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Westside Xtreme Wrestling, XPost, Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, May 7-8
Night One:
Big Daddy Walter defeated HECTA
Kevin Roadster defeated Shooter Ryan Ray
Bad Bones John Klinger defeated Kim Ray
Bad Bones John Klinger defeated HECTA
Big Daddy Walter and Kevin Roadster defeated Kim Ray and Shooter Ryan Ray
Night Two:
Bad Bones John Klinger defeated Shooter Ryan Ray
Kim Ray defeated HECTA
Big Daddy Walter defeated Kevin Roadster
HECTA defeated Shooter Ryan Ray
Bad Bones John Klinger defeated Kim Ray

Next Step Wrestling, Dresden, Sachsen, Germany, May 7:
Catch Connection (Alexander Reich and Ronny Kessler) defeated Chris Rocke and Marcus Monere
Francis Kaspin defeated Dynamite Dave
Rick Baxxter defeated Zeritus
20 Man Royal Rumble: Winner: Laurance Roman
Da Mack defeated Johnny Rancid to remain wXw Shotgun Champion
Next Step Tag Team Title Match: Waschbären Auf Koffein (Franz Engel and Laurance Roman) defeated Projekt Gold (Robert Kaiser and TinoX) (c) by Count Out
Ilja Dragunov defeated The Grannatic to retain the Next Step Championship

German Hurricane Wrestling, Bürgerstube 91, Hattersheim am Main, Hessen, Germany, May 7:
Drake Destroyer defeated Farmer Joe in a #1 contenders match
Aaron Insane and Ahura Kidd defeated Mo Jnibi and Thunderhawk
Kevin Hollister vs. Marco Zercher – No Contest
Team Ha Ha (Bernd Föhr and Maggot) defeated Blake and Burchill to retain the GHW Tag Team Championship
Murat Bosporus and Patrick Schulz defeated Darksoul and Misfit
Absolute Andy defeated Sasa Keel to retain the GHW Heavyweight Championship

German Wrestling Federation, Huxleys, Berlin, Germany, May 7:
European Tag Team Tournament Semifinals:
The Wards (Luther Ward and Sammy Ward) defeated Jake McCluskey
The Young Lions (Lucky Kid and Tarkan Aslan) defeated Chris Colen and Ivan Kiev
Blue Nikita defeated Lissy Lennox in a non-title match
Orlando Silver defeated Pascal Spalter to retain the GWF Berlin Championship
Cash Money Erkan defeated Ahmed Chaer in a street fight
GWF Loserweight Title Match: Pete Bouncer defeated Vincenzo Coccotti (c)
Crazy Sexy Mike defeated Big Damo to retain the GWF Heavyweight Championship
European Tag Team Tournament Final: The Young Lions (Lucky Kid and Tarkan Aslan) defeated The Wards (Luther Ward and Sammy Ward)

Pro Wrestling Mafia, Tavasz Utca, Budapest, Hungary, May 7
Kid Lux defeated Wayne Collins
Steve Summer defeated Jay Carter
Kurt Simmons defeated Chris Striker
Nevil Skullboy defeated Pete Morgan (w/Wayne Collins)
Shane Baker defeated Michael Rex in a falls count anywhere match
Eddie Rage defeated Kent, Kid Lux and Kurt Simmons in a four-way TLC match

Italian Championship Wrestling, Altopascio, Lucca, Italy, May 7
Alessandro Corleone defeated Tempesta to retain the ICW Interregional Championship
Tag Team Match
Gli Urban Guerrilla (Riot and Tony Callaghan) defeated I Discepoli Del Dolore (Incubo and Psycho Mike)
Mr. Excellent defeated Doblone
Danny O’Doherty defeated Alex Flash
The Latin Lovers (Bon Giovanni and Rafael) defeated European Alliance (Antonio Gillotta and Killer Mask) to retain the ICW Italian Tag Team Championship
Charlie Kid defeated Saxon Huxley to retain the ICW Italian Championship in a No DQ match

Rising Sun Wrestling, Almenno San Bartolomeo, Italy, May 7:
El Ligero defeated The Greatest to win the FCW Championship
Mark Fit and Nick Lenders defeated The Headhunters (Kronos and The Entertrainer) in a #1 contenders match
Icarus defeated Iceman
Horus L’Assoluto defeated Manuel Bottazzini in a TLC match
WonderKids (Akra and Gravity) defeated Mijatovic and Silas)
Kyo Kazama defeated Brutus in an I Quit match
El Ligero defeated Mark Fit to retain the FCW Championship
Jester defeated Il Lupo in a no DQ match
The Greatest defeated The Entertainer to win the vacant God of Sun Championship
Matt Disaster defeated Steve McKee
Andy Manero defeated Icarus

