadore Loco, Kid Lux, Mikey Blaze, Nick Mustayne, Rami Romeo, Rob Raw and Steve Venom

Dansk Pro Wrestling/Union Of European Wrestling Alliances, Fængslet, Horsens, Denmark, December 19
Harley Rage and Michael Schenkenberg defeated Demolition Davies and Ravn in a best two out of three falls match to retain the DPW Tag Team Championship
Leeloo defeated Johnny Casanova to win the DPW Light Heavyweight Title
Nitro Green defeated Big D in a last man standing match
Mr. PPV defeated Kool Krede
FVN defeated Espen Olsen in a #1 contenders match
DPW Heavyweight Title Match: Steinbolt (c) defeated Chaos by DQ

European Wrestling Promotion: Axel Dieter Memorial Cup, Hangar No 5; Hannover, Germany, December 18 and 19:
Night One:

Axel Dieter Memorial Cup Tag Team Elimination First Round Matches:
Johnny Rancid and Marius Al-Ani defeated Ecki Eckstein and Michael Schenkenberg
Chris Colen and Mike Schwarz defeated Markus Antonius and Val Verde
Leon van Gasteren and Stampede Simon defeated Apu Singh and Sam Elias
Heimo Ukonselkä and Walter defeated Cannonball Grizzly and Ivan Kiev
Marius Al-Ani defeated Chris Colen
Leon van Gasteren defeated Heimo Ukonselkä

Night Two:
Chris Colen defeated Sam Elias
Cannonball Grizzly and Stampede Simon defeated Johnny Rancid and Markus Antonius
Axel Dieter Memorial Cup Final: Leon van Gasteren defeated Marius Al-Ani
Axel Dieter Jr. and Ecki Eckstein defeated Heimo Ukonselkä and Val Verde
Robbie Dynamite defeated Seiya Sanada to retain the EWP Intercontinental Title

Westside Xtreme Wrestling Academy, Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, December 19:
Christmas Cup Semi Finals:
Maggot defeated Mo Jnibi
Dirty Dragan defeated Steve Valentino
Johnny Evers defeated Misfit
Francis Kaspin defeated Michael DeMarc
Toby Blunt defeated Young Money Chong
Christmas Cup Four Way Final: Johnny Evers defeats Dirty Dragan, Francis Kaspin and Maggot

Italian Championship Wrestling, Palazzetto Polivalente C. Corcione, Gussago, Brescia, Italy, December 19
Chris Willson defeated Il Corvo Bianco (Special Referee: Stefano Benzi)
Goran Il Barbaro defeated Gargoyle
I Latin Lover (Bon Giovanni and Rafael) and Queen Maya (Women’s champ) defeated I Discepoli Del Dolore (Incubo, Jester and Jokey) (tag champs) in a winners take all match for Maya to retain the women’s title and I Latin Lover to win the tag titles
Alessandro Corleone defeated Red Devil to retain the ICW Interregional Title
Il Lupo defeated Doblone in a dog collar match
Tenacious Dalla defeated Alex Flash, Killer Mask, Manuel Majoli, Mark Fit, Mr. Excellent, Nick Lenders, Simon Silas and Xpress to retain the ICW Lightweight Title
Andy Manero defeated Marcio Silva
Charlie Kid defeated OGM to win the ICW Italian Title in a title vs career match

Joint event from BWT, PWE, Total Combat Wrestling, UIW and WIVA, Modena, Italy, December 19:
Apollo defeated Andrew Winston to win the UIW Cruiserweight Title
Mick Vice w/Lidya defeated Il Delirio w/JT9
Saetta Nero w/Alice defeated Marco Bragaglia
Big Marcus defeated Horus L’Assoluto and Skorpio in a triple threat to win the PWE Northern Title
Domenico Dinamite defeated Scandalo to win the TCW Revolution Title
Andrew Winston defeated Bako to win the PWE National Title
Jail and Oxade Black w/Don Flavio defeated Fratello Paul and Mr. Mastodont
Rocky Laurita defeated Alex Gory to retain the PWE Southern Title
VP Dozer defeated Lio Kong
Roman Dinasty (Dave Blasco and Willy G) defeated Koba and Kratos to retain the PWE Tag Team Title
JT9 W/Il Delirio defeated Blackford
Red Scorpion defeated Nico Narciso to retain the BWT Assoluto Title
Ape Atomica w/Maya defeated Turbo
Claudio Campari defeated Domenico Dinamite to win the WIVA Title
Collisione match: El Gordo (BWT) vs Claudio Campari (WIVA) vs Scandalo! (TCW) vs Apollo (UIW) vs Koba (PWE) – No Contest

