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Sammy Swiegers defeated Ed Lectric
Mike Xander defeated The Oz by disqualification
Johnny Palazzio defeated Andro Perseus, Viktor the Wolf, Wilfred Mcfish, The Future and Freakshow in a six-man match
Mad Jack defeated J Cooper for the AWA Cruiserweight title
Johnny Palazzio cashes in Golden ticket and defeats Mad Jack for the AWA Cruiserweight title
Shaun Koen defeated Missing Link to win the AWA Heavyweight Championship
Sammy Swiegers wins the Coca-Cola Rumble


(Results thanks to Steve van Eden):
Ripper defeated Bandit
Hector Payne defeated Griffin
Mr Money defeated Harlequinn
Thierry Middoux was stripped of the World Title
X-Terminator defeated Steve Eden and The Crow to win the vacant HWA World Title.


Results from Honour Wrestling Association:
hwa july2016

The Ripper defeated Gravity via pin fall
X-Terminator defeated Zizou Middoux and The Crow
Steve Eden vs Thierry Middoux for the HWA World Championship was stopped due to interference from The Ripper and The Crow.
Steve Eden, Zizou Middoux and X-Terminator defeated Thierry Middoux, The Ripper and The Crow

wwp may28

Matthew “the Assassin” Hammer defeated Jay Titan
Kiliminjaro defeated Kwaito Kid
The Taxi Queen defeated the Dream Child
Mr Wrestling defeated Renegade to retain the WWP World Heavyweight Championship
Nightmare defeated Kyle Ripley
Sons of Nightmare (Joshua the Bull and Shadow) defeated Team AWA (Shaun Koen and Johnny Palazzio) and Team APWA (Hotaru and Super X) to win the WWP Tag Team Championship

sapw may29
Results from SAPW (thanks to Steve Eden):

Monre Lee defeated Warlock by DQ
Hector Paine defeated Griffon
Steve Eden defeated Black Ice (with Fire)
Jackal defeated Bandit
SAPW Champion The Crow defeated XTerminator

Results from Battle of Honour II (thanks to Steve Eden for the results):
hwa may2016

Warlock defeated Gravity with the help of Jason The Terrible
Monre Lee defeated Andre Percius
The Jackal defeated 2Face and Harlequin in a triple treat
Boerseun defeated The Crow
XTerminator defeated Zizou Middoux to become the HWA SA Champion
Thierry Midoux defeated Steve Eden to become the new HWA World Heavyweight Champion

African Punishment Wrestling Association/ World Wrestling Professionals – Meatworld, Alberton, Gauteng, South Africa, April 2:
apwa april2
Ultimate Nathan defeated Xavier Riddle.
Super X defeated Zizou Middoux and Kyle Ripley in a 3 way match.
Nyanga defeated Black Widow.
JD defeated LoudMouth
WWP Heavyweight Champion Mr Wrestling defeated Jason the Terrible
WWP All Africa Champion Kilimanjaro defeated Renegade

(Results courtesy of Donovan Blignaut)

wrestle monster 2
This Sunday as part of the annual Easter Splash festival in Nelson Mandela Bay (Port Elizabeth, South Africa), World Wrestling Professionals (WWP) will be holding the second edition of their WrestleMonster event at Hobie Beach between 2 and 5pm.
As happened last year, the organisation is bringing in some international stars to add to the top local talent including first time visitors Robbie E from TNA and former Legacy member Manu aka Afa Jr from Samoa.
wm renegade
WWP World Heavyweight Champion Mr Wrestling has had a long running feud with Renegade for the title, and even a recent best of three series hasn’t managed to put an end to the rivalry.
Renegade gets another shot at the title this Sunday and will be determined to dethrone the long reigning champ in a lumberjack match which will see the rest of the roster surrounding the ring.

Afa Jr will make his South African debut taking on Durban’s hardcore monster, Nightmare. Afa is a third generation star from the famous Anaoi/Uso family which includes former WWE world champions The Rock and Roman Reigns as well as Rikishi, The Wild Samoans and Umaga. His own run in WWE included being a member of Legacy alongside Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase Jr. But will any of this help him when facing the man who stole the show winning the hardcore title at last year’s WrestleMonster?
wm tornado
Two of the mainstays of South African wrestling, hometown favourite Blacksmith and former WWP world champ Tornado face off in an I Quit match. But the loser doesn’t only quit the match – they quit the business in what is effectively a retirement match. Who will utter those dreaded words and bid farewell to the business they’ve been part of for decades?