Wrestling KOX, Porto Mantovano, Italy, May 7:
Apollo defeated Mr PDP, Alexandre and Stige Mask to retain the UIW Cruiserweight Championship
GK Daniel defeated Golden Eagle
Nicolò Ferrari defeated Gargoyle
G King defeated Bako and Dave Marley in a triple threat to win the KOX Extreme Championship
Rocco Casanova vs Crazy G – double DQ
Shock defeated Aaron Cage to retain the Titolo Lombardo-Veneto KOX
Phoenix defeated Buttafuori in a last man standing match

Bologna Wrestling Team, Imola, Italy, May 7:
Red Scorpion defeated Mick Vice
JT9 defeated El Gordo and Alex Gory in a triple threat match
Ape Atomica defeated Nico Narciso
VP Dozer defeated Leon to retain the Titolo Assoluto BWT

Pro Wrestling Showdown, Markant Uden, Uden, Italy, May 7 and 8:
Night One
Toby Blunt defeated Rhami Romeo to retain the PWS Junior Heavyweight Championship
PWS Tag Team Title Tournament Semifinal Match: Flip And Fly (Senza Volto and The Rotation) defeat Beatings R Us (Jack Ferrigno and Robby Maddox)
Katey Harvey defeated Shanna
Thumbtack Jack defeated George Meddleson to win the Toughest Motherfucker Of Europe Trophy Title
PWS Tag Team Title Tournament Semifinal Match: The Soldiers Of Fortune 2.0 (Andrei Ivanov and Sean Lucas) defeated The Best Friends Club (B. Cool and Phil Boyd)
Hardcore Holly defeated Johnny Moss
Tristan Archer defeated Joe E. Legend, Johnny Evers and Jurn Simmons in a four-way to retain the PWS Heavyweight Championship
Night Two:
Toby Blunt defeated Senza Volto to retain the PWS Junior Heavyweight Championship
Katey Harvey defeated Shanna
The Soldiers Of Fortune 2.0 (Andrei Ivanov and Sean Lucas), Joe E. Legend and Vinay Lash defeated Geoge Meddleson, Nate Devlin, Phil Boyd and Tristan Archer

Spanish Pro Wrestling, Espai Jove La Fontana, Barcelona, Spain, May 8
Leon Dorado defeated Gravity Zero
Raiden and Ray Alvarez defeated La Jerarquia (Jocoso Jr. and Xenomantis)
Pol Badia defeated Leo Cristiani
Barracuda defeated Axel Salazar to win the SPW Championship

RIOT Wrestling, Ateneu del Clot, Barcelona, Spain, May 7:
Bad Boy defeated Kazkanuezez
Law And Order (Folo and Pacheco) defeated La Pulga
Ricky Barcelo defeated Black Avalon and Lo Perico Enmascarat in a triple threat
LatiNatioN (Jorge Carranza and Mandril Escobar) defeated Jaime Lector and Santiago Sangriento

See It Live Wrestling (joint project of STHLM Wrestling and GBG Wrestling), Svandamshallen, Uppsala, Sweden, May 7:
Levi Petrus defeated Steinbolt
Natasja and Van West defeated Espen Olsen and Kira
Alexander Bäck defeated JO Hansen
Stanislaw Van Dobroniak defeated Döden and Marcus Of Man
Cliff Petersson defeated PT
Ken Malmsteen defeated Timmy Force to win the Swedish Heavyweight Championship

(results courtesy of Cagematch and Zona Wrestling)


European Pro Wrestling, Schützenhof Hüttenbusch, Worpswede, Niedersachsen, Germany, November 27 and 28
Night One:
Carnage defeated Young Money Chong
Francis Rochez (Francis Kaspin) defeated Dirty Dragan
Johnny Evers defeats Andrei Ivanov
Chris Rocke defeated Zeritus
Posse In Effect (Rick Baxxter and The Grannatic) defeated Projekt Gold (Robert Kaiser and TinoX)

Night Two:
Francis Rochez (Francis Kaspin) defeated TinoX (w/Robert Kaiser)
Young Money Chong defeated Chris Rocke
Carnage defeated Johnny Evers to retain the EPW Junior Title
Francis Rochez (Francis Kaspin) defeated Robert Kaiser
Posse In Effect (Rick Baxxter and The Grannatic) defeated Andrei Ivanov and Dirty Dragan
Eddy Steinblock defeated ATOM in a street fight to retain the EPW World Heavyweight Title

Westside Xtreme Wrestling, Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany, November 27 and 28:
Night One:
Da Mack defeated Julian Nero
Big Damo Damian O’Connor defeated Bad Bones John Klinger
Reich Und Schön (Kevin Roadster and Marius van Beethoven) and Jurn Simmons defeated Absolute Andy and Prost (Mike Schwarz and Toby Blunt)
Big Daddy Walter defeated Robert Dreissker in a bullrope match
Nikki Storm defeated Melanie Gray
Axel Dieter Jr. defeated Marty Scurll
Karsten Beck defeated Rhino in a No DQ match to retain the wXw Unified World Wrestling Title

