Next Step Wrestling, Brussels, Belgium, December 21
Ilja Dragunov defeated “Zero” Franz Engel to win the NSW Championship

Dansk Pro Wrestling, Horsens, Denmark, December 20
CPH Hangman defeated Mick Robinson in a bull rope match
Johnny Casanova defeated Rick Dominick to win the DPW Light Heavyweight Championship
Demolition Davies, Kenny Kash and Ravn defeated Apu Singh, FVN and Nikita Charisma
Michael Schenkenberg defeated Chaos in a tables match
Big D defeated Kool Krede in a submission match
Drew Galloway defeated Michael Fynne and Chaos in a triple threat match to retain his Insane Championship Wrestling Championship and win Fynne’s DPW Heavyweight Championship

European Wrestling Promotion, Hangar no 5, Hanover, Germany, December 20
Val Verde defeats Markus Antonius
Robbie Dynamite and Thunder defeated Ecki Eckstein and Leon van Gasteren
Minoru Tanaka defeated Michael Kovac to retain the EWP Intercontinental Championship
Axel Dieter Jr. and Axel Tischer defeated Heimo Ukonselkä and Marius Al-Ani
Cannonball Grizzly defeated Big Daddy Walter to retain the EWP World Heavyweight Championship (Special Enforcer: Robbie Brookside)

Italian Championship Wrestling, Sant’Angelo Lodigiano, Italy, December 20 and 21
Night one:
Number 1 contender tournament quarterfinals:
Mr Excellent defeated Tenacious Dalla
Queen Maya defeated Jester
Andy Manero defeated Hydra
Mark Fit defeated Alessandro Corleone
Queen Maya defeated Mr Excellent
Andy Manero defeated Mark Fit
Six-person tag: El Technico, Giant Giulio and Irene defeated Doblone, Marcio Silva and Cheyenne
Final: Andy Manero defeated Queen Maya

Night two:
Il Corvo Bianco defeated Max Peach
Red Devil defeated Manuel Majoli by DQ to retain the ICW Italian Championship
Geminy and Red Devil defeated Il Corvo Bianco and Manuel Majoli

Swiss Power Wrestling, Legends Bar, Lusanne, Switzerland, December 19
Akuma defeated El Carniacero
Yoshihiro Yamada defeated Kurt Simmons
Santa Claus defeated Diamond Daniels
Adrian Johnatans defeated Tormentor


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