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(Results courtesy of the SAPW Facebook page)

1. Black Ice won the gauntlet match
(The Dark One Crow defeated Fisherman Fred
(The Dark One Crow defeated Blade
(Black Ice defeated The Dark One Crow)

2. Arachnida defeated Alexa Lee

3. JDX defeated Griffin to win the SAPW Heavyweight Championship

4. Cowboy defeated The Jackal to retain the SAPW Hardcore Championship



East Rand Traders, Boksburg, Gauteng, Saturday June 30,

Fisherman Fred defeated JDX
Big Fire defeated Blade
Ashton Heyy defeated Alexandro
Cowboy defeated Zycx
Griffin vs The Crow (No winner due to interference from JDX)

sapw july1

Parkrand Supespar, Boksburg, Gauteng, Sunday, July 1

Big Fire vs Fisherman Fred (No winner interference from Blade)
Griffin defeated JDX to retain the SAPW Championship
Cowboy defeated The Crow to win the SAPW Hardcore Championship


Results courtesy of JP Whittaker

1. Ultimo Wulf 2.0 defeated Little HillBilly and Zeffy in a triple threat
2. Oz defeated Sammy Swiegers via DQ
3. King Kongo defeated Freakshow, Andro Perseus, Ed-Electric, African Warrior and Nightmare in an elimination match
4. Good Time Kid and Mr Money defeated Mad Jack and Romeo Valentino
5. Johnny Palazzio defeated Mike Xander to win the vacant AWA Heavyweight Championship.
6. AWA Golden Ticket Battle Royal: winner: Little HillBilly

awa rumble
Results from the African Wrestling Alliance Coca-Cola Rumble, Parow Civic Centre, Cape Town, South Africa, March 20, 2018. (Results thanks to JP Whittaker)

Team Ed (Ed Electric, Ultimo Wolf 2.0, Gym and McFish) defeated Team J (Jay Cooper, Wilfred, Jayde and Romeo Valentino)
Little Hillbilly defeated Mr Money by DQ
Missing Link and African Warrior defeated Sammy Swiegers and King Kongo)
The Oz defeated Nightmare and Freak Show in a triple threat hardcore match
Mad Jack defeated Johnny Palazzio to win the AWA Cruiserweight Championship
African Warrior won the 30 man Coca-Cola Royal Rumble match

Shaun Koen announced his retirement from in-ring competition during the event.

wwp sep2526
(Results courtesy of Donovan Blignaut)

Day 1
TJ Tremor defeated Matthew Hammar, Super X and Zephy to retain the WWP Developmental Championship.
Kilimanjaro defeated LoudMouth
Devon Shooter defeated Zizou Middoux to retain the WWP Intercontinental Championship
Nightmare defeated Kyle Ripley to retain the WWP Hardcore Championship
Xterminator defeated John Sabin
Snitsky defeated Ananzi
Brody Steel defeated Kwaito Kid to retain the WWP World Heavyweight Championship

Day 2:
Matthew Hammar defeated TJ Tremor to win the WWP Developmental Championship
LoudMouth defeated Super X and Zephy
Devon Shooter defeated Xterminator to retain the WWP Intercontinental Championship
Kilimanjaro defeated Snitsky
Mr Wrestling defeated Brody Steel via disqualification. (Brody Steel retains WWP Heavyweight Championship).
Ananzi and Ryan Cage defeated Zizou Middoux and John Sabin
Precious defeated Mia von Doom and WWP Ladies Champion Black Widow in a non title match.

(Results courtesy of Steve Van Eeden):
hwa logo.jpg

Hector Payne and Griffin fought to a double pin
Dirty Jackson vs Mr Money no contest
Mr Money and The Bandit defeated Dirty Jackson and Azazel
Steve Eden defeated Jackal, The Crow and Ripper in a no DQ fatal four-way to win the HWA World Championship

Results from Pro Wrestling Africa’s “Battle of Yaoundé” in Yaoundé, Cameroon, September 19, 2015:
africa poster
1. Black Tiger defeated Makia Jr
2. Mr Sharpman of Mali defeated Kirikou of Cameroon
3. Mighty Man of Ghana vs the Animal of Cameroon double DQ
4. Wolf of Cameroon defeated Young Power Mike of Nigeria
5. Power Lee of Nigeria, the Nigerian national heavyweight champion defeated Cameroon heavyweight champion Michel Noudem to win the PWA African heavyweight title
power lee (Mr. Peace “Power Lee De Great” celebrates his victory)