Night Two, Allround Arena, Rostock, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern:
Bad Bones John Klinger defeated Jurn Simmons
Julian Nero defeated Scotty Saxon
Emil Sitoci and Marty Scurll defeated Hot And Spicy (Axel Dieter Jr. and Da Mack)
Reich Und Schön (Kevin Roadster and Marius van Beethoven) defeated Die Waschbären (Franz Engel and Laurance Roman)
Big Damo Damian O’Connor defeated Marius Al-Ani
Absolute Andy and Nikki Storm defeated Karsten Beck and Melanie Gray
Kim Ray defeated The Rotation to retain the DTU Alto Rendimiento Title
Big Daddy Walter and Prost (Mike Schwarz and Toby Blunt) defeated Cerberus (Ilja Dragunov, Julian Nero and Robert Dreissker)

Hungarian Championship Wrestling, Budapest, Hungary, November 27
Nitro defeated Michael Nutts to win the HCW Hardcore Title
(other results not known)

Pro Wrestling Showdown, P3 Arena, Purmerend, Netherlands, November 29
Nate Devlin defeated Young Money Chong
Best Friends Club (B. Cool and Phil Boyd) defeated Hollandse Glorie (Johnny Evers and Mot van Kunder) (title tournament quarterfinal)
Toby Blunt (w/Mike Schwarz) defeated Jamie de la Combe to win the PWS Junior Heavyweight Title
Katey Harvey defeated Nikki Storm
Homeless Tom defeated Jack Ferrigno to retain the Toughest M’f’er of Europe Trophy Title
Tristan Archer defeated John Klinger and Jurn Simmons
Joel Blue defeated Mark Benjamin
Soldiers Of Fortune 2.0 (Andrei Ivanov and Sean Lucas) defeated French Flavour (Lucas Di Leo and Peter Fischer) (title tournament quarterfinal)

Welsh Wrestling, Llandeilo Civic Hall, Llandeilo, Wales, UK, November 28
Kid Cymru beat five other wrestlers to win the 2015 King of the Castle

(Results courtesy of, Welsh Wrestling and Hungarian Championship Wrestling)

Ouest Catch, Mordelles, France, October 31
Maxime Chaoson defeated Kevin Hornet
Jack Spayne defeated Seznec
Non Title Match: Tristan Archer defeated Theo Savate
Kira defeated Amale Winchester
Peter Fischer defeated Damien Barone to retain the Ouest Catch Title
Seznec and Tristan Archer defeated Jack Spayne and Theo Savate

Westside Xtreme Wrestling Academy, Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, October 31
Johnny Evers defeated Young Money Chong
Steve Valentino defeated Dynamite Dave
Franz Engel and Rick Baxxter defeated Chemnitz Catch Connection (Jens Maul and Uwe Zilsch)
Mike Schwarz defeated Robert Kaiser
Reich Und Schön (Kevin Roadster and Marius van Beethoven) defeated Francis Kaspin and Michael DeMarc

German Wrestling Promotion, Markgrafensaal, Schwabach, Bayern, Germany, October 31:
Ivan Kiev defeated Ken Floyd to win the Dragonhearts Championship
Stella defeated Vanessa La Bestia
Schwabacher Stadtmeisterschaft Six Way Match: Cash Money Erkan defeated Bam, Chris Falcon, Jonny Storm, Rocky Lottatore and Thunderhawk
T-K-O defeated Marty Scurll
Farmer Joe, Georg Gwärch and Insane Killer (w/Dr. Mary Nova) defeated Boombastic, Bruder Chaos and Dean Jazzman
Mr. Wrestling V defeated Chris Colen in a Schwabach street fight to retain the Title
Will Ospreay defeated Darrell Allen
Juvenile X defeated Johnny Moss and Murat Bosporus to retain the GWP World Title

Power of Wrestling, Festhalle, Kutenholz, Niedersachsen, Germany, October 31:
Pascal Spalter defeated Orlando Silver
Four Corners Elimination Halloween Dress Match: Hakeem Waqur defeated Crazy Sexy Mike, Rambo and Scotty Saxon
James Mason defeated Doug Williams in a lumberjack match
Philipp Ebner defeated Michael Jaritz
Chris Raaber defeated Demolition Davies in a last man standing match

Italian Championship Wrestling, San Secondo di Pinerolo, Torino, Italy, October 31
Marcio Silva defeated Jari Syberia
Simon Silas defeated Hydra
Il Corvo Bianco defeated Danny Price (w/Giacinto Denari)
Blake and Geminy defeated I Discepoli Del Dolore (Jester and Mr. Excellent) (c) by DQ in an ICW Italian Tag Team Title match
Irene defeated Jokey
Red Devil defeated Psycho Mike in a hardcore rules match

Channel Islands World Wrestling, Merton Hotel, Saint Saviour, November 1
Soviet Express (Yuri and Dimitri Dugganovski) defeated The Masters of the Universe to win the CIWW Tag Team Championship.