Total Combat Wrestling (in conjunction with WIVA and UIW), Rozzano, Italy, December 20:
Scandalo! defeated Domenico Dinamite to win the TCW Revolution Title
Apollo defeated Violent Joe and Jail in a triple threat match
Darkness II defeated Pain in a hardcore Christmas match
Antonello Bellavita defeated Samy Grayson
Aperiteam (Carlo Birra, Claudio Campari and Martini) defeated Culto della Luce (Il Marchese, Skorpio and Death Mask)

Channel Islands World Wrestling, The Merton Hotel, St Hellier, Jersey, December 20
JVY defeated GST to win the CIWW World Heavyweight Title
Classy Ric defeated JVY to win the CIWW World Heavyweight Title

(Results courtesy of Cagematch, Channel Islands World Wrestling and Zona Wrestling)

European Wrestling Alliance, Haus de Begegnung, Angererstrasse, Vienna, Austria, November 21
Peter White defeated Igor Rachimov
Muslim Sultanov defeated Damon Brix
Moxie defeated Melanie Gray
Revolution Titan defeated Mexx
Chris Raaber defeated Demolition Davies to retain the EWA World Heavyweight Championship
TopCatch Europameisterschaft Title Match: Michael Kovac (c) vs. Absolute Andy – Double DQ
The Dirty Brothers (Der Söldner and Mr. Tattoo) and Chris Colen defeated The Swiss Connection (Drake Destroyer, Robert Dreissker and The Hellvetic Warrior)

Dansk Pro Wrestling (aka Danish Pro Wrestling), Remissen, Randers, Denmark, November 22
Espen Olsen defeated Nitro Green
Harley Rage and Michael Schenkenberg (w/Mr. PPV) defeated Demolition Davies and Ravn to win the DPW Tag Team Championship
Heimo The Wildman defeated Big D and Paul Tracey
Leeloo defeated DPW Light Heavyweight Champion Johnny Casanova by DQ
Chaos defeated Valentine
Steinbolt defeated FVN to retain the DPW Heavyweight Championship

German Hurricane Wrestling, Volkshaus, Klein-Gerau, Hessen, Germany, November 21
Patrick Schulz defeated Bad Bones John Klinger and Jurn Simmons
Karsten Beck defeated Farmer Joe
Carnage defeated Marius van Beethoven
Team Ha Ha (Bernd Föhr and Maggot) defeated Grid Iron (Aaron Insane and Chris Rush) in a tables, ladders and chairs match to retain the GHW Tag Team Championship
GHW District Champion Sasa Keel defeated Hakeem Waqur by DQ
20 Man Royal Rumble: Sasa Keel defeated Bernd Föhr, Carnage, Carsten Crank, Dirty Dragan, Farmer Joe, Francis Kaspin, Hakeem Waqur, Bad Bones John Klinger, Johnny Evers, Jurn Simmons, Karsten Beck, Kevin Hollister, Marius van Beethoven, Misfit, Mo Jnibi, Patrick Schulz, Steve Valentino, The Rotation and Thunder Hawk

Pro Wrestling Fighters, Stadthalle, Neumünster, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, November 21:
Michael Schenkenberg defeated Apu Singh
Pete Bouncer defeated Espen Olsen
Chaos and Steinbolt (w/Masterpiece Marsellus) defeated Nico Block and Nik Hellström
Andre Trucker defeated Masterpiece Marsellus
Leon van Gasteren defeated Paul Tracey
Valentine defeated Heimo Ukonselkä to win the PWF North-European Championship
14 Man Royal Rumble: Leon van Gasteren defeated Andre Trucker, Apu Singh, Chaos, Espen Olsen, Heimo Ukonselkä, Masterpiece Marsellus, Michael Schenkenberg, Nico Block, Nik Hellström, Paul Tracey, Pete Bouncer, Sascha Boeseler and Steinbolt