Another Port Elizabeth-based wrestler on the card, Blacksmith’s son Devon Shooter, will have the biggest match of his career as he faces former TNA X-Division and tag team champion Robbie E. While Robbie’s TV character has often been comedic, there’s no denying his technical ability. But can the South African wrestler, who has often called himself Schoolboy take the international star to school?
wm kwaito
The third Port Elizabeth star on the show, Kwaito Kid, put up a great fight at last year’s Wrestle Monster vs PJ Black. This year he will clash with Nigerian-born man mountain Kilimanjaro with the vacant WWP All-Africa Heavyweight Title on the line. Who will come out on top in this battle of the African heavyweights?
wm ananzi
Indian star Sangram Singh clinched the WWP Commonwealth title in what many would consider an upset victory over Joe Legend last year. This year he’ll be defending the title against Ananzi, who gave up the All-Africa title in order to get this title shot.
wp hammer
Also watch out for an invasion of Durban-based wrestlers – the 031 Army – including woman Dream Child and Matthew Hammer, who will be taking on WWP’s cruiserweight sensation Hotaru.

As well as all the wrestling action, one of South Africa’s biggest music stars, Kurt Darren, will also perform at the event.

For more info go to the WWP Facebook page –

Westside Xtreme Wrestling:
Night One: Stadthalle, Gotha, Thüringen, Germany, February 26
Bad Bones John Klinger defeated David Starr
Road To 16 Carat Gold League 2016 Block A Match: Marius Al-Ani defeated Tyler Bate
Road To 16 Carat Gold League 2016 Block B Match: Timothy Thatcher defeated The Rotation
Kim Ray defeated Francis Kaspin
Toni Storm defeated Melanie Gray
Ilja Dragunov defeated Johnny Rancid
Absolute Andy vs. Ilja Dragunov – Double Count Out
Big Daddy Walter and Hot And Spicy (Axel Dieter Jr. and Da Mack) defeated Die Schilds (Bobby Gunns and Vincent The Beast) and Kim Ray

Night Two: Schorre, Halle an der Saale, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany, February 27:
Road To 16 Carat Gold League 2016 Block A Match: David Starr defeated Kevin Roadster
David Starr defeated Da Mack
Road To 16 Carat Gold League 2016 Block B Match: The Rotation defeated Bobby Gunns
Axel Dieter Jr. defeated Vincent The Beast by DQ
Champions Of Champions (Absolute Andy and John Klinger) defeated Die Waschbären (Franz Engel and Laurance Roman)
Tyler Bate defeated Ilja Dragunov, Johnny Rancid and Marius Al-Ani
Melanie Gray defeats Toni Storm
Axel Dieter Jr. and Big Daddy Walter defeated Die Schilds (Bobby Gunns and Vincent The Beast)

Wrestling Academy, wXw Wrestling Academy, Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, February 27:
wXw Academy Trophy Title #1 Contendership Tournament First Round Matched:
Maggot defeated Marcus Monere
Dirty Dragan defeated Dynamite Dave
Thunderhawk defeated TinoX
Mo Jnibi vs. Steve Valentino – Time Limit Draw
(Non-tournament match) Francis Kaspin defeated Michael DeMarc
wXw Academy Trophy Title #1 Contendership Tournament Semifinals:
Maggot defeated Dirty Dragan
Thunderhawk defeated Steve Valentino
Johnny Evers and Mike Schwarz defeated Kim Ray and Robert Kaiser
wXw Academy Trophy Title #1 Contendership Tournament Final: Maggot defeated Thunderhawk

Classical Wrestling Entertainment, KSV-Halle, Hemsbach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, February 27:
Mephisto defeated Master J
Max Million defeated Kevin Hollister
World Series Of Wrestling 2016 Matches:
Purple Playa defeated Misfit
Bernd Föhr defeated Chris Rush
Carsten Crank defeated The German Eagle
CWE Rhein-Neckar-Wrestling Title Match: Aaron Insane (c) vs. Farmer Joe – Time Limit Draw (20:00)

Over the Top Wrestling, Dolans Warehouse, Limerick, Ireland, February 27
Pete Dunne defeated Will Ospreay to retain the OTTW No Limits Championship

Insane Championship Wrestling, O2 Academy, Dublin, Ireland, February 28:
The 55 (Kid Fite and Sha Samuels) defeated The New Age Kliq (BT Gunn and Chris Renfrew) to retain the ICW Tag Team Championship
Kenny Williams defeats Jackie Polo
Wolfgang defeated Tron
Drew Galloway defeated Noam Dar
Joe Coffey defeated Grado
Davey Boy defeated Marty Scurll to retain the ICW Zero-G Championship
Mark Coffey defeated Luther Valentine
Big Damo defeated Jack Jester to retain the ICW Heavyweight Championship

Italian Championship Wrestling, Palestra Comunale, Valera Fratta, Lodi, Italy, February 27
Tenacious Dalla defeated Mark Fit to retain the ICW Italian Lightweight Title
Doblone defeated Ricky Rastelli
Charlie Kid and Nick Lenders defeated Urban Guerrilla (Riot and Tony Callaghan)
Goran Il Barbaro defeated Miroslav Mijatovich
Andy Manero, Big Don Daddy, Luke Strike and Stephanos defeated Akira, Gabriel Bach, Geminy and Gravity
Il Corvo Bianco defeated Danny Price and Hydra
Irene and Queen Maya defeated I Discepoli Del Dolore (Jester and Jokey)
Charlie Kid defeated Nick Lenders to retain the ICW Italian Title

