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XWE results from the Gesinsfees, Eben Donges Sports ground, Kraaifontein, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa, September 29, 2018.
(Results thanks to Rudie Hendricks)


Dixen Rage defeated El Mochachos via pinfall in a handicap match
DMS defeated Aloha Joe via pinfall
Dirty Angel defeated Nganga and Xplowsive TNT in a triple threat match
X-Cyro defeated Monre Lee via pinfall to win the XWE Championship for the third time

    Report by Watching the Indies owner Leon Muston


1. Aloha Joe defeated X-Cyro
(X-Cyro used technical skills and high flying moves but Joe won with sheer power, catching a top rope move and nailing a Samoan – or possibly Hawaiian – drop)

2 El Matador defeated TNT, Nganga and DMS (Dance Master Sexy) in a four-way
(Match was originally announced as a triple threat, with TNT returning from a long absence to make it a four-way. El Matador got the win but was beaten up by the other three after the match. Then all the kids got in the ring for a dance competition with DMS).

3 XWE Championship match: Monre Lee (champion) defeated Dirty Angel 2 by DQ
(Lee almost got the win with a top rope finishing move but Aloha Joe ran in and attacked him, breaking up the cover meaning Monre retained the title by DQ. X-Cyro ran down to help Monre, but just when Monre thought he had back-up, X-Cyro hit him in the back of the head with the title belt, and after that with a kendo stick)


Honour Wrestling Association presents Battle of Honour 1: Burger High School, Newslands, Johannesburg, South Africa, March 5:
X-Cyro defeated DMS
Gravity defeated Hector Payne
The Crow defeated The Jackal to retain the SAPW Heavyweight Championship
Thierry Middoux defeated Steve Eden by DQ
Boer Seun and X-Terminator defeated 2Face and Dirty Jackson


Quick results:
Day 1, Friday Nov 28:
The Ladies Man, Kisch Valentine defeated the Masked Demon
Two Faced (1/2 of APWA Tag Team Champions) (/w Dirty Jackson) defeated X-Cyro
WWP World Heavyweight Champion Mr Wrestling defeated Dirty Jackson to retain the title

Day 2, Saturday Nov 29:
Morning show:
X-Cyro defeated Londos Lionhart
Warlock defeated The Ladies Man, Kisch Valentine
Steve Eden defeated Dirty Jackson
(Eden was attacked after the match by Thierry Middoux)

Afternoon show:
X-Cyro won a triple threat match, defeating Londos Lionhart and Kisch Valentine
Steve Eden defeated Thierry Middoux, but Middoux had slipped a foreign object into Eden’s tights and complained to the ref that Eden had cheated, leading to a reversed decision
Tornado and Mr Wrestling defeated APWA Tag Team Champions Two Faced and Dirty Jackson in a non-title match

Full report courtesy of WWP:
WWP Superstars take over the Northern Cape

This past weekend the superstars of World Wrestling Professionals took the show on the road as we brought the show to the Aggeneys Fees in Aggeneys, situated in the Northern Cape. We were there for three block buster events. Fans in the area had never had a live wrestling show before, and were excited to see the wrestlers take to the ring.

On Friday afternoon the WWP Stars took to the ring for the 1st of three shows for the weekend. The
show kicked off with the 3 time WWP World Heavyweight Champion, Tornado taking to the ring. The legendary superstar invited some fans into the ring to learn some more about the things the superstars do inside the ring. Tornado showed them how to run the ropes and take what we call bumps (the falls in the ring).

Then it was time for action with the appearance of the Masked Demon. The Masked Demon has made it clear that his only goal was to destroy and he had the chance to do so against the Ladies Man, Kisch Valentine. The two opened the show in a physical match. Demon was in control for most of the match. But it was a great counter that saw Kisch Valentine hit his finisher and pin the Masked Demon.