German Wrestling Federation, Huxleys Neue Welt, Berlin, Germany, November 21:
Orlando Silver defeated Bruce Sterling
Nickolas van Rijk lost to Mincer, Rene Richter, Robert Kaiser, Slinky and Vincenzo Coccotti to become the inaugural GWF Loserweight Champion
Caribbean Killer Rambo defeated Scotty Saxon
Cash Money Erkan defeated Ivan Kiev
Blue Nikita defeated Pollyanna to retain the GSW Ladies Championship
GWF All-Stars (Fabius Titus, Jake McCluskey and Tarkan Aslan) defeated Chaos Und Körperverletzung (Cem Kaplan and Koray) and Pascal Spalter
Crazy Sexy Mike defeated Ahmed Chaer, Flying Dragon and Ibo Latino to retain the GWF Heavyweight Title in a fatal four way (special guest referee Carlos Gallero)

Xtreme Italian Wrestling, Teatro di Esperia TV, Crotone, Italy, November 21
Sam Elias defeated Dogg in an open challenge
Achilles and Alexis defeated Bellator and Tenebra
Wolfman defeated Dragorion and Le Creatura
All Star Wrestling British Championship: Sam Elias (c) vs TigerKid – no contest

(Results courtesy of Cagematch and Xtreme Italian Wrestling)

My apologies for being late with this wrap-up this week. My wife had a baby (three weeks earlier than expected) on Monday, so my time on the computer has been extremely limited.

Bodyslam, Ceres Park and Arena, Aarhus, Denmark, August 22
Rick Dominick (w/Grace) defeated Janne Walterz
Kristian Thorn defeated Chris Ridgeway
Aries vs. Silvio Bazz – No Contest
Heimo Ukonselkä and Robbie E defeated Axel Steele and Harley Rage
Emeritus Midnight (w/Hailey) defeated Killer Karlson
Tank defeated Michael Fynne (w/Michael Jøden)

Dansk Pro Wrestling, Remissen, Randers, Denmark, August 22:
FVN defeated Nitro Green
DPW Light Heavyweight Title Steel Cage Match: Johnny Casanova (c) vs. Ravn – No Contest
Steel Cage Match: Kool Krede defeated Big D
Steel Cage Match: Starbuck defeated The Beast
Steel Cage Match: Lou King Sharp defeated The Geek
Best Two Out Of Three Falls Steel Cage Match (Special Referee: Starbuck): Ken Anderson (aka Mr Anderson) defeated Chaos

German Hurricane Wrestling, Sandhase, Nauheim, Hessen, Germany, August 22
Maggot and Misfit defeated Grid Iron (Aaron Insane and Chris Rush) by DQ
Drake Destroyer defeated Mohamed Jnibi
Purple Playa and Steve Valentino defeated Reich Und Schön (Kevin Roadster and Marius van Beethoven) by DQ
Bad Bones John Klinger (w/Johanna Jäger) defeated Ken Floyd (w/Stella)
Eight Man Elimination Tag Team Match: Grid Iron (Aaron Insane and Chris Rush) and Reich Und Schön (Kevin Roadster and Marius van Beethoven) defeated Maggot, Misfit, Purple Playa and Steve Valentino
Three Way Match: Sasa Keel defeated Karsten Beck and Thunder Hawk

Hungarian Championship Wrestling, Dürer Kert, Budapest, August 22
Renegade defeated Miki Biro to retain the HCW Championship
(Other results not known)

Israeli Wrestling League, Great Alternative Sports, Israel, August 17
Tal Bar-On defeated Udi Fitness
Psycho D defeated Rixon
Candy Crushers defeated Ken Kerbis and Sharon Palty
Hawaii Allen defeated Shanell
White Leopard defeated Amit Oren
Black Leopard defeated De Style in a no DQ, no count-out, loser must retire match
Max Havok defeated Ben “Iceman” Rozin to win the IWL Championship

Norges Wrestlingforbund (Norwegian Wrestling Federation), BUL-Salen, Oslo, Norway, August 22
Ungt Blod Tournament 2015 Semi Finals: Argon defeated Allan Ackles; Heresh Kurdi defeated Ruslan
GromKnoke (Grom Gravalid and Knoke) defeated TnT (Natasja and Tommy P) and Krigsherrene (Bjørn Sem and Hannibal) in a triple threat match to retain the NWF Tag Team Championship
Argon defeated Heresh Kurdi to win the Ungt Blod Tournament 2015
Adrian Storm defeated Siggy Løseth
Daniel Sebastian defeated Erik Isaksen to win the NWF Heavyweight Championship