Power Wrestling Entertainment, Discoteca Blue Moon, Genova, Italy, February 27:
Big Marcus defeated William Miller to retain the PWE Northern Title
Brian Davis defeated Kevin Dopa
Rocky Laurita defeated Neo to retain the PWE Southern Title
Audrey Bride defeated Dragonita
Nikita Charisma defeated Skorpio and Veit Muller in a triple threat to win the IPW Germany International Title
Icarus defeated Bako in a qualifying match for the Italian rumble

Total Combat Wrestling, Rozzano, Italy, February 28:
Il Marchese defeated Matioski to retain the TCW Rebel Championship
Domenico Dinamite defeated Apollo
Oxlay Black and Saetta defeated Turbo and Joker
Kombat Komedian defeated Pain in a #1 contenders match
Sami Grayson defeated Antonino Bellavita in a ladder match
L’AperiTeam (Carlo Birra, Martini and Claudio Campari) defeated il Culto Della Luce (Skorpio, Death Mask and Darkness II)
Black Ice defeated Scandalo to retain the TCW Revolution Championship
Il Marchese defeated Matt Cross to retain the TCW Rebel Championship

Pro Wrestling Malta, Montekristo Estates, Hal Luqa, Malta, February 27
Chris Willson defeated Red Scorpion
Kid Justice defeated Leon
Team BEW (Rob Cage and Nixon Newell) defeated La Famiglia (Connor Matthews and Giuseppe)
Gianni De La Valette defeated Kenzo Richards
Francesco Messina defeated Kieran Young in a TLC match to retain the PWM title.

Wrestling Portugal, Centro Shotokai de Queluz, Portugal, February 28
RAFA defeated Duarte Silva
Luís Mira defeated Bernardo Barreiros
Luís Salvador defeated João Quaresma
Big Chill vs Mauro Chaves – no contest
Semifinal: RAFA defeated Luís Mira
Final: Luís Salvador defeated RAFA to win the WP Academy Tournament

Independent Wrestling Federation, Avangard Hall, Moscow, Russia, February 27
The Sledgehammer and Yuri Chistyakov defeated Sergey Hodak and Valery Hamov
Psycho Chui defeated Mika Banderas to retain the IWF Lightweight Title
Team Evil (Freddy Machete and LaPatka) defeated America’s Hope (Leo and Tim)
LaPatka defeated Ronnie Crimson and Tim in a IWF Tag Team Title winner takes all three way match
Ivan Markov defeated Serge Sullivan to win the IWF Moscow Title
Starbuck defeated Ruslan Seregin
Aeri and Ramona defeated Katrin and Mefisto
Vladimir Kulakov defeated Anton Deryabin and Serge White in a three way to win the IWF Heavyweight Title

Swiss Power Wrestling, Tacos Bar, Lausanne, Switzerland, February 24
Adrian Johnatans defeated Drakan Petrovic
Xaviers Burns defeated Nolan DeLeuret
Jason defeated Thunder
Lee Cahalane defeated Kurt Simmons

(Results courtesy of Cagematch, Zona Wrestling, Wrestling Portugal, Pro Wrestling Malta and Swiss Power Wrestling)

With a new year about to start, we have been analysing our approach to what information we carry on this blog.
We have a close working relationship with Indy Power Rankings and they have decided to no longer carry results from organisations which have grown so big they can no longer be considered indies – Ring of Honor, AAA/Lucha Underground, New Japan, Global Force Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Noah, All Japan and CMLL.
As we call ourselves Watching the “Indies” there is definitely an argument that we should follow their example and drop these promotions too.
But at the same time we have to look at our reason for starting up in the first place – we realised that in the country we are based in (South Africa) and many other countries around the world (we’ve had visitors to the blog this year from 89 different nations), the only promotions we get to watch on television are WWE and TNA, so we wanted to give results from all promotions other than these two.
Despite the growth that Ring of Honor, New Japan and others have had in recent years, their international television reach is still limited, and most countries still only see WWE and TNA.
So at least for the next year, we are going to continue to include all the promotions we have been doing.

In the past year, the most views on our blog were from the United States – 10 180, followed by Australia with 1043, Germany with 819, France with 773 and our home country of South Africa with 587.
The UK, Canada, New Zealand, Brazil and Italy make up the top 10.
India and Malaysia have both been big supporters too, coming in 13th and 15th places, and we should for the first time next year have results from these two countries, as South Africa’s WWP have a tour coming up in India, and MYPW in Malaysia have a big event coming up.