Dutch Pro Wrestling, Hoek van Holland, Netherlands, November 1
Hugo Atilles defeated Mot van Kunder
Chris Willson defeated Max Damon
Jimmy Gavroche defeated Bernard Vandamme
Alex Cyanide defeated Emil Sitoci
Mickie James defeats Sara Elektra
Jeff Jarrett vs. Mark Kodiak – No Contest
Tag Team Gauntlet Match: The Bastards (Angus McQueen and Steve Taurus) defeated Zero10 (Carlos Roberto and Daniel van Kuijk) and G-Spot (Louis van Eden and Mot van Kunder), RiotFist (Joey Fields and The Trouble Maker) and The Party Generation (Danny Love and Johnny Evers)
Kenzo Richards defeated Hugo Perez
Dutch Heavyweight Title Match
Santos defeated Nick Aldis (aka Magnus) to retain the Dutch Heavyweight Title
Mark Kodiak defeated Santos to win the Dutch Heavyweight Title

Independent Wrestling Federation, Avangard Hall, Moscow, Russia, October 31
OMEN (Ronnie Crimson and Serge White) defeated America’s Hope (Leo and Tim) (w/Richard T. Mone)
Mephisto defeated Aeri and Ramona
Anton Deryabin defeated The Sledgehammer to retain the IWF Heavyweight Championship
Shield And Sword (Rave and The Gladiator) defeated Joker and Shocker to retain the IWF Tag Team Championship
IWF Moscow Title Match: Serge Sullivan (c) vs. Dmitry Orlov – No Contest
Sergei Khodak defeats Sanya Pankov in an I Quit match
Team Evil (Freddy Machete, LaPatka and Nick Chui) defeated Butovo Scum (Alexei Schukin, Ivan Markov and Vladimir Kulakov)

Riot Wrestling, Espai Jove Les Basses, Barcelona, Spain, October 31
R7 (Dave Steel and Ricky Barcelo) defeated Los Amansaguapos (Jahre and JB)
Latination (Carranza and Mandril Escobar) defeated Law And Order (Folo and Pacheco)
Adriano defeated Marc Grizzly and Pol Badia in a handicap match
Fuego Rudo defeated Bad Boy
La Pulga defeated Ricky Barcelo

(Results courtesy of Cagematch and Channel Islands World Wrestling)

German Wrestling Federation/Mad Wrestling Association joint event, Werkhof, Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, June 27:
Ivan Kiev Jaxx, Orlando Silver and Pete Bouncer in a four-way match to retain the MWA International Heavyweight Championship
Andre Trucker defeated Nickolas von Rijk
Murat AK defeated Tarkan Aslan
GWF Berlin Title Tournament Qualification Matches: Mexx defeated Ronaldo, Rambo defeated Lucky Kid
Dark Society (Cem Kaplan, Koray and Pascal Spalter) defeated Team MWA (Felix Amocs, The Big JAWS and Tim Karstens)
Crazy Sexy Mike defeated Cash Money Erkan to retain the GWF Heavyweight Championship

All Wrestling Organization, AWO Arena, Tira, Israel, June 27
Kraken defeated Prince Ali
Hellboy defeated Mad Zenzero in a #1 contender match for the AWO Heavyweight Championship
Eyal Smiley defeated Udi M
Goldman defeated Ataman by Count Out
Mick Robinson defeated Ray Noceros
The Arabian Horse defeated Hellboy to win the vacant AWO Heavyweight Championship

Italian Championship Wrestling, Cerreto Guidi, Florence, Italy, June 27
Ronin defeated Costantino
Tenacious Dalla defeated Max Peach
Killer Mask defeated Alex Flash
Marcio Silva and Psycho Mike defeated I Rubacuori (Bon Giovanni and Rafael)
Charlie Kid defeated Doblone in a pirate rules match

Dutch Pro Wrestling, Die Hoekstee, Hoek van Holland, the Netherlands, June 27
Santos defeated Emil Sitoci to retain the Dutch Heavyweight Championship
Angus McQueen defeated Lloyd Pengel
Hugo Atilles defeated The Trouble Maker
Danny Love and Johnny Evers defeated Max Damon and Carlos Roberto
Battle Royal Winner: The Trouble Maker
Kenzo Richards versus Alex Cyanide ended in a No-Contest
Emil Sitoci and Kenzo Richards defeated Santos and Alex Cyanide