Wrestling links

Here are some of the sites I find the most useful for staying up to date with wrestling worldwide:

World Wrestling Professionals – http://www.wwp.co.za/
(site of the main South African promotion)

Cagematch – http://www.cagematch.net/
(Great database of events/wrestlers/promotions around the world)

Wrestling Data – http://wrestlingdata.com/
(Another great database – slightly different format to Cagematch, I tend to use both equally)

Indy Power Rankings – https://indypowerrankingsipr.wordpress.com/
(great site listing results and running weekly singles and tag team polls to rate the best wrestlers of the week and of the year)

PWPonderings – http://www.pwponderings.com/
(good site but not as inclusive as some of the others – gives a lot of indie news)

PW Insider – http://pwinsider.com/
(good supplier of news stories, predominantly focusing on the majors but with some indie news)

Pro Wrestling Between the Sheets (PWBTS) – http://www.pwbts.com/
(carries news, results, upcoming events from wrestling organisations worldwide)

Wrestling Titles – http://www.wrestling-titles.com/
(a good but not totally inclusive guide to title changes around the world and title histories, tends to only update every few weeks but its news feed updates all the time)

Gerweck Report – http://www.gerweck.net/
(good source of news and rumours – predominantly focusing on the majors but does touch on the indies as well)

USA (specific states):
St Louis Wrestling Community – http://stlwrestling.livejournal.com/
(specializing in events in and around St Louis area)

Minnesota Pro Wrestling – http://minnesotaprowrestling.com/
(much like the St Louis site, but specializing in the Minnesota area)

Georgia Wrestling History – http://gwhnewsandnotes.blogspot.com/
(a great site in that it gives up to date news and history, predominantly from the Georgia area but also from the rest of the US and sometimes Puerto Rico)

SoCal Uncensored – http://socaluncensored.com/
(news and results from the California area)

Puroresu Spirit – http://keepingthespiritalive.tumblr.com/
(gives results, upcoming events and other info from the Japanese scene)

Hashtag Wrestling – https://hashtagwrest.wordpress.com/
(great supplier of UK news, results and upcoming events, often gives live results as they happen)

Wrestle Ropes – https://wrestleropesuk.wordpress.com/tag/Results/
(another great site with UK results, news and events, also sometimes gives live updates)


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