(Results courtesy of, the HCW Facebook page and sent to us directly by IWL)

European Wrestling Alliance, Fußballplatz SV Arena, Gerasdorf, Austria, June 4
Michael Kovac defeats Igor Rachimov
Julian Nero defeated Mexx
Bambikiller defeated Robert Dreissker
Chris Colen vs. Christian Eckstein – Time Limit Draw (20:00)
Damon Brix, Peter White and Richie Amadeus defeated Cannonball Grizzly, Dennis Ziller and Julian Nero

Fight Club Finland, Taidetehdas Arena, Porvoo, Finland, June 5
King Kong Karhula defeated Johnny McMetal
Jami Aalto and Make Smooth defeated Ricky Vendetta and Stark Adder
Tohtori Ioni defeated HC Andersen and Vili Luupää in a hardcore three-way
Heimo Ukonselkä vs. Jessica Love – Double Count Out
Battle Royal: Joey Impact defeated Dr. No, HC Andersen, Jake Luupää, Jami Aalto, Make Smooth, Murskaaja Mieto, Tohtori Ioni and Vili Luupää
Julia Kyy defeated Regina and Sara Elektra
Starbuck defeated Pyöveli Petrov

Fighter’s Revenge Pro Wrestling, Saint-Constant, France, June 7
Gamma defeated Casey
Ragnar Rok defeated Senza Volto
Morgane defeated Eloanne
Gamma and Senza Volto defeated Casey and Ragnar Rok

German Stampede Wrestling, Waggonhalle, Marburg, Hessen, Germany, June 6
GSW Tag Team Title #1 Contendership Match: Young Lions (Lucky Kid and Tarkan Aslan) defeated Dark Society (Ahmed Chaer and Rambo)
Ivan Kiev defeated Orlando Silver to retain the GSW Breakthrough Title
Bad Bones John Klinger defeated Cash Money Erkan
Blue Nikita defeated Moxie to retain the GSW Ladies Title
10 Man Elimination Tag Team Match: Team Vollenberg (Chris Colen, Crazy Sexy Mike, Emil Sitoci, Michael Kovac and Pascal Spalter) defeated Team Jakobi (Absolute Andy, Axel Dieter Jr., Big Daddy Walter, Karsten Beck and Robert Dreissker)

New European Championship Wrestling, NEW Hotspot, Hessdorf, Bayern, Germany, June 6:
Izzy Gallegos and Tommy Blue Eyes defeated Big Steve and Rik Stalwart
Tyler Slade defeated Fast Time Moodo
Demolition Davies defeated Marius Al-Ani
BAM defeated Zacharias Falk
Juvenile X defeated Ivan Markov to retain the GWP World Title
Mexx defeated The Hellvetic Warrior
Cash Crash defeated Mr. Exotic Erotic
Boombastic defeated Nick Hellström
Adrian Severe defeated T-K-O to retain the NEW World Heavyweight Title

Fight Night of Wrestling, Allround Arena, Rostock, Germany, June 6:
Kim Ray defeated Scotty Saxon
Kay Lee Ray defeated Melanie Gray
The Rotation and Toby Blunt defeated Reich Und Schön (Kevin Roadster and Marius van Beethoven)
Damian O’Connor defeated Carnage
Waschbären Auf Koffein [Raccoons on Caffeine] (Franz Engel and Laurence Roman) defeated Andrei Ivanov and Dragan Spazic
Ilja Dragunov defeated Toby Blunt to retain the wXw Shotgun Title
Da Mack defeated Marty Scurll

Italian Championship Wrestling, June 2 and 7:
Night one, Calcinate
Alessandro Corleone defeated Dinamite Jo to retain the ICW Interregional Title
Marcio Silva defeated Simon Silas
Doblone defeated Tenacious Dalla
Mark Fit vs. Ombra – No Contest
I Discepoli Del Dolore (Jester, Ombra and Psycho Mike) and Mr. Excellent (w/Jokey) defeated Extreme Panther, Leon, Mark Fit and Misa Mijatovic
Red Devil defeated Charlie Kid to retain the ICW Italian Title

Night two, Florence:
ICW Interregional Title #1 Contendership Tournament Semi Finals:
Incubo defeated Ronin
Rafael defeated Killer Mask
Rafael defeated Incubo to win the tournament
(non-tournament matches):
Costantino defeated Pegaso
Alex Flash defeated Ronin
Costantino and Killer Mask defeated Flavio Volo and Pegaso