Africa Wrestling Alliance,  Parrow Civic Centre, Western Cape, South Africa, June 15:

Team Money defeated Team Max (8 man tag team match)
Little Hillbilly defeated Sammy Swiegers to win the AWA Light Heavyweight Championship
Oz defeated Vinnie Vega by countout
Ed Electric defeated Miss Gorgeous and Mr Money (cashed in his Golden ticket) to retain the AWA Cruiserweight Championship
Shaun Koen and Johnny Palazzio defeated Missing Link and Freakshow
Johnny Palazzio won the Battle Royale

Hotaru and Joshua The Bull defeated Harley Quinn and Assassin
Taxi Queen defeated Dream Child and Angel in a triple threat match
Shadow defeated Cowboy to win the SAPW Interprovincial Championship
DPW Heavyweight Champion The Crow defeated SAPW Heavyweight Champion Jackal and Nightmare in a triple threat match to retain his title and win the SAPW Heavyweight Championship
Harley Quinn cashed in his money in the bank to defeat The Crow to win the DPW Heavyweight Championship
Nightmare won a 13-man rumble

European Wrestling Association, Kindberg, Steiermark, Austria, February 28
Dennis Zinner, Michael Jaritz and Tommy 2 Fast defeated The Hellvetic Warrior, Vasily Kuwalda and Walentin Christow
Cannonball Grizzly vs. Peter White – Draw
Chris Colen defeats Rockn Rolla (c) by DQ in an Austrian Openweight title match
Mexx (c) defeats Ivan Markov to retain the EWA Intercontinental Championship
Demolition Davies and Dragan Okic defeat Joe Doering and Michael Kovac
Chris Raaber (c) defeats Jon Titan to retain the EWA World Heavyweight Championship

Westside Xtreme Wrestling, Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany, February 27/28
Night one:
Mike Schwarz defeats Jurn Simmons
Michael Schenkenberg defeats Timothy Thatcher
Sasa Keel defeats John Klinger (c) by DQ in a wXw Shotgun Championship match
AUTsiders (Big Daddy Walter and Robert Dreissker) defeated Sumerian Death Squad (Michael Dante and Tommy End)
Damian O’Connor defeats Scotty Saxon
Karsten Beck (c) defeats Ivan Kiev to retain the wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship
Hot And Spicy (Axel Dieter Jr. and Da Mack) defeat French Flavour (Lucas Di Leo and Peter Fischer) (c) by DQ in a wXw Tag Team Championship match

Night two:
John Klinger (c) defeats Bobby Gunns to retain the wXw Shotgun Championship
Axel Dieter Jr. defeats Damian O’Connor by Count Out in a Four Nations Cup semifinal
Timothy Thatcher defeats Sasa Keel in a Four Nations Cup semifinal
Axel Tischer defeats Da Mack
The AUTsiders (Big Daddy Walter and Robert Dreissker) defeat French Flavour (Lucas Di Leo and Peter Fischer) (c) by DQ in a wXw Tag Team Championship Match
Axel Dieter Jr. defeats Timothy Thatcher to win the Four Nations Cup
Absolute Andy defeats Karsten Beck

Hungarian Championship Wrestling, Hungary, February 28
Omen Express won a ladder match to win the HCW Tag Team Championship.
Yorghos defeated Bruno
Renegade defeated Icarus
Heavenly Party defeated Lhotse in a tag team match
Zafar defeated Dylan
Ron Corvus defeated Kijőtt Corvus in a hardcore match
Dover vs Nitro – no contest

Italian Championship Wrestling, Palestra Fondazione Spazio Reale, Florence, Italy, February 28
Il Lupo defeats Antonio Piddu
Bon Giovanni defeats Mr. Excellent
Jester and Psycho Mike defeat Alex Flash and Pegaso
Tenacious Dalla defeats Killer Mask
Incubo vs. Tempesta – No Contest
El Tecnico and Picchio Rosso defeat Costantino and Ronin
Rafael (c) defeats Charlie Kid by DQ to retain the ICW Interregional Title

Norsk Elite Wrestling, Lørenskog Hus, Lørenskog, Norway, February 28
Daniel Sebastian defeats Adrian Storm
Ryan Howard and Stig Mortensen defeat Kaptein Knoke and Klin Kokos
Turbo defeats Garm Støylen
Erik Isaksen (c) defeats Daniel Sebastian to retain the NEW Norwegian Championship
Stig Mortensen defeats Adrian Storm, Ryan Howard and Turbo in a four-way elimination match