Two Faced was up next, he took on the youngest pro wrestler X-Cyro. Two Faced, being one half of the APWA Tag Team Champions was accompanied to ringside by his partner in crime and co-holder of the titles, Dirty Jackson. X-Cyro gave Two Faced all he had, however the handy-cap situation with Dirty Jackson on the outside led to a distraction of X-Cyro, a kick to the back of the head and the lethal Swanton Bomb led to a win for Two Faced.

As the two made their way to the back, they would learn that they needed to return to the ring for a match. Dirty Jackson would be taking on the current WWP World Heavyweight Champion, Mr. Wrestling. Mr. Wrestling would sweeten the pot for the tag team champion, by putting his title on the line. Even with the aid of his partner the two could not put away the WWP World Heavyweight Champion. Mr. Wrestling picked up the win and celebrated with the fans.

WWP returned on Saturday for two live events at the Festival. 1st one was a morning show. After the South African Police Service dogs put on quite the show, it was the superstars of WWP’s turn to do what they do best. LondosLionhart was out to the ring first. He faced off against an old rival X-Cyro. The two had met before at a WWP Live event earlier this year. The two went head to head and took it to each other. X-Cyro however, was the one who would drop Londos with the X-Drop and put him away for the win.

Up next fans would see the most hated wrestler in all of South African pro wrestling Warlock in action. Warlock has a hit list like none other, having been responsible for taking out several superstars and ending a few careers in the process. Kisch Valentine was the target on this day. The two went head to head. Warlock dominated most of the match, with Kisch trying to battle back at several occasions only to have Warlock take back control, finally putting away the young ladies man with his deadly Stinger finishing move.

Dirty Jackson returned to action after his loss the day before to WWP World Heavyweight Champion, Mr. Wrestling. This time he was set to take on the ultimate South African superstar, Steve Eden. The two went back and forth, but it was the veteran Steve Eden who would leave with the victory. This led to Steve Eden being jumped by the French Monster, Thierry Middoux. The locker room would empty in an attempt to separate the two. Leading to Steve Eden challenging the Frenchmen to a match in the final show of the tour. Steve also revealed a match featuring the Tag Team Champions teaming up to take on the team of WWP World Heavyweight Champion, Mr. Wrestling and the former three time WWP World Heavyweight Champion and the legend Tornado.

In the final show of the tour WWP would look to close off the weekend in a huge way. We kicked off the show with a triple threat match featuring the former MMA Star Londos Lionhart, the Ladies Man Kisch Valentine and the young electric X-Cyro. The three young and hungry superstars would battle it out. It was Londos Lionhart though who would capture the win after taking advantage of X-Cyro hitting his finisher on the ladies man.

It was then time for South Africa to head into battle France, as Steve Eden went one of one with the French Monster Thierry Middoux. Thierry seemed to want no part of Steve Eden in the early part of the match. Combined this with a referee, who was clearly biased towards the Frenchmen. Thierry also made use of a weapon of some sort that he used to beat down Steve Eden. However, Steve would manage to battle back and pin the French Monster. However, the fix seemed to be in, as the referee would commence a full body search on Steve Eden on the complaint of Thierry Middoux of the use of a weapon in the match. It would come to appear that somehow, someway, the Frenchmen had managed to slip his foreign object into the tights of the South African sensation. Leading to the decision being turned and Thierry Middoux was awarded the win.

It was main event time, Dirty Jackson and his Tag Team Championship partner Two Faced faced off against WWP World Heavyweight Champion Mr. Wrestling and Tornado. The Tag team champions would take the early advantage, double teaming time after time on their opponents. It would come to an end though when Mr. Wrestling turned the tables on the Tag Team Champions, leading to the always impressive top rope Moonsault from Tornado and the all-important 1, 2, 3, Tornado and Mr. Wrestling picking up the win in the final match of an amazing weekend of wrestling.

On behalf of the WWP and all the superstars we would like to thank all the fans and the organisers who supported and took care of us during our stay and we look forward to returning to the Northern Cape for more WWP action soon.