Flemish Wrestling Force, Breda, Netherlands, June 7
: (note: it’s a Belgian promotion but they were on tour in the Netherlands)
The Heroes of Tomorrow defeated the Scum Of Society to win the FWF Tag Team Championship
Andrei Ivanov defeated Robbie Maddox
Luther Ward defeated Rex Rage to retain the FWF World Championship

Wrestling Portugal, WP Academia, Lisbon, Portugal, June 7
Show 1:
Ramon Vegas defeated Duarte Silva
Luis Mira defeated Bernardo Barreiros by DQ
RAFA defeated Luis Salvador by DQ
Rúben Branco vs Mauro Chaves – no contest due to outside interference
Show 2:
RAFA defeated Bernardo Barreiros
Mauro Chaves, Duarte Silva and Bruno ‘Bammer’ Brito defeated Nova Ordem Fantástica in a losers leave town match

(Results courtesy of the federations’ Facebook pages and

Belgian Catch Wrestling Federation, Florennes, Belgium, May 3
Big Joe defeated Alex Legrand
Johnny Evers defeated Zad
Black Cobra defeated Aviator
Mot van Kunder, Eddie Dark and Andynamite defeated Chris Sky, Matt Scorpion and Joey D
MBM and Zitch defeated Corentin and Axel
Blake Andersen defeated Antic Warrior (w/ Calypso)
Priscilla and Emily Sauvage defeated Kim Berley and Shanna

Fight Club Finland, Pressa, Helsinki, Finland, May 2
Sly Sebastian and Starbuck defeated King Kong Karhula and Pyöveli Petrov
The Beast defeated Jessica Love
Jami Aalto and Joeye Impact defeated The Constrictors (Ricky Vendetta and Stark Adder)
Mikko Maestro defeated Heimo Ukonselkä by DQ
Jake Luupää and Vili Luupää defeated HC Andersen and Robert Holmström, and Murskaaja Mieto and Tohtori Ioni
Julia Kyy vs Regina vs Sara Elektra – No Contest
Valentine defeated Jimmy Gavroche to retain the FCF Finnish Heavyweight Championship

Tigers Pro Wrestling, Marseilles, May 2
Jefferson defeated Senza Volto
Dr Johnny Hogger defeated Casey
Ragnar Rok defeated Jordy Style
Vince’Nt defeated Blue Falcon
Jefferson defeated Johnny Hogger
Ragnar Rok defeated Vince’NT
Ragnar Rok defeated Jefferon

German Wrestling Promotion, Markgrafensaal, Schwabach, Bayern, Germany, May 1
Mr. Wrestling V defeated Johann Schuster
Shanna defeated Stella
Ken Floyd defeated Jonny Storm to retain the GWP Dragonhearts Championship
Murat Bosporus defeated Crazy Sexy Mike to become #1 contender for the GWP World Championship
Dragonhearts Title #1 Contendership Battle Royal: Ivan Kiev defeated Aaron Insane, Bam, Blaze, Boombastic, Bruder Chaos, Cash Money Erkan, Chris Rush, Dean Jazzman, Farmer Joe, Felix Reiter, MC Logan, Mohamed Jnibi, Rambo and The Insane Killer
Joel Redman defeated Chris Colen to become #1 contender for the GWP World Championship
Doug Williams defeated Sasa Keel to win the Title Championship
Mr. Wrestling V defeated Doug Williams to win the Title Championship
Will Ospreay defeated Emil Sitoci, Marty Scurll and Paul Robinson
Absolute Andy defeated Rob Terry to retain the GWP World Championship
Juvenile X defeated Absolute Andy to win the GWP World Championship

Westside Xtreme Wrestling, Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, May 2 and 3:
Night one:
Hot and Spicy (Axel Dieter Jr. and Da Mack) and Juventud Guerrera defeated Miguel Ramirez, Toby Blunt and Ultimo Dragon
Robert Dreissker (w/Adam Polak) defeated Chris Brookes
Ilja Dragunov defeated Jurn Simmons to retain the wXw Shotgun Championship
wXw World Tag Team Title Match: James Storm and Mike Schwarz defeated French Flavour (Lucas Di Leo and Peter Fischer) by DQ
James Storm and Mike Schwarz defeated French Flavour (Lucas Di Leo and Peter Fischer) in a no DQ match to win the wXw World Tag Team Championship
Kay Lee Ray defeated Toni Storm
Absolute Andy and X-Pac defeated Keel Holding (Kim Ray and Sasa Keel)
Big Daddy Walter, John Klinger and Yoshihiro Takayama defeat Karsten Beck, Mason Ryan and Tyler Bate
Matt Sydal defeats Marty Scurll

Night Two (Alte Seilerei, Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany):
Miguel Ramirez and Ultimo Dragon defeated Da Mack and Toby Blunt
Robert Dreissker defeats The Rotation
James Storm and Mike Schwarz defeated French Flavour (Lucas Di Leo and Peter Fischer) and Mason Ryan and Tyler Bate to retain the wXw Tag Team Championship
Melanie Gray defeated Toni Storm
Die Schilds (Bobby Gunns and Vincent The Beast) defeated Chris Brookes and Yoshihiro Takayama
Absolute Andy, Big Daddy Walter, Bad Bones John Klinger and X-Pac defeated Keel Holding (Aaron Insane and Kim Ray), Karsten Beck and Kevin Roadster

New European Championship Wrestling, NEW Hotspot, Hessdorf, Bayern, Germany, May 2:
The WRising Guy defeated Mr. Exotic Erotic
Mexx vs. T-K-O – Double Knout Out (falls count anywhere match)
Big Steve defeated The Hellvetic Warrior in a first blood match
Schizo Rik Stalwart and Tyler Slade defeated Felix Reiter and Zacharias Falk and Georg Gwärch and Tommy Blue Eyes in a Berchkerwa Brawl Three Way Tag Team Match
Marius Al-Ani defeated Juvenile X, Scotty Saxon and Travis Cross in an Escape to Destiny Qualification Ladder Four Way Match
Cash Crash defeated Fast Time Moodo in a Street Fight
Adrian Severe defeated Demolition Davies in a TLC match to win the NEW World Heavyweight Championship

Israeli Wrestling League, Israel, May 4
Ken Kravis and Max Havok defeated the Canadian Krushers
Rickson defeated Roass de Chanel
Iceman defeated White Leopard

Italian Championship Wrestling, Località Ponterio, Todi, Perugia, Italy, May 3
Trofeo Todi 2015 Tournament Semifinals:
Rafael defeated Bon Giovanni
Charlie Kid defeated Ombra
Non-tournament matches:
Mr. Excellent defeated Alex Flash
Red Devil defeated Tempesta to retain the ICW Italian Championship
Irene defeats Cheyenne
Trofeo Todi 2015 Tournament Final: Charlie Kid defeated Rafael

Pro Wrestling Holland, Ex Voto, Jacoba van Beierenweg, KZ Voorhout, Netherlands, May 2
Young Money Chong defeated Joey D
#1 Contender for the PWH TV Championship: Jamie DLC defeated Richie Julio, Big Geert and Ymah
Mot van Kunder defeated Eddie Dark
Wesley Croton defeated Michael Dante
Dragan defeated Jamie DLC to retain the PWH TV Championship
Team PWH (Tengkwa, Johnny Evers and Gabriel Angelfyre) defeated Hard Rockin Inc. (Jeff McCready, Jimmy Lightning and Nick Mustayne)

Do or Die Wrestling, Gimnazjum Nr 8, Gdansk, Poland, May 2
Piękny Kawaler defeated Boskiego Ostrowskiego
Luxus won a battle royal
Mira defeated Biankę
Robert Star defeated GREGa in a rock vs rap hardcore match
Kamil Aleksander defeated Kaszuba and Obywatela K in a handicap match

Pro-Wrestling Euskadi, Sala Bilborock, Bilbao, Spain, May 2
Jorge Carranza defeated Jorge Escudo
Leon Dorado defeated Pol Badia and Tony Trivaldo
Santeria defeated El Druida in a career vs career match
Ricky Barcelo defeated Resistencia and Trece Mascaras
La Pulga defeated Red Eagle to retain the RCW Championship
Bad Boy defeated Joe E. Legend

Swiss Power Wrestling, Taco’s Bar, Lausanne, Switzerland, April 29
Rob Iron defeated Tormentor
Diamond Daniels defeated Yoshihiro Yamada to win the SWP French Championship
Jason defeated El Carnaciero
Adrian Johnatans defeated Akuma to retain the SWP Swiss Championship